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She was dead.

There had been no blood, it had been a clean shot. Matt had peered at the body of Rain Ocampo, almost in disbelief, a pained look in his eye when I found them. I had peered at him in shock, he looked up at me, his grip on the gun fell slack.


Tears glazed my eyes, painful tears, tears for the one who had awakened the love in me.

I never got the chance to tell her.

When I had left the train car to check on Matt and Kaplan, I had heard her, her voice was so soft, but it filled my hearing and warmed my chilled frame.

"I love you......Alice"

I love you too Rain.

But it never left my lips. And now she would never hear them.

Rain......Oh Rain. Why? Why did you have to die?

I felt Matt grab my hand, "Alice! Come on! We have to hurry!"

I snatched up the briefcase as Matt pulled me off the train. I had destroyed the Hunter, but still I glanced over the train to make sure nothing else had unknowingly followed us. Then all of a sudden it hit me.

"Kaplan! Where's Kaplan?!" I was saying, but by Matt's grim expression I knew we had lost him too. The transport area seemed dark and eerie, Umbrella marked crates stocked high, a musky smell filling my nostrils, the cold air summoning goosebumps from my legs. I tried my hardest to keep up with Matt, my grip tightening on the suitcase handle, but the grief seemed overwhelming, all our struggles had been for naught.

Matt pulled me through the lab entrance, and up the stairs as itclosed behind us, sealing up the Hive, sealing Rain inside.


God Rain. We had tried so hard.

We rushed up another flight of stairs, my legs and heart feeling heavy, but I pushed on, ignoring the chill that touched my bare skin. Soon we had burst through the door into the mansion, our feet thumping against the metal floorboards, the eerieness still hoovered over this place as well, I don't understand how I had managed to live here and keep my sanity.

We entered the living room, I was weary and faltering, battleing grief and exaustion, but it was lost.



I sunk to my knees, dropping the case that held the viral and anti-viral samples. Matt turned and looked at me as I bent my head down, the tears I fought to hold back stung my eyes.

"We failed." I shivered, biting my lower lip. We had lost against Umbrella, Rain and the rest of the Umbrella team were dead. They had been taken out by the company they had served loyally.

They had taken Rain away from me.

Another reason for me to hate them. Another reason.....

For me to take them down!

I had my memories back. I remembered promising Matt's sister Lisa to get the evidence she needed to expose Umbrella, but she had been killed like all the others.

It hurt so much to think of all of them. All the people who had died.

I felt defeated.

"We failed." I said again, or more like I had failed. I had tried so hard for them, for Rain, but it had not been hard enough. A tear streaked dowm my cheek. "I couldn't save them, I...."

"You're wrong," Matt was kneeling down next to me. Gently grasping my shoulder, "We didn't fail. It wasn't your fault what happened to Rain. It was that fucking Umbrella corporation! And now we have the evidence to expose them. We can get them back for all the lives they took. We can stop them from takeing more. This is our chance Alice. Our chance to take a stand and defeat them. We can't give up. Not now. Not after all we have seen."

I looked at Matt. He was right, we now had the means to take out Umbrella, get back those bastards for killing Rain and the others. He smiled at me reassuringly and I nodded, but then he slumped down suddenly, a pained groan escaping his lips. I immediately knew what it was.

You're infected! *My eyes locked on the tear in Matt's shirt. I had noticed it before but my mind had been thinking of the other's deaths, I hadn't realized that it was.... "Hold on!" I opened the case and grabbed the beeject, shoving one of the green vials into it. Matt gripped his arm in pain, sinking down furter on the floor, I reached out to grab his arm....

When someone snatched my wrist, I cried out in shock as the beeject clattered to the floor, I was pulled to my feet.


Umbrella's clean up team.

They had come.

I cried out in frustration, kicking at the covered figures that grapbbed at me, my anger of all Umbrella had done coming out in a flurry of fists and punches. I saw them grab Matt, he tried his best to struggle against him, and I gasped in horror as I saw the black tips of what looked like tentacles coming out of his arm.

"NO!" I yelled fighting my captors, trying desprately to reach Matt, but they were strapping him down and hauling him off

"Get this one placed in the Nemesis program......" I heard one say. I yelled again, kicking and punching, Calling Matt's name. But he was gone, and I had lost the samples.

I had lost the fight.

Tears spilled dowm my cheek. No. This can't be happening! I can't let it end this way! I can't let Matt be taken!!!!


My mind screamed as I attacked them, but there were to God-damned many, I strained against them as they fought to hold me in check, my sobs mingled with my frustrated yells

Damn you Umbrella! Damn you!

I felt them strike the back of my head.

Then it was dark.

~*End of Chapter 1*~

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