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Chapter 4

Quinn snuggles deeper into Santana's embrace as she wakes up, smiling as she feels the latina's arms tighten around her. She inhales deeply, comforted by her girlfriend's scent, vanilla mixed with perfume. It was moments like these that she loved the most, the warm and caring, half asleep Santana, too tired to keep up with her badass facade.

"Morning" Santana murmers, placing a kiss to Quinn's temple causing the blonde to grin and lean even further into her girlfriend. "I think the four of us need to sit down and have a talk today, I think Rach and Britt should have a say in what your punishment is going to be and I'm sure they want to yell at me too" the latina sighs.

No time like the present" Quinn states, desperate for it to be over with, desperate for the guilt to go away. Santana nods, standing up and pulling Quinn with her as she walks to the kitchen. She glances warily at her other girlfriends as she pours two mugs of coffee for herself and Quinn.

"Goodmorning" Rachel states as the girls join them at the table. "Did you sleep well" she asks brightly and Santana rolls her eyes at eager look in the diva's eyes.

"Yeah, we did" Quinn answers, smiling softly.

"I think we should talk about everything that's happened lately" Santana cuts in, impatient as usual. "Not just about Quinn, I know you're mad at me too" she mutters, avoiding eye contact with any of her girlfriends, choosing to stare at her coffee instead. Brittany leans across the table and uses her finger to gently lift Santana's chin.

"Hey, we were mad because we were worried. You know that right?" the latina nods, looking into Brittany's bright blue eyes. "Good" the dancer states. "Don't do it again San, it's not fair on us. We were feeling the exact same as you were" Brittany tells her. Santana nods, a pained expression on her beautiful features as she bows her head, feeling ashamed of herself. She felt like slapping herself, she had left her girlfriends, who were known for being more vulnerable, to not only feel like crap about Quinn cheating but also to worry about her. She had made it worse for them. Santana felt like crap, she was supposed to be the protector, the one who made the others feel better, not make them feel worse.

"I'm sorry" she whispers, a single tear rolling down her face. Rachel leans forward, kissing the tear and pushing the latina's hair from her face.

"We forgive you" the diva states simply with a shrug of her shoulders, "We just wanted you to realise that, while you had every right to get mad, you're not the only one that was upset" Rachel finishes, glancing at Quinn who is guiltily looking everywhere but at them, hating herself for being the one to cause all the pain. Brittany clears her throat and decides to move the conversation along, giving Santana a nod to encourage her.

"I talked to Quinn last night and she agreed that she's getting spanked but I thought you guys should have a say in it" The latina tells them, looking back and forth between Rachel and Brittany who both look a little surprised.

"Well I guess I'm more mad at the fact that you lied to us about it" Rachel says softly, "I mean of course I'm hurt that you cheated on us but you made it a whole lot worse by not admitting it. I know you wouldn't have done it if you had been sober so maybe we should have a no alcohol rule. Not just for you but for all of us, if you can barely remember having sex with someone then it's clear you shouldn't be drinking"

"Yeah, and Santana, you turned to alcohol far too quickly for my liking. I've never had a problem with it before but I think we should stick to the law" Brittany states, "If anything you guys have showed why there is an age restriction" Quinn nods, turning to the latina on her left.

"Fine, no drinking" Santana grumbles.

"As for Quinn's spanking, what were you thinking?" Rachel asks.


Brittany smiles as she joins her girlfriends on the deck, sitting at the wooden table beside them with her dinner. She watches as Santana playfully tickles Rachel's side everytime the diva attempts to take a drink of her soda. Brittany felt relief flowing through her as she realises that things would eventually be completely normal between them all, no-one would leave.

"Santana Lopez!" Rachel yells out in what she must have thought was a strict voice.

"Yes baby?" the latina asks in a faux innocent voice, batting her eye lashes at the smaller girl causing Rachel to laugh and roll her eyes. Santana grins before turning to look at a subdued Quinn. "Are you ok?" she asks softly, a concerned look replacing her smile.

"Yeah" Quinn murmers, smiling weakly. She can feel tears filling her eyes and the lump in her throat feels like it's choking her. She barely notices that the tears have escaped her eyes, running down her face in a constant stream, until she feels Santana's toned arms wrap around her.

"I've got you baby" Santana murmers into the blonde's ear as she holds onto her. The latina realises that Quinn needs her spanking to be over with, the guilt was eating away at her, intensifying every extra minute that she waited for it. She needed the redemption, the love that came from it, to feel like she deserved to be with them.

"I'm so sorry, I hate myself for it" Quinn sobs into the latina's shoulder. "You should hate me too"

"I could never hate you, never" Santana tells her firmly.

"Please" the blonde pleads and the latina shares a look with her distraught looking girlfriends before giving them a nod.

"Go to the bedroom, pajamas on and into the corner" Santana tells her, letting her go and watching as Quinn quickly enters the house through the sliding doors.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" Brittany asks her, searching the latina's dark eyes. Santana nods, pushing her plate away from her and leaning back in her chair with a sigh.

"I'm ready for this to be over with"

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