yes, i slacked off from my kuro story and wrote this instead.. (the stupid idea wouldn't leave me alone =3=)

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All his life, Alfred F. Jones had been a normal boy leading a normal life.

That was, until he was kidnapped.

The twelve – going thirteen year old boy was home alone doing his homework while his parents were away. The sound that came from the kitchen just below his room made him curious to investigate. But he didn't know that people were waiting for his approach. A pair of hands clamped a cloth over his mouth and he drugged him unconscious before dragging him into a car and taking off.

And after who knows how long, he woke up, surrounded by many children about his own age in a dimly lit room.

"..Wha..?" he started sitting up, trying his hardest to fight the headache he was developing. "Where am I?"

No answer came from the other children. Instead, they merely stared at him with almost soulless eyes. Some whispered softly among themselves.

"O…kay.." Alfred glanced at his surroundings, trying to figure out where exactly was he. "So I'm unwanted here.."

"..Who are you?" A boy (who Alfred figured was their leader) came forward. He had bright emerald eyes and sandy blond hair. His hair was so messy and untamed that Alfred figured he'd probably never bothered to comb. Like the rest of the kids there, the boy wore tattered brown clothes. Alfred realized with a start that his clothing too, was swapped with rags.

"I'm Alfred." He answered. "Since you're here and talking to me, mind telling me what the heck's going on?"

Again, he did not receive an answer to his question. The boy merely studied him from head to toe (making him a little uncomfortable).

"What can you do?"

"What? What do you mean?"

The boy held his hand out, and the room suddenly seemed to brighten. On his palm, a ball of pure darkness slowly appeared.

"Your powers," he said. "Since you're here, you should be a special child."

"Now that sounds harsh."

He closed his fist and sighed. The ball dissipated and the room was dark as before. "I'm serious."

Something about his tone made Alfred think that he wasn't the first person he was talking these matters with.

Alfred shifted his weight. "So.. you're saying I have powers like some kind of superhero or something?"

"Everyone here does."

Alfred stared at his own hands, then back at the boy. "Then this must be a huge mistake."

"..Why so?"

"These powers, abilities – whatever you call them. I have none. I'm just a normal kid!"

The boy glanced away in thought, biting his lower lip. "That's impossible. They've never made a mistake."

"Well, they did this time!"

He averted his gaze back at him. "..We just need to wait and find out. If you're lucky.. then maybe.. they did make a mistake after all and let you go.."

He made maybe sound like no way in hell.

Alfred let out a huge sigh before asking out of the sudden;

"..What's your name?"

"..Arthur. Arthur Kirkland."

"Arthur.." he echoed. "Nice name."

Arthur only shrugged as response. Then suddenly, a boy who had been sitting at a corner let out a sneeze. "Excuse me."

Alfred looked at him with disbelief, before finally asking to no one in particular. "Did he just like, sneeze sparkles?" Arthur didn't look the least surprised.

"Apparently, yes, he did. Feli heals with those 'sparkles'."


"Yep! That's me!" the brunette piped up cheerfully – which, made him look odd among the sullen faces of the others.

"You're Italian?" Alfred asked, noticing the accent.

"Look around you." Arthur spoke up before the boy could reply. "We are from countries all over the world. They gathered us here because we are born special."

"Why.." the American mumbled. "..does this seem more and more like a movie coming to life?"

He got a curious stare from his companion. "..What is a movie?"

It was Alfred's turn to stare. "Wait.. you mean you don't know?"

Arthur furrowed his thick eyebrows. "If I recall correctly, I have heard of it sometime before.. but I can't say that I've actually seen an actual one."

"Whaat?" Alfred stood up, waving his hands frantically. "How can they do that?"

"They very well can." Arthur said darkly. "And they did."

"Then why don't you guys fight for freedom? Didn't you say that everyone here has powers?"

Dead silence hung in the air. Alfred glanced around, wondering if he said something he shouldn't have.

Arthur stood up and turned away. "What do you know? You just arrived here."

He started walking off, but Alfred grabbed his arm. "Wait!"

"Shut up and don't touch me!" Arthur yanked his arm from his grip and stormed off, leaving the American staring speechlessly.

Great. Just when Alfred thought he'd finally found a companion in there.

"Hey.. um.. Alfred, was it?"

He turned towards the source of the voice. Feli was gesturing him over. "Do you feel like talking for a moment?"

No. Actually I don't Alfred wanted to answer but he was confused enough. And alone. He needed someone.

So he trudged over and sat down next to the Italian. Up close, Alfred noticed many details he couldn't see from far under the dim light; the extra curl on his hair, for example. And also how thin and sickly he looked, as well as the bruises he had on his exposed arms and legs.

"..Please don't be mad at Artie for his behavior.." Feli spoke up before Alfred could even think of what to say.

"What's his problem anyway?" the blonde asked, pouting slightly. Feli sighed.

"You see, breaking out of here is a sensitive issue for him." He explained. "Artie had been here all his life ever since he was an infant. His parents sold him to the very same people who captured us as soon as he proved his powers. Artie came with his elder brother who had almost similar powers. When they grew older, they made an escape plan together."

"..And it failed?" Alfred guessed. The Italian nodded sadly.

"Not only did it failed. Artie's brother took responsibility when they were captured and he was sentenced to a death penalty. Ever since then, Artie had been different – or so I heard. He'd tried many many times to escape, but all in vain. Eventually, he completely gave up."

"If I may ask, why is it so hard to get outta here when you all have these cool powers?"

Feli chuckled softly. "Do you think we're the only ones who have powers here?" He held up a finger and a small ball of green light appeared at the tip. He then brought the finger towards the wall behind him. A centimeter before he touched it, the ball disappeared.

"..Do you understand now?"

Very slowly, it all sank in; why hadn't they been able to use their powers to break free.

