By: Lestat's Companion ~*Jaydiekins*~

The Sequel to Rain's Struggle

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I have a strange fetish for them!

The Hospital was deserted, save for a few moans, but feeling sick and being weaponless, warded me away from investigating. I stumbled into the lobby, also deserted, glass from shattered windows lay strewn everywhere, chairs turned on their sides and papers scattered everywhere, a red spot on the wall determined a fight that took place not to long ago.

But there was no body.

I managed to reach the large double doors, grasping the handles and tugging back, they opened like a gaping mouth inviting me inside. I shivered as a cold chill crept up my legz and spine, I stepped out onto the outer stair and gapped in awe.

Raccoon City was in shambles.

Barricades of police cars and markers filled the area, bodies of the unfortunate lay at the foot of it, weapons littered the pavement as well as newspapers, other vehicles, and broken shop windows. I could hear fire burning nearby, the city illuminated in the distant glow. I made my way over to a cop car, peeking inside, I found a shot gun and grabbed it quickly, standing back and glancing around.

So Umbrella had destroyed a whole city. They were responsible for all of these deaths.

Damn the bastards who thought it was alright to play with peoples lives. To Play God.

Damn them and Fuck them.

They were going down.

I pumped the shotgun, my face turned in a dark scowl.

My first find Matt. Then get the fuck out of here.

And finally,

Destroy the bastards of Umbrella.

A simple task for one as my self, I thought reassuringly, which was soon destroyed by moans in the distance. I frowned darkly, turning and making my descent into what was left of Racoon City.

The warrior approaches the battlements.

And stands alone.



PS: WHAT!!!! THE END?????? That's right Kiddies! Lament is over! Tell me what you think and I just MIGHT think about continuing it hehehehehe no I tease. I have part Three in the works already. My Res Evil interpretations will be a whole series! Well that is if it gets good reviews. So coem on and tell me what ya think.

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