Hidden Beneath Blood

Well here's chap two!

Yachiru: So do we see Marky's shikai?

Just read and see.

Yachiru: You know what this fanfiction needs? A theme song!

Well if this were an anime I would say the theme would probably be either D-technolife or Brave New World from Namco vs Capcom. Also I decided that later on my favorite non-mainstream canon characters will be in this story as a couple. Any way let's get on with the chapter

Chapter 2: Limitless Despair

Mark was easily dodging Byakuya's Senbon Zakura due to the intense training that Christopher Carpenter made for him. In fact even though Mark was a lazy otaku with absolutely no drive he loved the training his great-grandfather made him do. It was the only time Mark ever felt like he was alive...like he could actually live and enjoy it. "Is this all you got? A giant boquet of flowers? I mean I like them and all but this relationship deserves more than flowers." Mark said in a hurt tone of voice despite he had a sadistic smile on his face. Byakuya was quickly loosing his temper even more. Only Christopher Carpenter acted that insolent even when he was a captain. Byakuya could always remember the scathing remarks the foreigner made at the expense of the Kuchiki's. He always disrespected all nobility except for the Shiba and the Shihoin families because "at least they have fun." As Byakuya and Mark continued to fight Ichigo and Ganju had made their way to the battlefield. Ichigo saw Mark and recognized the young man as the the person he saw earlier.

"So I wasn't hallucinating when I saw him." Ichigo said to himself. The thought relieved him but then he began to wonder why the young man was doing here. Mark and Byakuya were so into their fight they did not notice the others due to Byakuya's rage and because Mark could not sense any hostile figures other than Byakuya. Byakuiya would always get close to hitting the cafe waiter dressed young man but he would twist out of the way like he knew Byakuya's moves and zanpakuto.

"Byakurai." Byakuya said as he fired the kido at Mark who only smirked and countered with Kokunami before using Kurayamikaze. "Why do you not draw your zanpakuto?" Byakuya asked in rage.

"She doesn't want to be drawn." Mark said simply surprising Byakua causing his assault to stop. "She wants me to fight to the best of my ability before she and I begin to fight together. She believes in me and I trust her judgement. She is my partner and not my tool." Mark's words struck Byakuya harder than any kido or blade. All Byakuya could see and hear was Christopher Carpenter and he hated the man but he then remembered how Christopher was a radical among the shinigami for his philosophies. Byakuya had always scoffed at most of them but this one he remembered. That you must always see your zanpakuto as your partner in order to achieve strength beyond that of Bankai. This philosophy gave birth to the idea that a zanpakuto can actually release once more. While most believed that to be an idiotic ideal there were a few who believed it even to this day. Ichigo saw his chance to take out Byakuya and sharged but he was blocked by Mark who seemed to have teleported. And Mark blocked with a kick as his soles were reinforced with iron. "How dishonorable. Take this!" The young man jumped and kicked Ichigo with his other foot before landing on both feet as Ichigo fell of the bridge. Mark saw someone catch him and decided that that was time better spent. "Sorry Byakushi but I have more important things to do than play shinigami with you." Mark said as he disappeared once more. Byakuya noticed one thing. The technique Mark was using was not Shun-po. Mark arrived at a secret entrance and a ladder. Mark looked at his zanpakuto before he jumped down and landed on all fours before speeding off towards Ichigo's reiatsu. When he arrived he saw Ichido with a darkskinned and haired woman that he recognized as Shihoin Yoruichi The woman was looking at Ichigo but she could sense Mark behind her.

"You know it is impolite to stare." Yoruichi said to Mark who only laughed. Yoruichi turned around and was hit with nostalgia as she looked at him. "Chris-kun?"

"Everyone gets me confused with my great-grandfather. My name is Mark Frey." Mark said as he bowed to Yoruichi. Yoruichi blushed remembering the good times she had with her old friend. "And you require no introduction Shihoin Yoruichi. My great-grandfather described you well in his journals. His best friend who would always use her looks as a joke and as a lure." Yoruichi began to laugh at the comment.

"Of course Chris-kun would write that. I mean sure I could have maybe not tried to advertise myself all the time but it was also his fault at times for wandering too close to the women's bath." Yoruichi stopped laughing and looked at Mark with tears in her eyes. "Did he find happyness when he was banished?" Mark nodded and Yoruichi smiled but let her tears flow as well. Mark walked over to her and took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the woman's tears away. "Thank you. You look exactly like him...in fact it's eerie but you could be him." Mark only shrugged. before he looked over at Ichigo.

"So what exactly are you doing?" Mark asked before he say the dummy next to Ichigo. "AH! Uruhara Kisuke's Bankai training...Is he ready for that?"

"Hell yeah I'm ready!" Ichigo yelled at Mark. Mark smirked before everyone heard rattling and Mark lifted up his zanpakuto. He looked at it curiously as did Yoruichi and Ichigo. The three Ryoka saw the sword trying to break out of its sheath and a black light came from it.

