Hidden Beneath Blood

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Chapter 1: Blood

He had done it. Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends ha dactually been able to infiltrate the Seireitei. Unfortunately they were seperated and the Gotei 13 were hot on their trail. Ichigo had just defeated Madarame Ikkaku and was on his way to recover his new friend Shiba Ganju. As Ichigo ran to where Ganju's reiatsu he thought he saw the figure of a young man holding a zanpakuto but when he looked there was no one there. "Damn. I haven't been here that long and I'm already hallucinating about enemies." Little did Ichigo know that he caught a glimpse of another Ryoka. The strange Ryoka was walking through the streets of the Seireitei.

"So then...where is she?" He muttered to himself. I had to find that accursed doorway and fix it to find this because of a promise my great-grandfather made. Ridiculous." The mysterious Ryoka continued down the streets always seemingly able to avoid confrontation as they all head to Ichigo and his friends instead of where he was. Hiwever this luck ran out when the young man walked in front of the taichou of squad two Soi Fon. "Oh boy it's what I always wanted. A petenako." The mysterious Ryoka said sarcastically.

"A what?" Soi Fon asked. She had no idea what the word was he used but she could tell it was an insult. "How dare you insult me!"

"You know it's an insult?"

"Not until you admitted it was just now." Soi Fon said triumphantly. She had been analyzing the young man. He had light brown hair and grey eyes. He wore black boots, black pants, a white dress shirt, black vest over the shirt making him look like a cafe waiter. He held his zanpakuto by the sheath in his left hand. However there were two features that stuck out to her. The first was the sleepless circles around his eyes. She had only seen one other person with circles that dark. The other was his stance which was slightly off balance but still seemed balance as he leaned back slightly with his knees bent and his right hand on his waist. She had seen that stance used by one other person but Soi Fon could not think about him. "Now then Ryoka come with me or else die where you stand."

"Sorry, Babe but I have buisness somewhere else. Just point me in the direction of a Unohana Retsu and I'll be good and I won't have to give you scars that combined with that baking tray you call a chest will make you horribly unappealing." This sent Soi Fon over the edge. She had to deal with those comments about her chest ever since she joined the Stealth Squad from other members. Ever since she became taichou however she never heard a thing about it but hearing this Ryoka say that made her snap. She drew her zanpakuto and performed a shunpo to his location but the young man was not there when she stopped. She saw that he was where she was not even a second ago. "Sting him to death, Suzumebachi!" Her zanpakuto became a gold and black finger dagger.

"Hado 13: Kokunami (Black Wave)." The young man said as hechopped the air and wave of black reiatsu slammed into Soi Fon pushing her back.

"How? Ryoka can't perform Kido." Soi Fon said to herself. Whoever this Ryoka was he wasn't normal.

"I'm special. Hado: 23: Kurayamikaze (Darkness Wind)." A black twister rose around Soi Fon and stole the air from her making her gasp. She used her Shunpo to escape but the twister burned her. "Not bad. Can you escape this? Hado Weave 13 and 23." The Ryoka sent another energy wave at Soi Fon but before she could dodge she was in another twister. Before she could grasp what he had done the energy wave hit the twister becoming darkness shards that cut Soi Fon through the twister. "Kokukusari (Black Chain)." The Ryoka crfeated a black reiatsu chain and when his Kido disappeared her sent one end of the chain towards the sliced up taichou. The chain took hold of her and the Ryoka pulled once and Soi Fon flew into his right hand. "I ask again. Where is Unohana Retsu?" Soi Fon was about to spit in his face when she saw the very person the Ryoka was asking about. Unohana seemed to have seen the end of the confrontation and made a gesture towards Soi Fon to tell him. Soi Fon gritted her teeth and pointed. The Ryoka looked over his shoulder and saw her before looking back at Soi Fon. "Was that so hard, Petenko-chan?" Soi Fon wanted to stab him so bad but her arm was cut badly and even cut her muscles severely. If she did not get medical attention she would lose her ability to use her arm.

