A/N: Based on the TV show Splatalot. Ok, Not sure how this will work but I'm going to use the characters in the show (and might create some) and possibly show what they get up to when they are not defending the castle. Admittedly I'm on holiday for 2 weeks soon so updates to begin with might be slow but I'll try to update as soon as possible. Please review and give ideas that i can include

Thorne was laying in his bed and as he turned he saw a dark shadow over his bed, he jumped up into action expecting an attacker to be there. He saw his sister Shaiden staring at him. "Morning," she said angrily throwing him the paper. "Breakfast's ready and the new attackers are on their way," she continued as she started walking out.

"I wish you wouldn't do that," Thorne shouted at her retreating back as he picked up the paper and read the headline. He shook his head at the picture of Gildar on the front with the heading "The new face of L'Oreal." He threw it back onto the bed and got dressed.

He climbed down the stairs and passed Ballista on the way. He smiled at her but she just raised an eyebrow. 'Why do people keep doing that?' he thought. He walked into the kitchen and picked up some toast and went and sat next to Crocness who was feeding her pet alligator Albert bits of bacon. Thorne raised an eyebrow and then realised why everyone had been in a bad mood that morning. Gildar was boasting about being in the paper and was sat flexing his muscles. Skabb roared suddenly. Gildar shut up.

"Is something the matter Skabb?" Gildar asked. Skabb nodded.

"You," he roared. Thorne bit into his toast to avoid laughing.

"You're just jealous. I'm sure your time will come," Gildar said boastfully. Thorne looked up at him.

"Jealous? Of you? Why would be jealous of a pompous stuck up Viking? His problem is you boasting all the time. Just keep it to yourself," Thorne moaned, "Oh and focus on the attackers." He added as Shaiden raised the alarm that the attackers were in sight. Knightriss nodded in agreement and stood up to defend the moat. Thorne and Gildar followed, Gildar ignoring Thorne completely.