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Chapter 3

Brittany pulls her blanket around her tighter as she sits on the deck later that night waiting for Santana to come back. It had been a few hours since the latina had stormed out of the beach house with her bottle of tequila and Brittany was starting to worry. She sighs as she leans back in her chair, blue eyes scanning the beach for her girlfriend. She digs her cell phone out of her pocket and speed dialling Santana's cell for the fifth time, groaning in frustration when it goes straight to voice mail and throwing her cell onto the chair opposite her. The blonde feels the worry leave her as the anger takes over. Santana knew they would be worried sick about her, she knew that her pulling a disappearing act would make everything worse. Brittany's chest muscles clench as she notices Santana walking towards her, the latina staring at the ground as she walks. The dancer's anger disappears as she takes in her girlfriend's appearance. Santana had obviously been crying, her normally beautiful eyes were swollen and bloodshot and as she falls into Brittany's arms, she can smell the alcohol on her breath. The latina's empty hands suggest that she drank the whole bottle and Brittany realises that this assumption is probably true.

"You can't just disappear Santana" Brittany murmers, "I was worried about you" she tightens her grip around Santana, leading the unsteady girl into the house and sitting her at the kitchen table. "I'll make some coffee"

"I'm sorry Britt" Santana says with a slight slur, sitting primly at the table ith her hands in her lap. "I just, I got distracted" she murmers.

"No, you got drunk" Brittany retorts, leaning against the worktop as she waits for the coffee machine to finish. "You could have called"

"Damn right she could have!" Rachel snaps as she enters the room and sitting opposite the latina and glaring at her. "We were worried sick Santana!" the latina rolls her eyes petuantly as she notices Quinn standing in the dooray, leaning against the frame.

"Three against one is it? That's cool, Quinn betrays us yet it's me that's the bad one for being angry about it, fantastic!" Santana spits out.

"That's not what we're angry about, you disappeared for hours to get drunk in a strange town and you didn't answer your god-damn cell phone!" Brittany yells, stunning the latina into silence. The dancer places a mug in front of Santana. "Drink your coffee" Brittany says, grabbing three other mugs and putting them on the table, gesturing for Quinn to join them.

"Stop staring at me Quinn" the latina sighs, too exhausted to yell anymore.

"You've been crying" Quinn states softly as she sits opposite her.

"Yeah, well you fucked that Mohawked idiot. I have a right to be upset" Santana mutters bitterly. Quinn catches Brittany's eyes and the dancer takes the hint,leaving the room to allow Santana and Quinn a chance to talk, pulling Rachel with her.

"San, I'm so.."

"If you say that one more time I swear I'll put you over my knee right here!" Santana interrupts, the venom returning to her voice as she glares at Quinn.

"I can't live without you San" Quinn's voice cracks as tears escape from her eyes.

"I know and I can't live without you but it fucking hurts, it feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped on. I've trusted you in ways I've never trusted anyone else before, you take care of me. You've never given up on me when I've screwed up, you punish me and then you forgive me, you know when I need you to take care of me" Santana struggles to control her emotions.

"You do exactly the same for me, I wish I could take it back. I can't not be with you" Quinn cries and Santana moves to sit next to her girlfriend, pulling the blonde into her arms. "Please don't leave me" Quinn chokes out, burying her face into the latina's shoulder, sinking completely into her embrace.

"I won't" Santana states. "I'm just struggling with how to deal with this. It can't ever happen again Quinn. You only get to make this mistake once" Santana tells her firmly.

"Can't you just spank me?" Quinn asks in a small voice.

"Oh I will" the latina tells her, "You're not going to be able to sit for at least a week by the time I'm finished with you. I just need some time to get to that place where I know I'll be able to let it go once I've spanked you" she sighs, her arms still around her girlfriend.

"Do you think you'll be able to forgive me?" Quinn's voice is almost a whisper as she avoids looking at Santana.

"Yeah I do, it's the forgetting part that I'm gonna have trouble with"


Rachel smiles as she enters the living room the next morning to find Santana and Quinn fast asleep on the couch. Quinn was curled into Santana's body and the latina's arms were protectively wrapped around the blonde. Rachel quietly makes her way into the kitchen where Brittany is pouring herself a coffee, smiling and pouring another when she notices Rachel's presence.

"Goodmorning" the dancer smiles, kissing the diva and sitting at the table.

"So, it must have went well last night" Rachel remarks with a smile as she sits opposite Brittany. "There was no screaming and they're snuggling.

"Yeah but Quinn also still has skin on her ass so it isn't over" Brittany says dryly. The blonde kicks herself when she sees Rachel's face fall. "But it's great that they're snuggling Rach" she amends, smiling when the diva's grin appears again. Brittany prayed that things would get better. As angry as she is with Quinn, she loves her too much to want her to leave.

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