"If you would be so kind as to carry her and follow me?" Unohana asked. "She requires immediate attention and my squad is not far so she can get help if we move quickly." The young man surprised Soi Fon and Unohana by nodding and picked up Soi Fon bridal style.

"Lead the way." The Ryoka simply said. Unohana nodded and started off towards her squad with the Ryoka carrying Soi Fon in tow. Unohana was careful to lead them away from main streets as to avoid the Ryoka being seen by another shinigami. Soon they arrived and walked in. To say that the various mambers were surprised to see Ryoka walk in with a bleeding Soi Fon was understatment. Many of them were frightened as he was covered in the taichou's blood from carrying her and he didn't seem to care. Which room should I set her in?" The Ryoka asked but soon a gurney came being pushed by Kotetsu Isane, fukutaichou of squad four, which seemed to answer the young man's question. He set Soi Fon on the gurney as Isnae received orders from Unohana. As Isane got ready to leave she heard the Ryoka mutter something to her. "Take care of her." Isane nodded hesitently at the young man before she pushed Soi Fion towards surgery.

"Come. Follow me to my office." Unohana said to the Ryoka. The Ryoka nodded as he folloed the taichou. When they arrived in her office Unohana sat behind her desk while the Ryoka leaned his back against the wall with his foot also on the wall and looked directly at Unohana. "So what buisness do you have with me?" The Ryoka held up his zanpakuto. The sheath was black with odd crimson tribal designs on it and the hilt was also black with crimson cloth wrapped around it. Hanging off the hilt was a charm that looked like a black rose. "That...zanpakuto...I thought it was destroyed."

"Retsu-chan I made it out alive. I'm sorry for leaving you my love." The Ryoka recited. "Those were the words I promised my great-grandfather, Christopher Carpenter, to say to you before he passed...he was one of you...wasn't he?"

"Yes...Chris-kun was taichou of squad ten...I see his zanpakuto has chosen you to wield it. An inheritence is a very rare phenomenon. Some of the nobles have even tried inbreeding in order to keep the most powerful of their zanpakuto in service but they are always unsuccessful...and I do not like it because of all the stillborns and miscarries. It's sickening." Unohana looked towards the Ryoka. "I never got your name."

"Mark Frey." The Ryoka said. "I'm Chris's great-grandson."

"Then he found a new love?" Unohana asked Mark as she turned away so that the young man couldn't see her tears.

"Not a love...he saved my great-grandmother's life and she came from a wealthy family. His reward was her hand in marriage." Unohana smiled.

"Chris could never refuse. He was too kind. I'm guessing you inherited that curse as well?" Mark nodded. "Then I must make use of it. Mark-san...I would like you to help free Kuchiki Rukia. She is going to be executed for helping a human save his family. The law is a fairly foolish one because the human seems to show some promise."

"So for sharing her power she is going to be executed?" Mark asked. "Even without my great-grandfather's curse I would still help. She helped some one save his family...no should die for doing the right thing. I'll go and free her but I won't join her friends. It would be best if I fought on my own." Mark left through the window as to gain a headstart before the members of squad four decided to call in some one to capture him.

"Be safe. Christopher my love...he looks so much like you. Almost as if you have come back to me." Unohana said to herself as her right traced along her cheek where Christpher Carpenter's hand always would." Mark was once again walking the streets of the Seireitei goung unnoticed. Soi Fon's squad was looking for him but they always seemed to miss the cosplayer.

"To think they're the Punishment Force according to my great-grandfather's journal." Mark muttered to himself. Mark had found the journal next to his grandfather's bed. In it he had the message he wanted delivered to Unohana as well as instructions to fix the Senkaimon that was hidden in some old ruins in the woods. He also described the Gotei 13 of his time including himself. Mark had learned that very few foreigners eneded up in the Seireitei because of geography. Souls from contries other than Japan were almost too far away for the Seireitei to look after. Only a few radicals would ever go out that far. One of them was Unohana Retsu who had found Christopher after he had killed a hollow. She brought him to the Seireitei and he entered the academy quickly becoming the top of his class. Soon after he was made tenth seat of squad eleven but in a few short decades he became taichou of squad ten. He also put in the journal that he had almost married Unohana until circumstances got him banished from the Soul Society. The only clue Christopher had on who was responsible was an odd warning: Beware the Water Moon. Mark felt a large spike in reiatsu not too far away with a word that filled him with bloodlust and arousal.

