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Chapter 1

Santana lets out a low whistle as Quinn pulls the rental car into the driveway of her parent's beach house. She had been expecting a little bungalow, not a mini mansion with a white picket fence.

"Wow Quinn, this is your idea of a beach house?" She asks the blonde.

"It's on the beach" she shrugs as she takes the keys out of the ignition and steps out of the car, her girlfriends doing the same. Santana helps Quinn with their bags while Brittany chooses to pick Rachel up, running to the front door with the squealing diva in her arms, only putting her down when Quinn passes her the keys to the door.

"This is amazing" the dancer breathes out as they step into the house, "It's bigger than me and m neighbour's houses put together" Quinn rolls her eyes and leads Santana up to the bedrooms with their bags as Brittany and Rachel explore.

"Check out the decking!" Rachel squeals, bursing through the sliding glass doors and onto the deck that overlooks the beach, "And the beach!" Brittany laughs at the diva's excitement and stands behind her, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl as they look out onto the ocean. "Let's go swimming" Rachel says, her brown eyes pleading.

"Alright, let's go get changed first" Brittany smiles. The girls look around them in awe as they walk through the house and up the stairs, following Quinn and Santana's voices to the bedroom they would be sleeping in. They hold back a laugh at the sight that greets them, Santana has her jeans pulled down at the back looking at her rear in the mirror, grimacing at the light bruises on the underside of the tanned globes.

"Why did I have to piss you off the night before we went on vacation?" the latina whines, "I can't wear my bikini or everyone on the beach will know that someone took a hairbrush to my ass" she huffs, pulling her jeans back up.

"Relax, you can wear those little black shorts that make your ass look incredible" Brittany smirks.

"My ass always looks incredible" Santana retorts, digging through her bag for her bikini and shorts. Quinn rolls her eyes at Santana's reply and starts unpacking.


Quinn laughs as she watches Rachel and Santana race to the water from her place on her towel, the latina easily out-running the diva without much effort and diving gracefully into the water.

"It' awesome here Q" Brittany murmers from beside her, grinning at her. Quinn turns to look at her and smiles.

"It's much more awesome now that I'm here with you guys. Everytime I came with my parents I spent most of the vacation on my own. Even when my sister came, she was always too busy with her husband to hang out with me" Quinn sighs, turning back to look at the water just in time to see Rachel jumping on Santana's back and dunking her.

"You wanna go join them?" Brittany asks.

"You go, I need to make a few phonecalls, I'll be back out soon" Quinn replies, slipping her shorts and t'shirt on.

"Who do you need to call?" Brittany asks, frowing when the other blonde ignores her question and starts walking back to the house. She decides to shrug it off, choosing to go join her other girlfriends in the ocean instead. Santana lets out a squeal as the dancer dunks her and high fives Rachel.

"Oh you're ganging up on me. I brought the paddle with me" the latina threatens playfully, pushing her dripping hair from her face.

"Where did Quinn go?" Rachel asks, scanning the beach.

"She said she had to make a few phonecalls" Brittany tells them, "Has she seemed a little distant to you lately?"

"Yeah a little bit, I wouldn't worry about it Britt. She knows that she can talk to us if she needs to" Santana reassures the blonde, suddenly tackling her so that her whole body is submerged. They screw around in the water for the best part of an hour before deciding to head back to the house to find Quinn.

"Hey baby, everything ok?" Santana asks, knocking on the bathroom door.

"Uh yeah, give me a minute" The latina frowns when she hears her girlfriend bustling about it. "I'll meet you downstairs when I'm finished" Quinn yells and Santana makes her way down to the kitchen where Brittany and Rachel are making dinner.

"She'll be down in a minute" she tells them, sitting down at the kitchen table, flinching slightly as her still sensitive backside hits the cool wood. She can't shake the nagging feeling that something isn't right as she watches her other girlfriends chat happily to one another as they cook.


"Quinn, you're being awfully quiet" Rachel states as she, Santana and Quinn eat around the table. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired baby" Quinn smiles, "In fact I think I'm going to have an early night" she says, standing and taking her plate to the sink and moving to the door only to find her exit blocked by an angry looking Brittany.

"Whose is this?" the dancer demands, holding up a pregnancy test, "I mean it's negative but why would any of us need to take a pregnancy test?" she asks looking at her girlfriends in turn.

"It isn't mine" Rachel states firmly.

"Nor mine" Santana says and they turn to look at Quinn who is staring at the tiled floor.

"I just had to check" she murmers, "Just to be on the safe side. Santana glares at her.

"You slept with someone" it isn't a question, the anger in her voice is clearly heard by them all. "Who?"

"Puck. I'm so sorry, I was drunk and I barely remember it, I'm so sorry. You have to believe me" Quinn cries, despair evident in her voice as Brittany storms past them, throwing the test down on the table and stalking out through the sliding doors. Rachel stares at Quinn with tears in her eyes before following the tall dancer. Quinn turns to Santana, her hazel eyes pleading with the fuming latina.

"You'd think you would have learned your lesson! You're just lucky he didn't knock you up again" Santana hisses at her. "Don't touch me!" she snaps as Quinn reaches out to her. "I can't look at you right now. You tore my ass up last night for cheating on a math test while you were hiding the fact that you cheated on us!" Quinn flinches at the volume of Santana's voice. She watches in defeat as Santana storms out after their girlfriends.

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