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Jack and Maddie Fenton (with an audience of Sam and Tucker, both dragged down against their will while trying to look for the 14 year old occupant of the house) beamed at their finished Ghost Portal proudly, Jack holding a simple remote in his hand. Of course, the remote only had one button on it. How could he be Jack Fenton if it was complicated?

"Alright, kids," Jack started excitedly, grinning with anticipation, "this here is the Fenton Portal Maddie and I recently finished building." While talking, he gestured to a large cave full of machinery, which was currently cold and silent. "It's supposed to open a door to the realm those nasty ghosts live in. While I have never met a ghost in the entire time I've been alive, if this works, it will prove that I'm not crazy and the dang therapist will leave me alone. I'd love to show it to Danny and Jazz as well, but I can't seem to find them at the moment, so I'll have to settle for you two."

Sam sighed in boredom while Tucker did some random geeky stuff on his PDA.

"Are you kids ready?" Jack boomed, finger hovering over the red button. Not bothering to wait for a response, his thick finger slammed into the poor defenseless button, nearly breaking the remote in the process. The cave of wires and metal hummed, a big spark flashed, signaling life within the hole, and then…


Jack and Maddie waited for a few minutes, hoping that, miraculously, it was going to start anytime soon, and that the previous spark didn't mean anything at all. But soon they sighed in defeat, about to go back upstairs and restart their blueprints when a voice echoed down.

"Mom? Dad? Do you know where my-"

"Danny!" Jack yelled, and a rough plan formed in his head. "Get down here, son, I want you to check something out for me."

Danny soon emerged, a confused look about his face. "What, Dad?"

"Here, put this jumpsuit on." Danny obliged, tugging on a white HAZMAT suit over his usual clothes and zipping a zipper over his t-shirt. Jack Fenton's face appeared on the front.

Sam, noticing this, hastily walked forward and ripped it off, saying, "Give me that. It looks stupid on there." Jack looked like a lost puppy for a moment, but brightened up immediately.

"Great! Now, step into the portal for a moment and check to see if anything is broken!" Jack turned Danny around and forcefully pushed him in, while Maddie yelled, "Jack, no!"

But it was too late. Danny stumbled in, trying to regain his balance by placing his hand on the wall. Tragically, his hand happened to push a green button in the process, accidently turning the Fenton Portal on. An eerie neon-green light surrounded him, and Danny screamed in agony, being shocked by the ectoplasmic rays emanating from the portal. His ebony hair turned pure white, and his white jumpsuit turned black, while his gloves, boots, belt, and shoulders became as white as his hair. Hearing concerned yells coming from behind him, Danny turned his head, opening his eyes a fraction of an inch.

Through the ghostly rays, the spectators saw a pair of glowing green eyes.

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