I saw some awesome pictures online of Moemon then I heard about this thing called Pokémon Gijinka and tapped it in. They are better than Moemon because they can be male – simple as. So this fic is technically Moemon but also Gijinka. Cool? I own nothing.

Couple of makeshift rules for this world I'm using: 1) Moemon/Gijinka are still called Pokémon 2) They look like humans but with a couple of extras 3) Yes, there will be lemons due to the Trainers having to fuck their Pokémon a) to gain their trust and b) to solidify their bond as Pokémon and Trainer 4) This one will be set in the Unova region and 5) They can talk – the Pokémon I mean. Also, credits to EspeonofShadows for letting me use the Moemon rules!

Best Wishes
Chapter One

I was so not a morning person. My dark red curls were sprawled across the pillow I shared with my favourite Pokémon doll – one of my intended starter Tepig. Tepig were good-looking Pokémon, especially as males. Snivy were too arrogant for my taste, their heads held high as if they were almighty. Oshawott always looked too cute, like adorable plushies. Tepig would evolve into Pignite, then into Emboar. Since I had a really bad thing for muscular Pokémon, Tepig would be my choice. I just hoped that it was male. Although having bi-curious episodes, I wouldn't go with a girl even if you paid me at the current time.

I groaned and sat up in my bed, yawning. I caught sight of the time and smiled. "Early," I said with a nod and got up. After a refreshing shower and hair-wash, I had some toast for breakfast, smiling all the while.

Last week I had turned seventeen, the regulation Trainer age, and it always took a week for a Trainer's paperwork and Trainer Card to be sent to the local Pokémon Centre or Pokémon Lab. Since Nuvema Town had the Juniper Pokémon lab, that was my first stop.

I sighed joyfully and entered the lab through the automatic doors. Today I wore a pair of combats, my favourite trainers, a black T-shirt and my dark grey jacket. My rosy hair was pulled back in a ponytail and my green eyes lacked their usual eye liner.

"Ah! Riley!" Professor Juniper smiled as she looked up from her computer. "Hello, sweetie. How are you today?"

I smiled at the professor. "I'm good, thank you," I said. "I'm here to pick my starter Pokémon. You said today, right?"

Juniper grinned. "Yes, I did. Come with me and I'll let you meet them."

I followed Juniper to a separate room where three Pokeballs laid innocently on the table. I smiled. "Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig. Am I right?"

Juniper nodded. "Very good, Riley," she mused, picking up the first Pokémon. "This is the Water type, Oshawott."

She threw up the Pokeball and a young Pokémon maybe four feet tall and quite chubby smiled at Juniper and I. Oshawott had pale skin with dark freckles and almost black eyes. She wore a blue and white Lolita dress with her scalchop pinned on the front like a badge. She looked quite impish. "Hiya!" she said in a high, girlish voice I found completely adorable. Darker blue leggings hid her legs and a black pair of Mary Janes completed her adorable look. Her sapphire blue hair was long, right down to her hips, and the fringe was clipped back with a pair of scalchop clips.

"The Grass type, Snivy," Juniper continued and released the middle Pokémon.

This Snivy was male and quite good-looking. At about five-three, he was a little shorter than me but hot all the same. He wore a beige shirt underneath a green, short-sleeved jacket, which was held together by two gold chains across his lean chest. The collar of his jacket was yellow and long, leaning back until they reached his ears. Boyish features accented his grass green hair, which was tied back in a ponytail with shorter locks sticking up here and there, and those creamy brown eyes. His shoes were a pair of darker green trainers and his jeans were the same colour. He nodded at me in acknowledgement but said nothing and I noticed that he wore a dagger with a leaf-engraved handle on his hip.

"And finally, the Fire type, Tepig!" Juniper laughed and opened the third Pokeball.

I was sorely disappointed at the female Tepig that appeared. Female Tepig were still gorgeous but not my type. The Tepig wore black shorts with orange tights and black pumps, an orange T-shirt and had a little curly tail coming out of her shorts with a little bauble on the end. Her face was oval-shaped with amber eyes and a big smile. Her shaggy black hair was all over the place despite being in a short bob. "Omiarceus!" she gasped. "Are you new? Oh, please please please pick me!"

I smiled at the Tepig, a little uneasy, then looked at Juniper. "I don't know who to pick," I lied but she knew it wouldn't be either of the girls. Having sex with a female Pokémon did not interest me. Then again, maybe this Snivy wasn't as arrogant as my brother Darren's female one.

