Lyrical Silences -- The missing story of Haille Logan.

Author -- Melissa Laybhen

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Disclaimer: This story was created by me. I am NOT the wonderfully amazing Goddess V.C. Andrews who first brought these characters to life, nor am I Andrew Neiderman who continued to make them live. I am merely a fan who loves VCA.


Chapter 4: Graduation Dinner

After my graduation, my family and I went back home and had an early dinner. It was a rare family dinner. One of merriment and joviality. One of lightheartedness and jubilation. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Everyone spoke loud and told outrageous jokes. It was a day for everyone to celebrate. And everyone did.

Well, everyone but Olivia.

Olivia sat at the head of the dinner table as she always did. Her back was as straight as a cane and she looked very regal and had a slightly sour expression on her face. As if she was a queen who was forced to dine with peasants. And that was probably how she thought about it actually. Olivia kept glancing at me. She did not laugh or participate in the joke-telling. However when either Daddy or Chester or Jacob looked at her, she would nod and smile. And then her attention would turn towards me and she would smile that self-righteous smile of hers. One that said "I know that you'll screw up, and I can't wait until you do." I shivered.

"Haille, if you are getting sick then I don't want you going to the beach later this evening," said Daddy frowning at me.

"Beach? Why would Haille be going to the beach?" asked Olivia.

"Haille has been invited to go to a graduation beach party at six. I have already given her my blessing to go and have fun," Daddy said smiling at me.

"And who exactly will be attending this little soiree?" Olivia asked me coldly.

"The entire graduating class with the exception of Rebecca Livingston because she is getting ready to attend summer classes at the college she was accepted at," I mumbled.

"Does 'the entire graduating class' include boys Haille?"

"Yes ma'am." I said quietly.

"Absolutely not! I forbid it. Haille will not be going to that party. I will not have her gallivanting around late at night on the beach with men like a harlot!

Harlot! That was the second time in one day that she had called me that. I felt the tears springing to my eyes and starting to stream down my cheeks like tiny rivers.

"Olivia. You will apologize to Haille this instance. This is her graduation day and I will not have you ruining this day for as you have ruined so many others!" Daddy had started by speaking quietly but had raised his voice so much that by the end of his statement he was practically yelling. Olivia was very quiet and everyone else at the table did not move or speak for fear that Daddy's rage would be turned on them as well. Then she spoke.

"Very well. Haille you may go to beach tonight. However, you must be back home no matter than ten," she said quickly as I started to smile.

"I understand Mother. I will be back home by ten." I was practically ready to agree with anything she had said, even though she had not yet apologized.

"And one last thing. Your brother will be attending the party with you." Olivia sat back in her chair, a smile playing on her lips.

"But Mother, this is only for the people who graduated today," I started objecting.

"Haille it is either you go with one of your brothers, or you do not go at all. I think that your Father would agree that this is not too much to ask," Olivia said looking at Daddy.

"Haille, your mother is right. As long as you get to go, does it really matter if your brother tags along with you? After all you will be on the beach after dark and I would prefer to know that you were safe." Daddy said smiling at me reassuringly.

"Alright Daddy. I understand." I said smiling again.

"Chester, you will go with Haille tonight and make sure that she stays out of trouble. I would send Jacob, but he must go to Boston tonight and pick up the freight that has arrived. You will not let Haille out of your sight," Olivia said, looking at me in a way that clearly meant that I was not to be trusted to be on my own.

"This has been a lovely dinner and as this matter has been taken care of, I will be going to my office now. I have many things to finish up tonight. Samuel please make sure that you have checked the truck. I do not want Jacob to have any problems with it tonight." Olivia stood up and started to walk out of the dining room.

"Olivia. Don't you have something to say to Haille?" Daddy asked quietly.

Olivia stopped and turned slowly. She raised her head and looked directly at Daddy for a moment and then turned and looked at me as she spoke.

"I do not believe that that is necessary. Good night."

She stood for another moment looking at me, and then pivoted and walked out of the room.