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A/N: Writer's block buster. Inspired by the instrumental song "Screams of Insanity" by pianowano273 on YouTube (listen. Chilling music and picture), and my own twisted sleep-deprived mind.

In this, I've mangled much - Charles is eight.

Rating: M for ... dark things.


He lost his child
His Erik is gone
There is no time and place for song
He needs something new
Needs something strong
Something to use to Write the Wrongs

Something to play with, something to scream
Something to treat his violent need
Memories shattered, mind gone mad
When again there is blood he will be glad


The night is dark
The silence deep
When he takes Charles from his sleep
The monster of a Nazi's trend
Sebastian Shaw is off the bend

In this little boy he finds
A toy to fill his empty binds
A fragile body to fit the chair
And electric pulses beneath brown hair

Charles is alone, Charles is sad
He wants his mother very bad
Even if for him she does not care
Perhaps she could save him from this chair

Sebastian laughs and Sebastian cries
In this world where he cannot die
With plans to destroy all humanity
His new child flinches at his insanity

They play games, they make names
And something inside is not the same
Tortured blood spills on happy floors
And crimson handprints slap on white-washed doors

Charles is small, Charles is sad
He knows not to make the Death-man mad
Instead he shivers, offers a blood-stained smile
Before the Death-man's thoughts turn hostile

Thoughts are orders, orders delivered fake
Orders the make little bones break
A broken, needing soul crawling across the ground
Sebastian is happy with what he's found

Because Charles is very special, you see
His gift twists Sebastian's heart with glee
Charles is young, and Charles is lost
And Sebastian will hold him at every cost

...Abandoned alone,
Alone and forgot ...

But Charles is here though Erik is not
His presence like a needed broken bier
Sebastian laughs and Sebastian screams
Filling Charles' mind with decaying dreams

...Lost and found, found to shape
Even a telepath cannot escape ...


The screams are music
Charles so young he cannot fight
The tears are gold
The monster that visits him every night
And Charles' power is in his hold

The pain, the gain, he is wrapped in this chain
They capture some, they slaughter all
Soon he comes to yearn the Death-man's praise
And Charles answers his every call.
And for him he sets minds ablaze.


Been a while since I attempted poetry. I may have to write another piece on this from the boys' pov, as I intended it to be Charles/Erik ... we shall see. Anyway, I've got a few more updates to churn out, and then to catch up on my reading! I need to stop leaving the computer when writers update their stories by 4 chapters in less than 24 hours (you know who you are! XD) So ... yeah. More dark stuff, because I can't help myself.

And I've had too much Silent Hill...

Let me know what you thought? :)