A/N – So, this chapter is kind of short but it is just a bit of set up…I hope you like it anyway. Please continue.

"Bloody hell!" Ron muttered as he, Hermione and Harry exited a History of Magic class that had been even more unbearable than the usual. Even Hermione had found herself gazing out the window at times, watching the white floating clouds making their solitary journeys through the sky. "I can't understand why they don't just get rid of him; I mean…Dumbledore must know that nobody pays attention"

Hermione raised her eyebrows, shifting her almost excruciatingly heavy bag of books to her left shoulder, releasing the tension in the right. "You wouldn't pay attention even with a new teacher Ronald" she pointed out, smiling at him almost fondly.

"I might!" Ron argued as exited the castle, finding their vision shattered by the bright sunlight. "If it was someone young and female"

"You do realize we are talking about paying attention to the actual class, not the ridiculous idea of the male fantasy." Harry grinned at Hermione's comment and the three of them took seats on one of the many benches dotted around the Entrance Courtyard. Their seats were in the perfect position to get a lot of sun and they immediately dropped their book bags, basking in the warmth.

As the trio sat in silence, Hermione gazed around the courtyard. It was filled with students enjoying a somewhat rare moment of perfection before the clouds rolled in tomorrow. With an exasperated sigh, she noticed Draco Malfoy sitting not far off surrounded by a gang of his Slytherin friends. As she watched, a girl with long dark hair that tumbled down her back in waves caught her eye. Smirking slightly, she turned and whispered something in Malfoy's ear. Within a moment, she had turned back, her smirk even more prominent.

"What are you staring at, Granger?" she called, her tone haughty and dignified. "Looking for hair grooming tips?" and then the entire group of Slytherins erupted into squeals of laughter, some of them even pointed.

Quickly, Hermione looked away, rolling her eyes at the evident immaturity. She saw both Ron and Harry glaring at the group, Ron looking as if he wanted to say something that if a teacher were to hear it he would probably end up in detention.

"Don't bother, Ron" Hermione told him, simply sighing and shaking her head. "They're only trying to make themselves seem more important"

After several minutes the bell rang, signalling that it was time for their next class to begin. Hermione had Arithmancy while Harry and Ron were off to their Divination class. The trio separated and Hermione made her way to her favourite class, thinking about Draco Malfoy and the Slytherins as she went.

Why did they have to be so self-important, so judgemental? All they really thought about was themselves and their house and all the horrific things that so many Pure-Blood wizards were brought up to believe in. On more than one occasion Hermione had been called 'Mudblood' by Draco or one of his cronies. It was a word that chilled her to the bone, although she was getting more used to hearing it nowadays.

It was perfect that they had been sorted into Slytherin house. Hermione knew that more than half of them aspired to be Death Eaters, many of them knew that Harry's claims that He Who Must Not Be Named was back were true. That house was just bad business, so evil and full of dark magic—it almost scared her.