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A brand new black jeep pulled into the Mystic Falls High School parking lot. The engine was killed and booming of bass from the radio stopped. A tiny brunette slid out of the driver's seat, her curly hair bouncing with every step she took. She walked further onto the grass covered campus and gave a sweep of all of the students, looking for one in particular. Her eyes stopped on a straight haired brunette girl and she smiled. She was talking to a tall guy with stunning green eyes. That doesn't seem right, the girl thought so she pulled out her phone and texted Elena.

Turn around. She sent the message and not even ten seconds later Elena's phone buzzed and she read the new text on her phone. She wrinkled her nose and turned around to see one of her closest friends.

"Grace!" Elena yelled and ran up to the familiar brunette and practically threw herself at her. The girl, now known as Grace, embraced Elena just as enthusiastically. As soon as she touched Elena she felt that Elena was happy but the sting of her parent's death was still plaguing her. She also felt little butterflies flitting around in Elena's stomach. Grace could only guess that those butterflies were because of that gorgeous guy she was talking to. It was a talent she had ever since she could remember. Her grandmother has it; her mother has it and now her. Grace had never told anyone about it, she didn't need people to think she was a freak. So whenever anyone asked her about it she would disregard it as intuition. Her gift had been getting stronger throughout the years.

"How the hell are you, gorgeous?" Grace said pulling back and surveying Elena.

"I'm good! How are you? How did you know I was here?" She asked quickly. Grace pulled out her cell phone, "I'm guessing you didn't know Jenna knew how to text. I got here a couple weeks ago and I've been under the radar." She winked and her gaze wandered over to the boy she was talking to.

"Who is that?" She asked still keeping her eyes on them.

"That's Stefan." Elena said blushing and waved back at Stefan. He smiled and waved back.

"Holy hell…does he have any brothers?" Grace asked.

"Yeah he does but he's a little…strange." Elena said recalling her meeting with Damon the other day. Sure he was handsome but she couldn't shake the strange vibes she got from him and she wasn't in any position to have one of her best friends meet up with some weirdo, Stefan's brother or not.

"Aren't all men strange?" Grace laughed and Stefan came over to meet the two girls.

"Stefan, this is one of my best friends. Grace, meet Stefan." Elena introduced the two of them.

"Hi Stefan! It's nice to meet you!" She greeted politely and shook his hand. She saw a ball coming towards the back of Stefan's head but before the vision could finish Stefan let go of her hand. That was another one of her talents. She could vaguely see future or past events.

"It's a pleasure. How long have you known Elena?" He asked curiously.

"We met in the sandbox." She laughed, "And we've been friends ever since! By the way, where did Bonnie run off to?" She asked looking around for her.

"Oh she said she had to find Caroline." Elena explained and Grace wrinkled her nose. She wasn't too fond of Caroline. They never had any problems with each other but Caroline was very shallow and plastic in Grace's eyes.

"Actually ya know what, now that the both of you are here, what are you guys doing tonight?" Elena asked excitedly.

"Niente." Grace said in her best Italian accent and Stefan's ear perked up.

"I'm free tonight." He said turning back to Elena.

"Perfect. Dinner, my house. 8:00. We'll all spend some quality time with each other and Bonnie will see what a great guy you are."

"Ohh yeah Bonnie is a tough nut to crack. Don't be too discouraged, Stefan. She's really a sweetie once you get to know her." Grace said and Stefan smiled at her. Suddenly out of nowhere a football came flying through the air and was aimed at the back of Stefan's head.

"Stefan! Watch out!" Grace cried and Stefan turned and caught the ball with impressive speed to both of the girls' surprise. They all looked to see that Tyler had thrown the ball with Matt by his side. Grace shook her head at Tyler and he gave her a snide smirk.

Grace pulled up to Elena's house at 9:00 and she ran up the steps. Being punctual was not one of her strong points. Elena opened the door to see her frazzled friend.