I pretended to look over them all again, appraising them equally. Oshawott was the cutest one I had seen in a long time. Tepig was very enthusiastic and acted almost desperate to be chosen. Snivy seemed like he wanted to be left alone and being bumped-into by Tepig and her non-stop jumping looked like it was grating on him.

"I'll pick-"

"Will you just stop jumping?" Snivy shouted at Tepig, his eyes flashing gold in the light. "All it ever is with you is jump jump jump when a new trainer comes to pick! No wonder they usually pick an Oshawott!"

I raised a brow when Tepig started crying, sitting on the ground and curling into a ball. She sobbed as if her world was ending. "Are you serious?" I said, mostly to myself.

"What's wrong?" Juniper asked.

I shook my head. "Nothing, Professor. As I was saying, I'll pick Snivy."

Snivy looked like he had just been slapped – a mixture of shock and pain. "What?" he said in that deep, dark voice I found myself automatically addicted to. Now there was a voice made for phone sex. "You're choosing me?"

I nodded. "Yep," I told him with a smile. "Don't worry. I've had experience raising Pokémon so you'll be safe with me."

"It's not my safety I'm worried about," he said, frowning at me. He looked at Juniper. "I think it's time to go."

Juniper nodded encouragingly. "I believe so, Snivy. Riley will take good care of you, though. Her parents taught her the basics of breeding Pokémon so she'll make sure you're always happy."

Snivy nodded. "I will make that assumption myself." He turned to me. "Well? Shouldn't an introduction be made?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm Riley McCabe," I answered. "I know you're a Snivy but you definitely need a name."

He raised a brow. "A name? Why would I need a name?"

"Professor, am I right in thinking a Pokémon needs a name to begin the first stages of bonding with its Trainer?" she asked.

Juniper nodded. "Of course it is! Make it a good one – Snivy is going to be stuck with it."

I smirked at the Snivy. "I think I'll call you Lorne."

"As in lawn?" he growled, glaring at me.

"No, as in green," I replied, trying not to smile at his behaviour. He was like a teenager and I had been through that with Darren. Hell on Earth. "Professor, do you think Lorne is a good name?"

"Yes," she smiled. "Lorne. It suits you, Snivy."

Lorne, my Snivy, nodded but didn't smile. Snivy and their evolved forms were arrogant at the best of times but they were also quite moody. "If it does, then I am Lorne," he said with a nod. "Well, Professor, this is goodbye."

Juniper gave Lorne a brief hug. "It's been a while, Lorne, but off you go into the big wide world." She turned to me and handed me Lorne's Pokeball. "Take this, this and these." She handed me a black Pokedex and a set of five Pokeballs. "You'll need them. I think you should view Lorne's data."

I nodded and pointed the Pokedex at Lorne.

'Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon. Snivy are arrogant and moody on their best days, however they are loyal and fierce protectors over their Trainers. A male Snivy is often coveted by Grass type collectors, as its semen is said to taste like mint and has healing properties. Snivy are extremely intelligent and fast Pokémon. They are famed for their speed and agility. The height of a Snivy is usually between four feet eight inches and five feet three inches tall until evolution at level seventeen. They have lean forms and carry a dagger that their mother makes for them at birth. They carry the dagger everywhere and often use it for powerful attacks such as Leaf Blade and Giga Drain but it is also used as a kind of tail to enable the use of attacks such as Dragon Tail. The Snivy Lorne knows the moves Tackle, Leer and Iron Tail. This Snivy has the average Snivy temperament but also has traits of compassion and bluntness. His attitude may come off as unapproachable but this Snivy is passionate and will show as such to his Trainer. Since Snivy are not all that affectionate, bonding with a Snivy is usually over in half of the average time as with any other Pokémon.'

I frowned at the Pokedex. "Professor, don't Snivy only learn Iron Tail through a Technical Machine?"

"Also through breeding," she replied. "Lorne is one of the very few Snivy we've had that were born knowing Iron Tail. It should be useful in your first Pokémon battle, too."

"Right," I grinned and palmed Lorne's Pokeball. "Let's-"

"No. Fucking. Way," Lorne said, spitting each word as if it was acidic. "I've spent way too long in that thing. I'm walking."

I shrugged and put the Pokeball back in my bum bag. "Okay, as long as you're cool with that. I'm not gonna carry you."

Juniper returned a wailing Tepig and a disappointed-looking Oshawott to their respective Pokeballs and gripped my shoulder. "Snivy can be difficult Pokémon to raise, Riley, so raising Lorne will be a challenge. Just don't give up, okay? I believe in you."

