AN: This isn't my first fanfiction, it's just the first one I've beta-ed cleaned up and decided to share. My microsoft word crashed out on me half way through this so I continued in word pad, its about four chapters long and is loosey based on the 10 mineut special episode Mewtwo's Orgin. I will admit here creative liberties have been taken such as Amber's design has been changed and since this is told from Mewtwo's POV there is no context for the scientist's backstory. And I only used the episode for reference so some of the dioloug is changed. Reviews are welcome to help me make the next story I come up with better. Express you're opion both postive or negative :D (although naturally I would prefer creative critism).

Added Note: The parts in square brackets [like this] are what are happening outside Mewtwo's mind, which he can sense through his powerful psychic abilities. The parts without the square brackets like this is what is happening inside the collective consciousness of Mewtwo, Amber and the other pokemon.

[The lab is dark, bathed in red and white lights. The walls are lined with jars and tubes, filled with curious liquids and specimens. Some dead, some alive, some I don't know. There are large cylindrical parturitions, based firmly in the floor reaching to the ceiling. There made out of some kind of perplex, filled with strange bubbling liquids. Suspended in this liquid is I, in the others (there are three other containers like this) there are others. Creatures, sleeping like I am, but they are unaware, unlike I. I can feel what is happening around me. See, if I focus, what is around me. Outside the cylinder. Hear; hear what they are talking about. They, walk round in white coats, and black thick coverings over their eyes and hands. Most ignore me, look at me then make markings on their papers then walk on, but one. The tallest, frailest looking of all of them, I can sense he is not strong or fit, but instead relieves on determination not strength to live, he stays by me. He watches me intently all the time, he mutters mostly. Makes the most noise, while watching and staring. Next to me is another container, but this one is different. It isn't filled with the liquid, it doesn't contain a creature. It simply has a light. I try to concentrate on the light, but find I cannot. It pulses and forces me back to myself. My focus fades and soon the images of my surroundings do to.]
I am alone in darkness. Curled hugging my knees to my chest and left to think. If I try to concentrate hard enough I can make out their noises, the tallest mans noise most clearly. I think, wonder, allow my mind to wander and expand. I think if I let my mind wander wide enough maybe it will find something outside the darkness, but it doesn't. This darkness is infinite. I am alone, with nothing more than my thoughts.
["He's doesn't seem to respond much," the assistant says tapping the perplex wall, "We try to stimulate him, but nothing not even a pike or a peak."
"He's clever," the tall frail man mutters. "I'm sorry The Doctor, but," the assistant continues, "I thought not responding was a sign of impairment not mental development."
"Don't you see?" the tall frail man continues excitement creeping into his voice, "He's not responding because he can't, he isn't responding because he doesn't want to, he's ignoring you, so he can observe you." He turns and presses his face close to the glass, "You're a clever one aren't you, Mewtwo."]
"Who am I?" I ask myself, one of my many questions, the one I ask most frequently, "What am I? What is the noise?" I ask questions continuously. Questioning makes me feel less alone, a small escape from the isolation. "There talking," a light, quiet voice answers. I'm shocked; stunned, none of my questions have ever been answered before. I find I'm able to move, although it's more like something is moving me. Some unseen force I'm not able to control, I try to fight it, but it's leading me to the voice, and I need to find out what it is.

I'm face to face with it. The source of the voice, it's taller than me. She, it is a she that I can sense, has bright brown eyes, that twinkle in my darkness. Her face is thin, and her mouth is strangely curved at the edges (a smile something tells me). Her nose is centred in her face and has light brown dots littered across the bridge. Long dark brown hair is confined to symmetrical bunches either side of her head, and she wears some kind of covering, the material is light pink and it covers her chest, arms and legs to her knee. Her hands are small and dainty, clutching a small black and white bear in one; she reaches out to me with another. I stare at it, it has four fingers and a thumb, the palm is bare and facing upwards. I look up at her, "talking?" I ask slowly, pronouncing each syllable carefully. She giggles taking the hand holding the bear and covering her mouth as she did so. "What are you?" I blurt out tilting my head slightly and cocking my right ear in her direction. "I'm a girl, silly, a human," she explains pointing to herself. "Am, am I a human too?" I enquire looking down at my hand. It's different from hers; she has four fingers, a medium one, and a longer one, one slightly shorter than the second but not as short as the first and a little one on the end, plus an opposable thumb. I study my own hand, I have a thumb, it's at different angle, but still moves in all directions, like hers. However then I only have two fingers, roughly the same size as one another, there's no evidence I should have any more; they fit to my hand perfectly. I look up and see she's looking at me with a smile, a small somewhat confused smile, "No, you look like a pokemon," she points to my ears, the tall cat like ones perched on top of my head, covered in the same pale downy fur as the rest of me. Also she points to my tail, the long slender thing I hadn't realised I'd been moving to acquire my balance floating in the void, "But," she continued, "You talk too, like humans." This is annoying, so what was I? Was I both? Was I neither? All she'd done was invoke more questions. However I find that I can't stay annoyed, my mind swims with more questions forcing out any kind of bother. "It doesn't matter what you are here," she says as if reading my mind.