Celes - Dramatis Personae
A Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan) fanfic production
by ff6rukes@juno.com

Intor: When I was palying the game and first met Celes I felt something from her, so I ahd to write this, hope you enjoy it

Celes reposed on her bed holding her chest area with one of her hands. "My heart won't go on," she sang, reminiscing about the events that occurred not too long ago. Recently, Umaro punched her in the chest region and ripped out her heart a la Kano's fatality and gave it to Locke, so Locke fell in love with Umaro instead. "Umaro, I choose you!" were his exclamatory words.

She decided to commit suicide by jumping off the Eiffel tower but that was not there so instead she jumped off the stage of an Eiffel 65 concert and moshed.

But then Sephiroth and the cast of FF8 makes an appearance, surprising Celes. "Nani?!?!?" she said in a confused manner, because she apparently knew these guys. Sephiroth stabs Rinoa for no reason and she dies. It was in the heart that he stabbed her, and Celes had sympathy for the other heart-destroyed victim. So she threw Rinoa's corpse off the stage of the Eiffel 65 concert.

Sephiroth goes back to FF7 through a magical portal that magically appears out of nowhere and accidentally takes some random mosher with him by accident. Afterwards, Squall gets a sex change and becomes a prostitute named Poison.

Squall was happy to please the pimpdaddies.

the end