I nodded at her. "I like a challenge, Professor. It keeps life exciting."

"Yeah, right, enough with the mush," Lorne snapped, grabbing my arm. "Let's go, Trainer."

"Bye, Professor," I called.

"Have a good trip!" Juniper replied as Lorne dragged me out of the Lab.

I turned to Lorne as he folded his arms. "Right, we're headed to Accumula Town first, then to Striaiton City to challenge the Gym Leader there."

He nodded and followed behind me, silent as a Ghost type. I wondered if something had happened to Lorne when he was still a baby because he acted quite differently from Oshawott and Tepig.

On Route One, I turned to find Lorne had stopped and had his arms folded, those chocolate eyes glaring at me. "What's the matter?" I asked, going up to him. "Are you hungry?"

He shrugged. "Only a little but I can wait," he replied sternly. "All I want to know is when you're going to make a bond with me."

The bond! Oh, crap, I'd totally forgotten about having sex with Lorne to seal the Trainer-Pokémon bond! "Oops," I muttered. "Sorry. I forgot about that."

"Well?" he said, raising a brow. "When?"

"Um...It'll take us the rest of the day to walk the three miles to Accumula Town. We can bond in the Pokémon Centre."

"Not good enough," he snapped, shoving me against a tree on the side of the road. "It has to be within three hours of naming me, right?"

Those kissable lips were close to mine as he glared, practically hissing each word. I did what my body told me and leaned in to kiss him.

Lorne looked a little shocked when I pulled away quickly. "You kissed me," he said.

"Obviously," I told him, rolling my eyes. "It's affectionate."

He bit his lip and nodded. "Right." He leaned in and began kissing my neck with heat. His smooth tongue worked in time with his supple lips and nipping teeth, gently sucking but not hard enough to leave a bunch of love bites.

He paused to shove off my bag and jacket, cupping my breasts with large hands, pinching my nipples through my T-shirt and bra. He eased off the T-shirt and I unhooked the bra for him, since most guys seemed to have trouble with that so I didn't expect male Pokémon to be any different. He suckled on my nipples, swirling his tongue around the little nubs and sucking strongly. The bulge in his green jeans nudged my hip as he pressed closer, kneading my backside firmly with his strong hands.

'...His attitude may come off as unapproachable but this Snivy is passionate and will show as such to his Trainer...'

Now I knew what the Pokedex had been talking about. Lorne was nibbling his way down to my trousers, his hands trailing down the backs of my legs until he knelt before me, taking off my trainers and socks and throwing them in the general direction of my other stuff. He dragged down my combats and boyshorts in one tug and allowed me to step out of them. He nudged my legs apart and stroked my pussy as it practically dripped. Drawing his hand back, he examined the wet juice from my core and licked his fingers clean, a look of tenderness overcoming his normally stern expression.

He smirked and began to lick at me, sucking my clit tightly into his mouth, biting lightly. He worked two fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot. I was anything but a virgin and yet Lorne was making me feel like one again with his tender ministrations.

'...Since Snivy are not all that affectionate, bonding with a Snivy is usually over in half of the average time as with any other Pokémon...'

Even though the Pokedex had said Snivy were hardly affectionate Pokémon, I was surprised that Lorne was taking his time with my cunt, treating it as if it was the most precious jewel in the world.

He pulled away and kissed my clit before standing up, grabbing my waist and pinning me against the tree. He hitched my legs up so that my knees were over his bent arms, making me look like I was being bent in half. He already had his cock out – an average size for a young Pokémon and a decent shape, flushed slightly red at the thicker head. I wanted to know if his cum tasted like mint like the Pokedex had said.

He pushed into me slowly, a look of upmost concentration on his face as he watched himself slide into me. When he was fully sheathed, he kissed me deeply, stroking his tongue against mine as I tasted my own juices in his mouth. I pinched my nipples for him when we parted, smiling as seductively as possible.

He nipped my neck again, grinding his hips to mine. I moaned gently at the feel of him stroking me deep inside. He let out a little chuckle and thrust into me harder, quicker. He continued to kiss my neck, biting here and there as he shunted into my wet, hot pussy. He was an ample fit – it had been quite a long time since I last had sex – and stroked every part of me, his pelvis pressing into my clit in time with his thrusts. I kept moaning while he only let out a little grunt on each thrust.

He ramped up his speed as if he sensed I was close, his grunts getting slightly louder. I cried out as I came, gripping his shirt tight. He gave a low groan and I could tell he was close.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," I told him.

