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Charmandertwo goes in the same fashion, instantly erupting into nothingness. The remember place has been drained of colour, shape and form. Only a small fraction remains, mine and Ambers immediate vicinity. "Amber?" I ask not daring to turn around, instead reaching out for a reassuring hold of her hand, "What's happen-" I stop mid sentence as I find my hand falls right through hers. I spin round quickly to confirm my worst thought. She's disappearing. She's no longer solid instead an odd translucent appearance, her eyes are dulling and any kind of strength she had seems to be leaving her quickly as her posture slouches and she seems to be in pain trying to stand up. "I...I'm not sure, Mewtwo, but it feels like 'goodbye'," she says her voice echoing. The word goodbye sends strange shudders through me, "What's that? Don't leave," I find myself telling her, trying to reach out to hold her hand up she drifts away and my hand falls short, "Amber, you can't leave. I don't want to be in the dark again. I don't want to not know," I can't keep following her and fall down to my knees. She stops and stands next to me. I don't bother trying to touch her; I know my hand would just fall through as though she's not there. I tilt my head up and plead again for her to stay. Suddenly, I reach and touch my eyes, they're damp, wet and moist, and the moistness is dripping down my face. I gently touch my cheek and collect it on my finger. "What's this?" I ask myself, but Amber still answers. "There tears, your crying because you're sad and afraid," she explains, with a voice similar to when we first met, when she answered my first question, "My daddy used to tell me a story about pokemon tears, that when pokemon are sad and cry, their tears are filled with life ," I listen not daring to talk in case she stops and leaves, I just silently nod, "But you shouldn't cry for me Mewtwo," she continues, "You should be happy, your alive and life is precious." She begins to drift away again and I find that I jump up and begin to follow her, "What's alive?" I call after her, "Why can't you be alive too?" she doesn't answer, just repeats, "Don't cry Mewtwo, Remember life is precious." I race after her, but feel however fast I try to run the space between us never closes, "Why?" I ask, "Why is life precious? What is life?" But as inevitable as it was she too, disappeared. The remember place is gone, I'm back in the void. The nothingness I was born into. I fall to my knees again, letting the tears fall down my face, making no attempt to halt the flow of warm salty liquid. I feel a shout rising in me as the tears begin to pour more quickly, I open my mouth as wide as it'll go and allow it to escape, into the nothingness ringing through my head. Trying to call Amber back.
[The light in the jar disappears. Pulses softly then fades. The Doctor's face drops significantly as if some unseen hand has suddenly grasped the sides of his jaw dragged it down. However it quickly released as I throw myself against the side of the container.]
Amber is still out there, I reason, as I shout and yell louder, hearing it echo all around. Amber is still out there and I will find her. I just need to, just need to break out. My eyes are squeezed shut as another power shout rising up again.
["He's become erratic," a fearful assistant says barely able to form the words, flinching with each bang against the perplex surface, "He's slamming himself against the container, it won't hold much longer with the increasing force of each blow." The Doctor's face is one of deep thought again as if he's impervious of the chaos going on around him. The blows become harder and more frequent. Around me, glasses shatter, machines spark and malfunction, "his brain activity is spiking, it's off the chart," someone points out the obvious, "It's overloading the machines." With this another fails, semi exploding in a shower of sparks and black smoke, "Doctor what's going on?"]
Nearly there. Louder. Just a little louder, the darkness around me is cracking. One little crack spreads and spreads. My voice is failing; the shouting is residing back inside. I forbid it, I force it to surface. One more shout, just one more...
["He must have become very connected with Amber and the others, their deaths have somewhat upset him," The Doctor explains calmly gazing into the empty container that once held Amber's conscienceness, "He probably has no idea what's going on and is now having a tantrum much like a small child."
"Yes but what shall we do?" the tall female scientist asks flinching as another set of instruments clatter to the floor. "Calm him down, administer the serum, give about 100 units."
"We've already tried that it's had no effect!"
"He's obviously very strong willed," The Doctor says to himself then addresses the woman, "Then give another hundred."
"Doctor," she begins, "That's clearly an overdoes, it could put him into a coma from which he probably won't wake, surely if we-"
"He's mind is extremely advanced and strong, but his body isn't," The Doctor interrupts her, "he isn't yet viable outside the container, if he's allowed to continue he'd die as soon as he frees himself," he pauses a moment, "So do as I say, or you will be held responsible." She nods quickly then clutching her clipboard to her chest scurries off to do as he says. He turns to me as I try again. My strike is weaker put I still make contact. I feel the surface dent and buckle. He doesn't flinch as I pull back intending to make a final hit.]
I will the shout, I'm so close. Just another. The shout freezes up in my throat; it then instantly evaporates as nothing more than a thin vapour drifting out of my slit like nose. My limbs lock up and some paralysis takes over. Dulling my senses. The cracks I'd made in the darkness heal themselves, constructing the walls of my prison once again. I try to fight back, I try to yell, call for Amber to save me. Save me from the darkness as it wraps it's self round me and pulls me back to how I was...

I am alone in darkness. Curled, hugging my knees to my chest and left to think. If I try to concentrate hard enough I can make out their noises, the tallest mans noise most clearly.
[The tall man leans forwards, watching me, I feel his gaze concentrate on me. No one else is around. The lab has been partially cleaned up. Although many glasses and beakers are still up turned, broken glass litters the ground and liquids pulse and ooze out of cracks in vials and test-tube. He begins to whisper to me, "Mewtwo," he says, "I know you can still hear me, Mewtwo. You're an amazing thing aren't you?" he gently reaches out and touches the glass. "Amazing how only you survive. You're my hope, I was about to give up when Amber died again, but you. You fighting to be born it gave me hope Mewtwo, that one day Amber will be alive again. Everyone will be able to be alive again, and it will be thanks to you. You will be the template of the future of mankind; Mewtwo," he then turns away and I hear his footsteps quieten as he leaves.]
How long have I been like this? What happened before? Was I ever unlike this? I can't remember. My mind is cloudy and fogged, if I try to access my memories a dense, mental mist descends and blocks it out. Something echoes throughout the misty covering of my life. Some familiar voice singing a sentence I've all but forgotten, "You're alive, and life is precious," it whispers into my mind before fading out once again. Leaving me to question the voice, "What's life? And why's it precious?"