Edward and Jacob became nearly inseparable. They were rarely apart, except when the Cullens went on hunting trips. They would even train fighting techniques together. Jacob even convinced Edward to start playing video games.

Today, on the day Americans called Thanksgiving, they were going to the woods, per Jacob's request. Edward was curious as to why, but he didn't ask.

Jacob dressed in loosely fitting faded dark blue jeans and a light gray t-shirt whilst Edward dressed in his customary black semi-tight jeans and black v-neck shirt.
As it was his idea, the wolf led the way into the woods behind the Cullens land, Edward silently following. Jacob walked for a good while, Edward never once voicing a complaint.

Finally, Jacob deemed they had gone deep enough, he spun around and shoved his boyfriend into a tree, pressing his lips to the shocked vampire's.
Edward's lips twitched slightly in a smirk before he returned the the kiss lustfully.

They were evenly matched in strength so Edward couldn't switch their positions, but it was afterall, Jacob's idea.
They continued to kiss, their tongues wrapping around each other.

Jacob pulled away long enough to get his shirt off, Edward did the same, marveling at Jacob's toned body, not that he hadn't seen it before.
The wolf kissed him again, his lips warm, almost hot, the vampire slid his arms around the wolf, pulling him to his chest, their skin touching.

Jacob broke the kiss, burying his face in Edward's neck. Then he bit down on the soft sensitive flesh, hard. The vampire hissed in pain, the wolf didn't let go for a full minute. It left a bright red bite mark, Jacob smirked as he looked into his boyfriend's amber eyes.

"Mine." Jacob smirked.

"Haha. I do suppose that's true...," Edward chuckled.

Jacob nodded, and tugged on his boyfriend's pants.
Edward chuckled again and slipped them and his boxers off, as did Jacob.

Edward spread his legs some, Jacob gripping his boyfriends hips, Edward's arms around his boyfriend's waist.

Jacob buried his ten inch cock deep inside his boyfriend in one thrust.

Quickly, they worked a rhythm, Edward thrusting his hips to meet Jacob's cock.
The wolf stroked the vampire's cock as they fucked, gripping it tight. He was nearing his end, he could tell Edward was too, their faces were red, dripping sweat, their breathing ragged.

Jacob pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, he repeated his three times, still stroking Edward's cock, they came together, Edward's come squirting up Jacob's chest.

Jacob pulled all the way out, leaning against his pale, vampire boyfriend.

"I know what I'm thankful for this year. It's you Jacob Black," Edward said softly, tangling his fingers in the wolf's hair.

Jacob chuckled softly, nuzzling the vampire's pale neck.

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