"Hey, I was just going to call you. Was everything okay?" Elena asked.

"Yeah everything's fine. My class ran late and I ran home to shower because I was not coming here all sweaty and gross." Grace said coming through the door.

"Class?" Elena asked her to clarify.

"Dance class. I'm teaching now, part time." She said with a smile. Grace really loved teaching and especially if she was teaching dance. It was her passion.

"Oh wow that's so great!" Elena said taking Grace's jacket and hanging it over the banister, "We're all having coffee in the living room. So grab a cup in the kitchen and I'll meet you there." Elena said. Grace moved to the kitchen and got a mug from one of the cabinets. As she was pouring coffee when she got another vision of a glass dropping in the kitchen but the vision ended just as abruptly as it started. She didn't realize she poured too much coffee until she felt it run over the sides of the cup and burned her hand.

"Shit!" She cursed and ran her hand under cool water from the sink. Now why couldn't she get a vision that she was going to burn her hand as opposed to learning the fate of some poor glass? Assessing her red hand she gripped her mug in the opposite hand and walked into the living room.

"Everyone this Grace. She's an old friend of mine." Elena introduced and the whole group said their hellos. Grace recognized everyone in the room except for tall, dark and handsome who was sitting next to Caroline. It must be her flavor of the week, Grace thought.

"Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late." She sheepishly taking a seat next to Bonnie and hugging her, "Hey Caroline." She added politely and the blonde waved.

"Oh and this is my boyfriend, Damon." She said snidely. Caroline was flaunting him in front of everyone and Damon was clearly enjoying it.

"It's nice to meet you Damon." Grace nodded in his direction and Damon threw her a smoldering smirk.

"The pleasure's all mine." He said simply.

"So guys, what the gossip around Mystic Falls lately?" Grace asked enthusiastically.

"Oh well Stefan landed himself a spot on the football team." Caroline said proudly.

"That's awesome Stefan! The way you caught that ball today was insane! Tyler can be such a dick." Grace said. "But that's really good!" She added and threw a sweet smile at Stefan.

"Ooh yeah, Elena wasn't so lucky today. That's only because you missed summer camp." Caroline said and the room grew quiet. Grace felt her blood pressure boiling, Caroline could be such an insensitive bitch. "God I don't know how you're going to learn the routines." Caroline mused.

"I'll work with her. She'll get it." Bonnie said defensively.

"Yeah I can help her too!" Grace added.

"But you're a dancer, not a cheerleader." Caroline said.

"It doesn't matter. Movement is movement." Grace cut in. Now she was really getting angry.

"I guess I can put her in the back." Caroline went off on a tangent once again before Damon said, "You know, you don't look like the cheerleader type."

"Oh well that's because her parents died." Caroline said and Grace bolted up from her spot. "Finished, Bonnie?" She asked and took her mug before Bonnie could even answer. She took everyone else's mugs and bolted into the kitchen. She really wanted to pummel Caroline. It was amazing that her anger just overtook her. It was like a wave that just surged throughout her body. Wanting to take her mind off that dumb blonde, she started to clean the dirty dishes that were piled in the sink. She felt her temper dissipate after a little while. Grace had a wet and soapy glass in her hand when Damon's voice made her jump.

"One more." The glass slipped out of her hand and plummeted to the floor but Damon caught it before it could shatter. Looks like her vision would have been that Damon saved the glass. He held it up to her with that trademark smirk plastered on his face.

"Wow! Two points for you!" She laughed taking both glasses from him and set them in the dishwasher.

"I like you, you know how to laugh." Damon said helping her move the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. Grace looked at some of the dried tupperware containers trying to remember where they belonged. She'd been to Elena's house so many times so why couldn't she remember where they resided. She opened one of the top cabinets to see other tupperwares like the one in her hand. Unfortunately the cabinet was a little high for her and she was not about to take free throws in Elena's kitchen. So she slipped out of her flats and stood on her tippy toes to reach the cabinet. Damon watched her the entire time. She had stunning legs. Her gorgeous skin stretched over the muscles in her calves and it made Damon's mouth water. He'd love to sink his fangs into one of her calves or maybe perhaps her thigh. He felt his gums ache just thinking about it. Grace closed the cabinet and stepped back into her shoes without a word.