"Bankai: Kojigi Ashisogi Jizo!" Kurotsuchi Mayuri, taichou of squad twelve and head of the department of reasearch and development, said as a giant baby headed catpillar like creature appeared. Ishida Uryu, last of the Quincys watched as the taichou completely released his sword.

"I will not fall before this abomination!" Uryu said. His body was weak and he only held one trump card. As Uryu motioned to take off his glove he felt another prescense in front of him. He looked up and saw Mark staring at the large familiar that was the taichou's Bankai.

"Damn I can't tell which is uglier. That beast or the Bankai." Mark said with a dark smile that promised a lot of blood and tortue on his face. Unlike with Soi Fon Mark knew who this taichou was. Back then he wasn't a taichou but a criminal set free to work with the R&D's founder. From what Mark read the man was horrible and held no morals or ethics which enraged Mark but with Mark rage was only a gateway to even more sinister feelings such as his bloodlust.

"I am no beast!" Kurotsuchi said. He then noticed Mark's face. "Christopher? You're alive? No...you never smiled like that...you look so much like him. Perhaps I should experiment on you? Actually I think I will!"

"Well if you want to test something...how about this? Hado 69: Kokuryu Arashi! (Black Dragon Storm)" Mark made a sweeping motion with his right hand above his head then slamming it to the ground as a black dragon made of lightning fell from the sky towards Kojiki Ashisogi Jizo electrifying it. "And now for the second part!" Mark's smile widened as Kojiki Ashisogi Jizo began to expand before exploding. "Your poison is nullified and that lesser eyesore is gone...Looks like the explosion messed up your face. Oh wait! Sorry it looked like that before. Hado 74: Kurayami Katana (Darkness Blade)." Mark grabbed a sword made of darkness and threw it at Kurotsuchi like a lance and it hit hum ripping away a great deal of his body but the scientist was too tenascious to die.

"Well now. I guess I'll have to experiment later." Kurotsuchi said before liquifying himself with his sword and disappearing into the drains. Mark then regained his composure and locked away his bloodlust and his arousal from the fight. He looked over and saw Kurotsuchi Nemu and helped her up.

"Thank you...for not killing Mayuri-sama." Nemu said. Mark couldn't tell her he had intended to torture Kurotsuchi to sate his sadistic tendancies before killing the mad scientist. "I will be going now."

"Mark Frey." Nemu paused at hearing the young man's name but understood that that's what it was. As Mark started to walk off Nemu turned and bowed.

"Kurotsuchi Nemu, fukutaichou of squad twelve."

"A pleasure fukutaichou. Now for me to continue onward." Mark said as he continued to walk. When he had enough distance Mark performed a technique that by all rights he should be unable to use but he performed it and was at the holding cells. "They made this way too easy." Mark said to himself as he walked along the bridge. However before he was able to fully cross he was confronted by Kuchiki Byakuaya. "Oh yay. I get to fight a bishounen. My life is now complete."

"Such an insolent tongue." Byakuya said. "If I did not know any better with your looks and tongue you could be him returned from the dead but of course that cannot be possible." Mark knew he was referring to how much he looked like his great-grandfather.

"You never know." Mark said. "But since when do noblemen allow the ones they care about die? Well I guess since nobility was created huh?"

"You dare to insult me?"

"Of course I do Byakushi." Mark said in a bored tone that made Byakuya cringe in rage.

"Now there can be no doubt. Christopher Carpenter I will make sure you die." Byakuya drew his zanpakuto as Mark put his right hand on the hilt of his own zanpakuto.

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