Sorry guys, but I don't think I'll be completing this fic. To be honest, I lost interest in this anime a long while ago and forgot about this fic entirely until just now. I won't be able to write more about No.6 - I hardly remember any of the characters and the ending of the show- and I don't think that it's fair to you if I keep writing and trying to churn something out just for the sake of completing it.

I'm thinking that I'll post a short summary in a few days about how it was supposed to end. However, if anyone's interested in adopting the story, message me and we can figure out the details (like if you want me to give you the outline / ending or if you want to restart the whole thing) and then I probably won't post the summary. This will probably work in a first come first serve fashion if I get multiple messages unless someone has a better idea, haha. But I am planning to keep my version up (adopted or not) simply for myself.

Again, I'm really sorry that I won't be completing this story.

*Edit: Edward0Elric will be rewriting the story!