"Guess all of those years of ballet really come in handy?" He quipped and she looked back at him.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"I saw the ribbon of your shoes hanging out of your bag." He said simply. Her pointe shoes. Normally she had a separate bag for all her dance shoes but tonight she was in such a hurry that she just threw them in her purse.

"You got me!" She said with a smile and continued to hand dirty utensils to Damon to put in the dishwasher. They were in silence for a little while until Grace finally broke the silence. "Look, you must think I'm a complete bitch but what Caroline said really set me off. She can be so…"

"Insensitive?" Damon finished for her and she nodded. "I know that. I mean me and Stefan are on our own. We lost our parents and we've watched everyone around us die." He said sadly.

"Oh, wow. I'm so sorry." She said quietly.

"Don't be. It's life." He shrugged and closed the dishwasher.

"Uhm, before did you mean, Katherine?" She asked and Damon stared at her. "Elena filled me in." She explained and Damon nodded.

"How did she die?" Grace asked hesitantly.

"In a fire. A tragic fire." He said solemnly.

"Recently?" She inquired.

"Well, it seems like it was yesterday." Damon said but unbeknownst to Grace it had its own hidden intention.

"What was she like?"

"Well she was beautiful. A lot like you in that department." Damon said and Grace felt her cheeks flush bright red. "She was just very complex and selfish and at times not very kind, but very sexy and seductive." He finished. "By the way I thought it was very adorable the way you defended Elena tonight." He added and she laughed a little.

"Well, Elena is like a little sister to me. You screw with her, you screw with me. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Grace said proudly but she faltered slightly thinking about Katherine. "I'm sorry about Katherine. You lost her too." She said and Damon gave her a sympathetic smile. His eyes wandered down to her hand.

"What happened there?" He asked seeing her skin a bright red tint. Damon reached for her hand but she pulled back.

"It's nothing. I just burned my hand." She said simply and Damon held out his hand.

"Lemme see. It doesn't look too good." He said convincingly and she hesitantly placed her small hand in his. She felt heat run through her skin as she looked into his eyes. He was so handsome but he was also with Caroline. Damn it. Suddenly a brigade of visions hit her like a battering ram. She saw blood and lots of it at what looked to be like a football game. There was a fight and an ambulance lights flashed before her eyes and her vision died down. Damon didn't catch the panicked look in her eyes since he was examining her hand.

"You're alright. It just looks worse than it actually is." He said meeting her eyes again. Grace felt herself wanting to melt right there in the kitchen just looking into his eyes. "You okay?" He asked and she removed her hand from his.

"I'm fine." Grace said definitely. Normally her visions weren't that dark. She'd see things like a routine in dance class or her wearing something she'd buy the next week but this vision was dangerous. It scared her that she got that kind of vibe from Damon. Bonnie had taken that moment to come into the kitchen.

"You guys need help?" She asked and they both nodded.

"Mom? I'm home!" Grace said coming through the front door. She lived with her mother in a small house not too far from Elena's.

"Hey honey! How was Elena's?" Her mother asked.

"It was good. I think since I've moved here my visions are getting more prominent." She explained while plopping down on the couch next to her mom. Grace's mother, Diana, looked a lot like her daughter. She was tiny and had dark wavy hair as opposed to Grace's chocolate curls.

"You had another one?" Grace's mom knew about her visions. One could say that it ran in the family. Diana didn't get them but her own mother, Grace's grandma, would get them.

"I had 3 today. One was with the football and Stefan at the high school. I told you that one." Grace held up her fingers to indicate each vision. "Another one was at Elena's. I saw a glass fall and smash into a thousand pieces but someone stopped it."

