She woke up half past seven. Her greyish eyes full of sleep, she stood up. She groaned – she didn't want to go to school. Not today, she was way too tired from the red eye she took from London last night. Still she stood up and went to the bathroom. Slowly she brushed her teeth, then she combed her dark blonde hair and looked herself from the mirror. She looked like crap. The girl changed into pair of blue jeans, white t-shirt and gray sweatshirt. Moving to the hall she grabbed her schoolbag and looked at the time – 8.52 am.

'' Crap, '' she groaned.

She went to the kitchen, found left-over pizza from the fridge and took a slice. Then drank orange juice from the box and closed the fridge. 8.58 said the clock on the wall.

Annie grabbed her keys, locked the door and hurried to the school. On the half way she realized, that she's not gonna make it in time. Still she moved fast, but still not running. As she crossed the road, she took out her pack of cigarets and lighter. She put the smoke to her mouth and lighted it. Smoke taste with menthol came to her mouth and she kept on going.

The cigar done, she entered the school at 8.15. Lessons started 5 minutes ago. Without going to locker, she climbed to the forth floor of the schoolhouse and started walking towards the old history class 409. Her teacher was ancient, tough, but the same the best teacher, because she knows everything and she really makes students learn. Annie is one of her favorites, because she is good at history, but the teacher, whose nickname is Tank, because you can hear her coming from the other side of the hallway, is not pleased with the girl being late, again.

Annie opened the door.

'' Haven't you learned to wake up at normal time ? '' the teacher barked.

'' Sorry, the alarm didn't work, '' Annie said as she was walking to her spot. A smile flashed on her classmates faces as the girl walked to her spot in the last bench by the window. Her deskmate laughed at her.

Annie rolled her eyes and said nothing.

'' Now that Annie had decided to join us, maybe she can tell us all the reasons of second world war, '' Tank asked. A mischievous smirk was on the teacher's face for a second.

'' Well, to start of course the Versailles system was not good enough to keep the peace, German people went crazy, when they decided to choose Hitler as their leader on 1933, then the Soviet union was also trying to conquer the world, Mussolini wanted to make Italy as powerful as Roman Empire was, The Spanish war was there to test weapons, France, UK and also America did nothing to stop it, they gave in everything Hitler and Stalin wanted... um... You wanna hear some more ? '' Annie said without really thinking hard.

'' Politeness young lady. Now as Annie said the Second world war... '' Tank started talking again. Annie put her head on the table and closed her eyes.

She felt someone nudging her and so she opened her eyes. Apparently the lesson was over.

'' What do we have now ? '' Annie asked Marie – her deskmate.

'' Physics, '' Marie replied.

'' Great. Wanna skip ? '' Annie asked.

'' Yeah, '' Marie replied.

With that the two separated from the group and went to the school cafeteria instead. The cafeteria was empty at the early hour. A few seniors were sitting there drinking coffee and studying for the next lesson. Marie and Annie threw their bags to the empty roundtable by the window and went to buy something. Annie poured herself a cup of coffee, but Marie took juice and salad. They payed and sat down across each other.

'' You look like hell, '' Marie said to her friend.

'' Oh, you know how to make compliments, '' Annie groaned and sipped the coffee.

'' Seriously. You were out partying last night ? '' Marie asked and smirk was playing on her lips.

'' Something like that. Weren't you ? '' Annie asked.

'' Nope. Actually I got a good night sleep and I am really in a good mood today, '' Marie said happily.

'' Yeah, you're the only person in the world, who is happy in the Monday morning, '' Annie said.

'' Yep, '' Marie agreed.

The silence took over as Annie drank her coffee and Marie ate the breakfast.

Annie looked at the entrance and saw her teacher walking in. It was their Estonian teacher, nicknamed Rexona. It's actually, because she is married to a Muslim from Northern Africa and her last name is too complicated to remember, but Rexona sounds nice. Annie also started calling her bimbo, because the teacher tends to flirt with the guys from her class and also wear very open shirts and short skirts. She is that kind of teacher.

'' Bimbo is on the move, '' Annie stated.

'' Great. Now we have to go listen her flirtation, '' Marie groaned.

Annie rolled her eyes.

Rexona walked up to them and sat at the table.

'' May I ask you why aren't you in the lesson ? '' she asked.

'' It's our oral test time. Took the test last lesson, so we don't have to go to physics today, '' Annie lied quickly.

'' And what topic, may I ask ? '' Rexona asked.

'' Planets and sun and meteors and asteroids and such things. I can show you my notes if you're interested, '' Annie said.

'' No. But I do remind you that you have to come to my lesson, today we're discussing Faust and I expect you to have read the book, '' Rexona was certain.

'' Yes. Finished last night. Very fascinating book. It was interesting to read about the devil taking a human form and then doing all the bad things, but the same I think he had good intentions. And Goethe managed to write it in rhymes. Very extraordinary, '' Annie talked like it was the best book ever.

'' Very good Annie. See you in 2 hours, room 301 if you don't remember, '' Rexona said and left two girls alone.

'' I hate that bitch, '' Annie said, when her teacher was out of reach.

'' You're a good liar, '' Marie was impressed.

'' It's a gift. I choose not to doubt it and use it as much as I can, '' Annie said and smiled wickedly.

'' There's so much I still don't know about you, '' Marie said and laughed.

'' Trust me, you don't wanna know, '' Annie said. Her words were so true – there was so much her friends at home didn't know about. Much more that they could even guess.

'' Yeah. I believe you. You wanna go out for a little smoking session ? '' Marie asked.

'' Let's go, '' Annie said. She emptied her cup and they both stood up and went outside.


They day went fast. Soon the clock was 15.30 and the last lesson – biology was over.

'' Remember, we have test next time. I trust you to be prepared, '' the teacher said and 28 students ran out of the classroom.

Annie went to her locker, took her notebook and left school. She was listening to the music on her way home. She was moving slowly, because she was exhausted. Finally she reached home, threw her bag to the hall with her tennis shoes, then her sweatshirt flew into the living room and she fell on the couch without changing clothes. The moment she closed her eyes she was deep asleep.