Title: On Fire
Author: karebear
Disclaimers (Hunger Games): The Hunger Games trilogy was written by and belongs to the brilliant Suzanne Collins. I'm just borrowing the characters and world for a short while. I swear I'll put them back in (mostly) good working order, and I promise not to make any money off of this.
Summary/Notes: I'm writing these over on the "Non Star Wars Fan Fiction" section at boards. theforce. net for a specific challenge there called the Ultimate Drabble Challenge (#6), but I thought I'd post them here as well since I actually really like the way they're turning out. It'll go all over the trilogy in terms of order of events and characters, though I will do my best to keep things chronological within each individual week.

To Summarize The Rules:

1. A drabble is a self-contained work of exactly one hundred words, not counting the title ("prompt word"). ["Self-contained" doesn't necessarily mean that a drabble must be its own complete three-act story, just that, if seen without context, it can stand on its own as something. It can be a scene, a vignette, a joke, a teaser, a whatever.]

2. Each week for twenty weeks, a set of five theme words will be posted. Write one drabble to correspond to each of the themes (five drabbles total). Creative use of the themes is encouraged and appreciated. The theme word itself does not ever need to appear in the drabble (but it can).

3. ? ? ?

4. Profit!

Week 1 (Katniss)

The sunlight always wakes her up.
It's what she does, getting up early to hunt while the animals are still about.
Even the Reaping cannot break this habit, even though every sane person is sleeping in today because they can.
But today more than ever she needs something familiar, a morning to laugh with Gale because as much as the Capitol tries, they cannot force the Districts to make light of what's going to happen today.
This afternoon, twenty-four children will be ripped away from everything they have ever known.
Only one of them will ever come home again.

They put so much time and effort into making her look pretty for the cameras, but she doesn't want to be seen.
She's a hunter.
She stays quiet, camouflaged, hidden from her prey because if they see her then she is dead.
But in the opening ceremony she is forced to look into the camera and she sees her image reflected back at her from the huge TV screen, and she is instantly aware of the truth.
No one will be able to forget her now.
The girl who was on fire.
She will never be able to hide again.

Sixty seconds of waiting, before they're allowed to die.
At least she can use her time wisely.
It's possible to learn a lot in sixty seconds.
She can guess how the other tributes will react, by noting who is standing still, observant, the way she is, and who is twitching with impatience, reaching out toward all those gifts.
She can measure the distance to the Cornucopia. It wouldn't be hard to get there. She knows she's fast enough.
She also knows that whatever she could grab is almost certainly not worth it.
Sixty seconds, ticking away... three, two, one.

By now she is used to the idea of having cameras on her at all times.
But somehow she's still not used to the idea of acting.
Dressing up in costume is not new, although it still makes her want to cry because she can only think of Cinna.
The soundstage, the teleprompter, headset voices in her ear, calling "cut" and "roll" and "spot" over and over, the artificial smoke (which by itself almost caused her to break down, too much like what a Gamemaker would use), these things she hates, because they shouldn't have to create an artificial war.

She's happy to have the bow in her hand, not because she needs a weapon, but because she needs something to hold onto and that's about the only thing that feels like in belongs there, in her sweaty grip, no matter where she is or what she's doing or what has happened.
The action stopped requiring thought a long time ago, which is great, because she lost her ability to think clearly a long time ago.
Grab an arrow. Notch. Aim. Pull back.
"Miss Everdeen, I thought we had agreed not to lie to each other."