"Hmm, not many people can stop visions. Who was it?" Her mother asked.

"Stefan's brother, Damon. He caught it." Grace explained.

"Maybe he's just lucky." Her mom mused.

"And the other one was at the studio. I saw Emily's ankle roll under but I was able to stop that one."

"Grace, you know you're not supposed to stop visions!" Diana scolded.

"Oh come on Mom! If I see someone getting hurt I'll naturally wanna help one. Besides we need Emily for next week's game. We're dancing at Mystic Falls High School as part of a half time show." Grace explained but she stopped herself. She had just learned today that her dance team would be performing at the high school. So now her other vision made sense! Grace decided not to say anything to her mom about the other vision partly because she was terrified that it would come true. Also there was always the factor of her vision not happening. Tricky things, these visions.

"My daughter, 'The Protector'." Her mother sighed and Grace shrugged.

"Alright I'm going to bed. Love you!" Grace said kissing her mom on the cheek.

"Night, honey." Diana replied and Grace made her way up to her room. She was getting ready for bed and couldn't shake the strange feeling that someone was watching her. Grace stood over her dresser to take her earrings out when a black bird perched on her window sill caught her attention. She stared at the bird and it cawed loudly before tapping his beak against the window. Grace lightly banged the window and the bird cawed again.

"Damn bird!" She muttered and the crow flapped its wings and flew away. "Creepy." Grace said before snuggling into bed.

Grace was standing over Elena's sink when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist. She smirked to herself because she felt so naughty. Here she was in Elena's kitchen with Caroline's boyfriend showering her with attention. Damon pulled her taut body against his and swept her hair over her shoulder. He brushed his lips over her neck before kissing her skin lightly.

"You know we shouldn't be doing this." She chided playfully.

"I know but it feels so good." He murmured in her ear and a shiver cascaded down her spine. Grace viewed their reflection in the window and it felt erotic watching him do things to her. Damon nibbled on her ear lobe a little before sucking it into his mouth. She threaded her fingers through his lush, dark hair and gently scratched at his scalp. He was sinful, absolutely sinful. Grace pushed her supple backside into his obvious arousal and Damon couldn't hold back a groan.

"Do you know how much you're tempting me?" He whispered and she gave him a sensual, seductive laugh.

"Oh come on. A big, bad boy like you being teased by a little girl like me? I'm shocked." She joked and Damon pushed his jean clad erection into her harder, effectively holding her to the counter. Her belly would definitely be bruised in the morning. "Mmm…now who's teasing, Salvatore?" She purred.

"You're making it very difficult for me to not to throw you down on the floor and take you right here in this kitchen." He rasped with rubbing himself against her. Grace keened out loud, feeling a wetness pool in between her thighs. Every fiber in her being wanted to give herself over to him. She wanted to give in to the darkness and mystery surrounding him.

"What's stopping you?" She hushed meeting his gaze in the mirror. He gave her a malicious smile and she smirked back at him.

"I'm hungry." He whispered to her reflection before letting his fangs drop from his upper jaw and his eyes turned a deep, blood red. Grace gasped and tried to rustle out of his grip but Damon savagely bit into her neck. The pain was unbelievably unbearable and Grace let out an ear splitting scream.

Grace bolted up from her bed gasping and panting. That dream was so real! She felt everything from Damon's voice lingering in her ear to the bite on her neck, she felt it all. Her hands went straight to her neck but found nothing there. She was finally able to calm her breathing but she couldn't get over her dream. She'd heard of vampires but they weren't real! Were they?

Damon smirked to himself seeing Grace in such distress. He was perched on a branch in a nearby tree. Her heart beat was ringing in her ears and her blood rushing through her fangs made his fangs press against his upper lip. She was definitely intriguing. Something about her was different. He didn't know what that was; he wasn't even sure that she knew. Damon would figure her out sooner or later.

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