I'm already gone

Sam Winchester smiled as the love of his life leaned back and laughed at a comment he had just made. He couldn't believe he was lucky enough to find a girl like Jessica. She catches Sam staring and gives him a funny look.

"Do I have food on my mouth?" Jessica asked as she raised her napkin to her mouth.

"No," Sam said chuckling "it's just that I love the sound of your laugh" Jessica blushed and Sam leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Sam asked as they stood from the table and headed towards the restaurants exit. Jessica smiled and grabbed his hand and interlaced their fingers together.

"More than life it"Jessica replied"and I don't mind hearing it every time you say it."

"That's good because I never get tired of saying something that's the truth" Sam said smiling, he had never thought he would be as happy as he was now. Though he missed his dad and Dean, he didn't regret the relationship he had with Jessica.

Sam frowned as he thought about brother; Dean hadn't called in a month, whereas he used to call every day. Sam hoped with all his being that Dean was safe and most of important of all, still alive. He couldn't bear it if something happened to Dean and he wasn't around to help.

"What's wrong Sam?" Jessica asked noting the troubled look on her lovers face.

"Nothing that can't be dealt with later" Sam said pushing his morbid thoughts to the back of his head. He still hadn't told her a whole lot about his family, he never intended too. Someone so innocent didn't need to know about what his family did for a living.

"Are you positive?" Jessica asked suspiciously, she knew he was lying but figured he would tell her whenever he felt like it.

"Of course I am" Sam insisted "the only thing on my mind is the LSATS" he smiled at the concerned look on Jessica's face. It was like her to get worried about him over the simplest things. She smiled back at him and took her thumb and rubbed the back of his hand.

"You will blow everyone away, with the LSATS; you don't have anything to worry about." She stated confidently. She firmly believed the truth in her statement. Sam was the smartest person she ever knew, so it only goes that he would do well.

Upon reaching the car, Sam unlocked the car then opened the door for Jessica to get in. Before closing the door, Sam leaned down and pressed another kiss to Jessica's lips.

As he straightened a sudden bolt of pure agony struck through his head and he was knocked to his knees by the intensity of the pain. He moaned, grasping at his head with his hands, and then throwing up violently all over the sidewalk. He was in so much pain he didn't hear Jessica climb back out of the car and kneel beside him.

"Sam," her gentle voice prodded "is it another migraine." Sam was barely able to nod, the movement sending violent pain coursing through him. He had been getting these headaches for a few months now, he figured it was from stress. Now he wasn't so sure.

Jessica lightly brushed the hair away from his eyes as Sam threw up once more.

"Poor baby," She murmured she hated seeing Sam like this, she wondered if she could convince Sam to go to the hospital now. There was something about these headaches that were not normal.

"Maybe you ought to go to the hospital now?" Jessica mentioned even though it seemed the migraine was starting to loosen its grip on Sam now.

"No," Sam murmured softly, struggling to get back to his feet. "It's just stress, I don't need a hospital."

"You don't have that much to stress this bad over" Jessica pointed out, pointing out the flaw in his point.

"Trust me," Sam said "I will always find something to stress about." Sam made his way back to the car.

"Do you think you can drive?, my head is still hurting me,"

"Of course I can, I'll take you home and then I can have Brady run me home" Jessica said as she moved over to the driver's seat. Whatever was going on with Sam she hoped it got straightened out shortly. She didn't like to see Sam in pain.

Ten minutes later they were back at Sam's apartment, and Sam was glad he felt like he was going to be sick again and he didn't want to get sick in front of Jess.

"Do you need help?" Jessica asked softly while watching Sam stumble out of the car.

"I'll be okay, just need to get some rest" Sam replied as he gently gave Jessica a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

Once in his room, Sam watched as Brady left to take Jessica home. He wished he could have been the one to take her home. He hated the night had turned out like this but with Winchester luck he should have figured this is how it ended. He sighed Winchester luck seemed to always get the best of him, no matter where he was. While he was sitting there contemplating his bad luck, his head gave another horrendously painful throb, that sent him running to the bathroom.

Moaning as he threw up into the toilet, he wondered if Jessica wasn't right about it being the time to go to the hospital. He moaned and continued to heave until it felt like he was spewing out his insides.

Finally finished, Sam stood; weakly he reached out and pressed his hand against the wall for support. This was starting to really annoy him, he hated being sick with a passion. Just as he started to head back to the living room, his head gave another throb but this time Sam's world went black, as he collapsed from the sheer agony.



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