One and a half year later:

Dear Erica,

I don't know if you recall who I am, but my name is Tizen. About one And a half year ago you visited my parents and me. One that day we had also kissed, but I remember being a total arse to you after that. Why, I cannot comprehend. Maybe it was because you picked your friend over me. Like your mother had picked your father over mine, but now is no time to sulk over that. All I know is that I made a mistake and I am sorry for hurting you. Maybe you forgot about this whole 'incident', but I thought it was the right thing to do, since I regretted it. And on some days can't help but think about it.

With kind regards,

Tizen Hawthorne

To say I was shocked by the letter was an understatement. I honestly barely thought about that day, since Tizen never was someone significant in my life, but that didn't mean this apology meant nothing to me.

I smiled and made my way to Lucio's house. Yes, after one year and three months we were still happily dating. Things were good between us. I liked how life now was. Just being with Lucio a lot and spending a lot of time home, with Father, Mother and Pax. Occasionally I'd spent some time with Ophelia, though I had to admit we grew apart. She now was dating a boy named Zander, he moved just a year ago from the Capitol to our district. They were perfect together.

I knocked on Lucio's door and he luckily opened. "Hello, darling," he said cheekily and kissed me on the cheek. "What brings you hear? I thought we were going to have dinner in several hours, not now? Not that I mind, since I missed your face."

I smiled at his cheeky words. "Look what arrived in the mail today!" I said and handed him the letter.

He opened and skimmed through it.

"Interesting," he replied, before he threw the letter on the ground and pulled me inside.

"Hey, I liked that letter!" I protested.

Lucio, shook his head. "You know what happened last time when we found letters? I am not planning to do that whole journey again. Once was enough. Plus I don't want to risk my girlfriend getting swept away by him again. So we will forget about that letter and about him."

I hit Lucio playfully on the chest. "I can't believe you! He was just being nice. I wasn't even planning on visiting him; just writing him back."

"And then he'll write back, you will. And then suddenly, two months later, you're in his backyard kissing him!"

"Okay, okay, I won't, but only if I get a kiss!" I replied cheekily.

"Your wish is my command, princess," he replied, before he kissed me on the lips.


Yes, yes, the ending really has come. I just want to thank every single one of you and my amazing beta Midnightrose24. You were great and beta'ing my work was probably horrifying. You did a great job and I am so happy you did. Thank you all for reading / reviewing / putting this on alert / favouriting. It has been a great journey. :)