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Chapter 5

Santana sighs, running a hand through her raven hair as she sits looking over the ocean. She hated this, making one of her girlfriends cry. No matter how many spankings she hd received herself, it never got easier to deliver them. She knew that Quinn needed it, hell they all needed it at some point but this time she had no choice. Quinn's guilt wouldn't leave her without a punishment and Santana never wanted to see that pained look on her girlfriend's face again.

"Hey" Brittany's soft voice startles Santana. She allows the blonde to wrap her arms around her, laying her head on the taller girl's shoulder. "Are you ok San?"

"Yeah" The latina sighs, leaning further into Brittany's embrace, "I'm sorry for storming off yesterday"

"Like we told you earlier, we forgive you. Me and Rach just want it all to be over with so that we can get some sweet lady kisses" the dancers says innocently causing Santana to laugh.

"Well I promise that you'll get some soon" Santana murmers, lifting her head to kiss Brittany passionately, letting out as moan as the blonde runs her nails lightly over her backside. Brittany rests her forehead against the latina's, looking into dark eyes.

"You should go" she murmers and Santana nods.

"Yeah, how about you take Rachel out of the house for an hour or so, she always gets upset when she has to hear the spankings"

"Ok" Brittany mutters, giving Santana one last kiss before heading back into the house to find Rachel, leaving the latina to gather her thoughts. She forces herself to relax, knowing that she couldn't safely punish Quinn if she wasn't in complete control of herself.

"Come on Lopez, you've done this before" she urges herself. She waits a few minutes, until Rachel and Brittany come out of the house, the small diva giving Santana a bone crushing hug which the latina gratefully returns. She watches her girlfriends disappear along the beach before walking into the house.


Santana is glad to notice Quinn standing in the corner when she enters the bedroom and sits on the bed. She watches as the blonde nervously clenches the hands that are clasped behind her back, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. The latina sighs and sets her jaw before speaking.

"Bring me the paddle and your leather belt" she orders and Quinn quickly grabs the items, handing them demurely to Santana who lays them on the bed next to her before turning to face the blonde.

"Why are you being punished?" the latina enquires, looking evenly into hazel eyes.

"Because I cheated on you, ma'am" Quinn whispers and Santana sighs.

"What else Quinn?" she asks sternly.

"I tried to cover it up"

"Which is?" the latina presses.

"A lie of omission ma'am" Quinn mumbles, dropping her head and staring intently at the beige carpet. Santana watches her for a second, waiting until Quinn looks back at her. The latina doesn't say anything else, choosing to get started intstead. She pulls Quinn closer to her, pulling her pajama bottoms and underwear down to the blonde's knees and guiding her across her lap. She wastes no time and starts spanking, bring her hand down sharply on the pale bottom in front of her, leaving a pink mark on the sensitive skin. Santana doesn't lecture, concentrating only on punishing her girlfriend, the only sounds in the room are that of skin striking skin and the soft whimpers from Quinn.

"The next time you lie, there won't be a warm up" Santana states sternly, bring her hand down harder twice on each cheek before stopping, She rubs the reddened skin softly before picking the paddle up, immediately cracking it down on Quinn's already sensitive backside. She maintaind a slow punishing rhythm, watching the blonde's globes turn an angry pink colour.

"Please" Quinn wails and Santana feels her heart break in half at how young her girlfriend sounds. She forces herself to keep going, slapping the paddle down on the sensitive where buttock meets thigh, doing her best to ignore the squeal of pain from Quinn as she does the same to the other side. The latina notices the blonde's shoulders start to heave and she realises that Quinn is trying not to cry.

"Let it out baby" she murmers softly, bringing the paddle down harder as Quinn starts to sob over her lap. She cracks it down several more times before throwing it down beside her. "Back in the corner" she orders gently, helping her girlfriend stand and watching her shuffle over to the corner, her pajamas and panties around her knees restricting her movements. Santana waits until Quinn is in place before standing and rearranging the pillows, stacking one on top of the other at the edge of the bed. The latina waits five minutes, her eyes never leaving her crying girlfriend in the corner, Santana had to admit, her backside looks sore, deep pink contrasting against the milky skin of her thighs. "Alright Quinn, come here" she tells her, helping her walk over to the bed. "You're getting six with the belt" the latina says firmly, bending the blonde over the pillows so that her bare bottom is a clear target. She pauses for a second before lashing the belt across Quinn's backside.

"Ow, please San" Quinn all but screams, Santana can't make out the rest of the blonde's words as she lashes down for the second time and a strangled squeal swallows Quinn's words. The latina whips the belt down three more times, leaving three welts overlapping each other on what used to be porcelain skin.

"One more baby" she informs the sobbing girl before laying down the last and hardest stroke across the middle of Quinn's behind. She instantly drops the belt and crawls onto the bed, taking Quinn into her arms as the blonde wails into her neck. "It's over" she murmers, rubbing her back.

"I'm so sorry" Quinn chokes out, trying her best to ignore the burning pain in her backside.

"It's ok baby, It's all over with" Santana says, kissing soft blonde hair. She looks up when she hears a noise in the doorway and smiles softly at her other girlfriends.

"We got back a little early" Rachel tells her sadly. Santana shrugs and beckons them over, both of them instantly joining her and Quinn on the bed, the four of them leaning against each other in a kind of four way hug, staying like that for most of the night. No-one speaks, knowing that nothing needed to be said.


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