He withdrew from my cunt and allowed me to suck him. I ran my tongue around the head of him, his hands tangled in my hair. He bucked his hips a couple of times before groaning loudly, his thick cream filling up my mouth. The Pokedex was right – his cum tasted like mint, spearmint, fresh and strong at the same time. A little dribbled down my chin but I scooped it up with a finger into my mouth.

He smirked and zipped his jeans back up. "That was...fun," he said as if surprised.

I laughed. "Yes, it was," I agreed and got dressed. "Right, shall we head on?"

He shook his head. "I would suggest staying under the trees for a little while," he mused. "It feels like rain."

"There are trees on the sides of the road all the way there, Lorne," I laughed. "If it starts raining, we'll have shelter there."

He sighed but nodded in agreement. "Fine."

We walked side by side along the road towards Accumula Town. Although he was mostly silent, Lorne was quite good walking company even as he pretended to listen to me as I jabbered on. Three miles later and we were in Accumula Town.

"Hey, you!" called an unfamiliar girl, running over with a Pokémon at her side. "Wanna battle your Snivy with my pretty little Minccino?"

I looked at the Minccino. It had silvery-grey hair falling about in wild curls and a round, cute face. She wore a long, grey T-shirt with darker grey leggings and grey trainers. Her large, dark eyes were endearing and adorable. A fluffy grey tail poked out of the back of her leggings and a pair of large, round ears sat atop her head.

"Sure," I said. "How about it, Lorne?"

He nodded as the girl walked back a few pace. "A battle would be excellent," he said, smirking.

The Minccino shook his unoffered hand. "Hiya, I'm Kissy," she chirped happily, "and my Trainer is Bailey!"

"Lorne," he replied, "and my Trainer is Riley."

"Okay, Kissy," Bailey called. "Use Double Slap!"

I bit my lip and thought. "Lorne, dodge and use Tackle!" I called to him.

He moved like fluid lightning, a blur as he sped around Kissy and barrelled into her from behind, making the Minccino fall forwards into the earth. He jumped back from the attack, smirking.

"Wow," I mused. "You're really fast, Lorne."

"I know," he said with a smirk hovering close to conceited.

"Get up, Kissy!" Bailey called to her Minccino.

Kissy got up, albeit slowly. "Let's dance, punk!" she snarled at Lorne.

I grinned. "Use Tackle again!"

Lorne charged at Kissy.

"Kissy, Echo Voice!" Bailey ordered.

"Hear this, Snivy," Kissy shouted, but the voice was much louder and echoing, almost a roar that made me cover my ears. Lorne was on his knees, covering his head with his hands already. "Ha! Not so hard-ass now!"

I groaned through the pain in my ears. "Lorne, finish this with Iron Tail!" I shouted over the screaming.

He moved quickly and lightly on his feet, whipping out the dagger, which grew to be about three feet long. It glowed steel grey in the light and slammed down on Kissy's head harder than I would've thought possible.

I stared as Kissy wobbled and fell, the noise finally going silent as the Minccino fell to the ground unconscious. I grinned at Lorne. "We won!" I cheered as Bailey fretted over Kissy. "Nice shot with Iron Tail, Lorne."

He came to my side, throwing a disdainful glance over his shoulder at Kissy. "It was barely worth my time," he muttered.

I ignored him and went over to Bailey. "Hey, your Minccino is seriously cute!" I said to her, scratching Kissy's fluffy ears.

"Thanks," Bailey smiled. "I traded my Oshawott away for her. It was worth it!"

Lorne and I parted ways with Bailey and Kissy before making our way to the Pokémon Centre. He was silent, as usual, but something caught his attention when we entered the Pokémon Centre.

"What's up?" I asked gently.

He frowned. "I thought I saw a Pokémon I knew once," he said and walked ahead of me. "Come on then!"

I rolled my eyes and caught up with him, smiling. "You don't have to sleep in your Pokeball if you don't want to," I told him as we entered the room I had booked us into for the night. "I know you don't like it in there."

He nodded. "I wasn't going to sleep in it even if you shoved me in there."

"A simple thank-you would be nice," I said sarcastically.

He pouted at me. "Fine. Thank you."

"That's better," I teased, stroking his green locks. "You know, I have a thing for greenettes."

He smirked. "Good thing my hair is green then."

Good first chapter or not? As I said previously, a lot of the rules in this fic come from EspeonofShadows. BTW, this is FANfiction – not I've-just-created-a-new-character-for-the-company fiction. OCs are good because they show imagination and the fact I dislike the fact everyone calls Touko Hilda or White. I can do whatever I like with any character anyway.