"The walls nullify powers." Alfred said. "And just to change the subject, how do you guys even do that? The ball thing, I mean."

The Italian smiled. "Practice."

"Oh.." Alfred mentally face-palmed. Of course that needed practice. "Hey, now that I thought of it, wouldn't our parents be finding for us like mad?"

"What do you think?"

The blonde thought for a moment before focusing back on the Italian. "Mad." He decided. "But they can't find us, can't they?"

Feli shook his head. "I've been here for almost two years now, and well.. I'm still here. I'm quite sure that this place is shrouded with some kind of invisibility veil to keep people from finding us.."

"…" So many things swirled in Alfred's mind. One moment he was living a normal life, free to do whatever he wanted, to go wherever he wanted. Another he was captured, kept in a place that cannot be found and told he had powers. It seemed so cool in movies, getting to know you have superpowers and such and getting to train to control them properly. But now that it's happening to him, Alfred couldn't help but feel terrified.

He was deep in thought until a series of violent coughs brought him back to reality. Feli was doubled over, holding a hand over his mouth.

"Dude! Are you okay?" It took Alfred a second to register that he was sick. He quickly stumbled over and soothed his back in attempt to ease the coughing. The Italian boy raised a hand.

"..I'm.. fine.."

"You are so not fine!" Alfred almost yelled. "You've got blood on your hands."

Feli looked at his stained palms and smiled. "This is nothing much. Really, I'm fine."

"Didn't Arthur say that your powers were to heal? Why don't you heal yourself? You might die if this goes on."

"I won't die." The brunette turned away. "Besides, my powers don't work on myself."

Before Alfred could ask another question, he spoke up again. "Do you have any siblings, Alfred?"

"Huh?" What's with the sudden question? He thought. "Uh.. yeah. I have a younger brother back home.."

"I see.."


"Me? I also have a fratello."

"Fratello?" Alfred sucked in Italian, and he was making it pretty obvious.



In the once again rising silence, Alfred absent-mindedly took his glasses off and polished them with the end of his shirt, ignoring the crack on the left lens. Feli noticed it and spoke up.

"Do you want that fixed?"

Before Alfred could reply, the Italian called a boy from across the room. The boy was Asian, with short black hair and deep brown eyes.

"Alfred, Kiku. Kiku, Alfred." Feli did the introduction. The Japanese boy nodded towards his new companion.

"Uh.. hi.." Alfred hated awkward intros.

"Can you fix his glasses, Kiku?" Feli asked the boy. Alfred held his specs out. Kiku took and inspected it before nodding. He was so silent, Alfred was beginning to wonder if he's mute.

The Asian traced his finger over the crack and at his touch, it disappeared. He returned it to Alfred.

"Thanks.." Alfred slipped them back on.

"..You're welcome." Kiku's sudden usage of vocal chords surprised him.

"Anyway, Kiku can fix or make anything as long as it's an inanimate object." Feli explained. "Isn't that great?"

"Awesome." Alfred mumbled.

"..What are your powers Alfred-san?" Kiku asked, once again startling the blond boy. Alfred sighed as soon as he recovered.

"That's the problem. I don't know. I'm not even sure I have such a thing."

"Didn't you get any signs?"


"Like something weird that happened in your life. Something that cannot be logically explained."

Alfred thought back. There was this once when during a power outage when the whole house was pitch dark – except for his room, which, didn't even have an emergency light. His parents figured it had something to do with circuit connection haywire or something. Alfred never bothered to keep that in mind until now. Maybe that had a connection with his powers. Maybe not.

"..I don't think so.." he lied. "I can't really remember anyhow."

Kiku gave him a look that either meant "I pity you" or "You lucky bastard". Alfred couldn't' tell.


Again, before he could say anything, he was cut off. The door slammed opened and a big muscular man stepped in. He must've been really confident with his own strength as he wore no armor when facing a group of adolescents with special abilities. He stepped in and stopped right in front of Alfred – who, was trying his best not to look too afraid.

"So you're that new brat huh?" the man said, baring his teeth in a sneer. "I don't suppose you thought that you would get special treatment or any shit like that did'cha?"

He didn't wait for an answer. He turned to the rest of the group and roared;

"Get moving midgets! It's your turn to work!"

Everyone started standing up and making their way towards the door like it was a daily routine. Having no idea what to do, Alfred followed them.

On their way to wherever they were heading, Alfred saw another group of kids. There were about twenty of them, the oldest barely at the age of fourteen. They were heading to the opposite direction where they came from. Alfred realized that they were from another batch of super-powered kids.

Meanwhile, Alfred's group was lead to what seemed to be a mining area. Every adolescent took their places as men shackled their hands and feet before handing them each a rusty sickle or spade. Being a newcomer, Alfred was dead last… next to Arthur, that is.

He stared at the pile in front of the boy. Unlike the rest of them, Arthur's pile of rocks and stones was huge. Also, he wasn't handed any tools. Instead, he had a wheelbarrow.

Alfred soon realized that Arthur was doing one of the hardest task among them. He was to carry heavy barrows of coals and whatnot to the next station god-knows how far away.

And he was doing it all by himself. Alone.

"..That's his punishment.."

Alfred turned towards Feli on his right. His bubbly expression was now as gloomy as the rest of them. His dust stained face was streaked with semi-dried tears.

"Feli…" he blinked. "Why are you-"

Then it hit him. That other batch of kids. Among them was a boy who looked very much like the Italian. That must be it. Feli's brother was also there – and there was no way he could talk to him.

They were so close together, yet so very far apart.

And that was when Alfred made up his mind.

Powers or not, he was going to get them out of there. Arthur, Feli, Kiku.. all of them. But for that, he needed everyone's help.

It was time for him to know his companions better.