"You want to test him?" Mark asked looking intently at the zanpakuto. "The black light flashed crimson for a second before Mark smiled and grabbed the zanpakuto's hilt and unsheathed the blade. The blade was balck as night except for the edge which was a bright silver. "Okay then. Let's see how ready you are for Bankai." Ichigo was confused until Mark darted at him and slashed Ichigo's face. Ichigo jumped back and blocked Mark's second attack but the foreigner just jumped over Ichigo and kicked him in the back. "Never cease the assault. Keep going and make your opponent fear your slightest movement." Mark recited but oddly he did it in a spanish accent. Ichigo was puzzled by that but kept his guard up as Mark disappeared and reappeared infront of him.

"Shun-po?" Yoruichi asked her self as Mark made fast and controlled stikes at Ichigo who could barely block them. "No...it was different...Similar to Shun-po but definately not Shun-po." Yoruichi decided to worry about that later as she watched the two young men fight and it was apperent that Mark was a better fighter and better trained but she also noticed that it help some of Christopher Carpenter's fighting style but there was another type mixed in. Christopher Carpenter preferred to use maximum impact to end his opponents but the style Mark used combined that with well controlled speed and prescision. Ichigo also was impressed by the style but was also starting to become pissed that Mark had not released his sword and he was beating him. Ichigo jumped back and charged his reiatsu into Zangetsu.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo yelled as he swung his sword and used his signature technique. Mark traced his zanpakuto's edge with nhis fingers and smiled before unleashing a Kokunami from the sword to counter Getsuga Tensho before appearing infront of Ichigo and and grabbing him only to slame him into the ground. "Dammit! How are you able to beat me with a sealed blade like that?"

"I am a an excellent user of Kido and I have fused two fighting styles to create a very powerful fighting style." Mark said. "You are kind of a disappointment you know. For some one who wants Bankai you don't really have the skill to use it." Ichigo grabbed Mark's ankle and and pulled causing the otaku to fall as Ichigo got up.

"Well who are you to say that?" Ichigo asked as Mark recovered and got some distance.

"Some one who does not rely on their sword. But if you want to face my Shikai then very well." Mark said as he took the hilt into his left hand before grabbing the blade with his right cutting himself but instead of blood a black cloud appeared and it radiated evil, hatred, pain, and despair. Ichigo could see the death of his mother in this cloud and he could swear he heard her blaming him say that she hated him. "Curse them all, Museigen Zetsubou." The cloud and the zanpakuto merged with Mark covering him but when the cloud finally withdrew Mark now had on a black long coat with leather straps all over it, two fingerless black gloves, and on his right hand were three rings that covered his thumb Index finger and pinky and they were silver and covered in runes.

"What was with that evil black cloud?" Ichigo asked. Mark looked at him hard loosing the sadistic smile he had when the sword was sealed. Ichigo looked at Mark and could have sworn Mark was thinking about suicide all of a sudden.

"That Ichigo is the life's blood of this zanpakuto. Of Museigen Zetsubou (Limitless Despair)." Mark said as he stuch his left thimb into his pocket and made a claw with his right hand before disappearing and reappearing in front of Ichigo and kicking him so hard he flew into the wall. "Decimate your opponent's focus. Without focus they cannot fight." Mark said with the spanish accent. Ichigo recovered from the kick only to have Mark in his face again. "When your opponent is down he is not out." Ichigo kicked Mark back and prepared himself for Mark to dart at him again but what Mark did surprised both Ichigo and Yoruichi. "Getsuga Tensho!" Mark sideswiped his right arm and a Getsuga Tensho fklew right at Ichigo hitting him head on.

"How?" Yoruichi asked herself. "Is this the power that Chris-kun said he never wanted me to see? But how could he perform a Getsuga Tensho...and how was it stronger than Ichigo-san's?"

"That's my move! How can you use it?" Ichigo asked Mark. Mark looked at his right hand like he wanted to kill himself with it before looking at Ichigo.

"You have felt it too." Mark said. "A despair so strong it feels like your world is over." Ichigo's eyes widened as he remembered his mother's death and he then remembered the voice in his head that sounded like his mother blaming him. "Musegen Zetsubou allows me to to use techniques of those who have felt this pain. So long as people feel despair I will gain new techniques. However I must be within a certain radius of these people for me to use their moves. But this is not all. By inserting my own despair I can increase the technique's power." Ichigo stepped back. Mark was using his own move against him and enhancing its power. Ichigo was afraid of the young man and knew he had no chance against him. But Ichigo also knew that he had to acheive Bankai. Ichigo then remembered Mark had said not to long ago.

"I need to acheive Bankai." Ichigo said. Mark only shook his head. "But I need my own power and not Zangetsu's to do it." Mark looked at the orange haired substitute and nodded. "Then I'll show you my power and prove I'm ready for Bankai! GETSUGA TENSHO!" Ichigo unleashed a large and powerful Getsuga at Mark who only smiled and shook his head.

"Now you get it." Mark said as he cut the Getsuga in half dispersing it with a sword made out of Black reiatsu coming from his hight hands fingertips. Mark resealed his zanpakuto as he nodded to Yoruichi. "Don't let your power, heart, or determination waver. A split seconde of doubt and the enemy has you on their sword." Mark said once again in his spanish accent. "I have something to do but I'll be back before long. Try to achieve Bankai as quickly as possible." Mark said as he used his unknown technique to leave.

Well there's chapter two. I hoped you liked it and Museigen Zetsubou. Also try and guess what two characters I meant at the beginning. Laterz!