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Nervously, Jacob padded up the sidewalk to go into Forks Highschool. He knew the resident vampires, the Cullens, went to this school. He knew they wouldn't start anything on school grounds, in view of the humans.

He went to the main office and retrieved his schedule. After that he found his first class and warily sat in an unoccupied seat. The other seats were full, thankfully no Cullens. He had to introduce himself in most classes and made it to lunch without seeing a single Cullen.

He got a tray of food which consisted of pizza and an orange with a mountain dew to drink, taking a table by the wall closest to the door. He smelled them before he saw them. But then, they swept into the cafeteria, all dressed in black, looking at everything and nothing. The youngest looking boy caught his eye. He couldn't help but stare. His skin was perfectly pale to his own deep tan. His hair was light, whereas his own was dark.

When the Cullens sat at the farthest table, talking amongst themselves, all except for the one who had caught his eye. Their eyes met then, as if the other boy knew he had been thinking of him. Golden brown eyes met deep blue. Time seemed to stretch then, three seconds was an eternity.

At last, the Cullen looked away and Jacob could breathe.
Silently, the boy cursed himself for falling so easily under the vampire's spell. He was so beautiful though..., how could he be as evil as the tales claimed? It was impossible..., thought which he meant as impossible, he wasn't sure.

In his last three classes, the Cullen boy was in them. His name turned out to be Edward.
In Science they were made to be lab partners. They had to dissect a frog the next day. For now they were labeling a diagram of a frog so they would know what they were looking for.
Despite Edward being a vampire he looked slightly nauseated at having to dissect a frog.

"So..., are you looking foreward to the dissection?" Jacob asked conversationally.

"Not really...," the other boy replied quietly.

"Haha, me either!" he said, grinning and looking over at the taller boy.

The other boy was frowning, not looking at him. Jacobs face fell as he stonily looked back at his paper, glad this was the last class of the day.
Soon the bell rang and Edward was one of the first out. Jacob gathered his things and began the slow walk home.

He wasn't bothered by the elements as a cold wind blew. It ruffled his black hair and blew his zip up hoody open somewhat. He kept walking, hands in the pockets of his hoody.
He heard a car all but silently trailing him. He didn't bother to look around, knowing it was the Cullens trailing him.

He took a detour, down the ruined part of town. Soon the car stopped and he heard a car door. He kept walking though.

Suddenly he was a foot in the air, held by his shirt. "What are you doing wolf?" the big Cullen growled, glaring at him intently.

"Going to school," Jacob replied simply, not letting any emotions show.

"Why there?" Emmett growled.

"Where else?" Jacob retorted, his annoyance clear.

Emmett growled and threw him. The werewolf hit the ground hard, rolling to a stop six feet from where he started.

"Stay away from us," Emmett said over his shoulder as he stiffly walked back to the car.

- Alice -

She had seen the little display between the wolf and Emmett. She was frowning as she bit her lip thoughtfully, staring at the wolf. He and Edward... She saw Jacob but also her brother, Edward, both standing there, glaring at the car, yet Edward was sitting in the front seat, staring out the other window. Were they...? She couldn't be sure... but the two were definitely intertwined. Only time would tell how. Perhaps another look at them..., both of them in closer proximity would yield more answers...

- Edward -

He knew they were going a different way and Rosalie was driving exceptionally slow. It was too late when he realized where they were. And what Emmett was doing. He felt pained as the wolf was thrown. It didn't make sense, he should hate the wolf. They were supposed to be enemies. But he felt no hatred for the black haired teenager. He felt..., something... His brown eyes were clouded as he thought. He really knew nothing about werewolves aside from what Dr. Cullen told him.

They were supposed to be sworn enemies. Though why seemed to not matter. So he didn't think it fair. Of course, he never voiced this opinion aloud.

- Jacob -

He finally got home a half hour later. He tossed his backpack on his bed and went back downstairs and out to the garage.

His bike was there, a Yamaha. Black with a red finish.

- hours later -

He was sweating and his hands were greasy. He went into the house and washed his hands, then got another shirt and shorts and went to take a shower.

He closed his eyes as the hot water cascaded down his tanned and toned form. As he washed his hair, his thoughts drifted to Edward. His perfectly pale skin, rose pink lips, and golden eyes. But he was a vampire.

That was when his eyes flew open and he punched the wall to his right, cracking it. He growled, he was angry, at whom or what he wasn't quite sure. This rage was pure, animalistic rage at being cheated.
The water turned cold and he calmed down, finishing his shower and going to have a dinner of ceral.

As he laid in bed a few hours later, he thought back to the rage that had coursed through his veins and knew the force change would be coming soon. The full moon was in a few days. With a groan, he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes.

His dreams consisted of pale skin, golden brown eyes, and a deep voice that threatened disastor should he follow the path he was starting.