I'm already gone

Chapter 26

"Well, Balls" Bobby muttered staring at the unconscious Winchester. He was really starting to believe in the Winchester luck theory the boys have been spouting for years. This was exactly what they needed while they were on the run.

"Balls" he mutters again as he looked at the younger Winchester sprawled out in the backseat. "At least he's not so bad anymore; he can probably make it out on his own he tries." Sighing, Bobby took his ball cap off and scratched his head, these boys always brought problems with them, but he wouldn't have it any other way. After all who else could he practically call sons, god, knows he would do anything possible for them, including breaking them out of a hospital, where they both clearly needed to stay.

"One problem at a time" Bobby says leaning over Dean to unbuckle his seatbelt. "You're going to pay for this, no telling what it'll do to my back." Bobby hauled Dean up, and half carried half dragged the limp body into the hotel room. Laying him down on the bed, Bobby checked to make sure Dean's fever wasn't too high before he turned and went to help Sam.

He hoped to hell, the boy's would be able to get out of the current mess they were in. he also hoped they could find John before he was killed, he didn't know what the boys would do if they lost their father. They both loved him in their own, even Sam, who tried to get away from hunting but not necessarily away from his family. It was John and Dean who decided to cut all contact with him. Boy things sure had changed, he never would have thought Dean would have abandoned Sam the way he did. He still couldn't believe Sam had, had terminal brain cancer either, and then when things had gotten rather bad, it had just disappeared. It would seem the Winchesters had a certain amount of good luck to go along with the bad.

Life just had a way of sucking, and lately it's been doing just that with Dean and Sam, but Bobby knew neither man would have it any other way. They seemed to thrive in the midst of trouble, Dean especially. In his own way Bobby wished the boys didn't have to live this kind of lifestyle, god knows how physically damaging it could be. Anyone who knew anything about hunting knew it could very easily destroy you and in Bobby's opinion, it had destroyed John, just not in the physical sense, not yet anyways. Who knows where he was now, he hoped John could keep it together until they got there, unless of course, he was already dead. As much as he had disagreed with how John had raised his boys, Bobby hoped that things would turn out well, Dean and even Sam, as much as he would disagree, still needed John.

Bobby sighed and walked to the car, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. He knew he had left the car door open, because he would be coming straight out to help Sam get in the room. But when he leaned inside the passenger side of the car, Sam wasn't to be found, the only thing that remained in his place was a small pool of blood in the seat. It had been possible Sam had busted his stitches of course, but it didn't explain why Sam wasn't here or in the room.

"Balls" Bobby grumbled he was getting too old for this. He hoped the freak of nature hadn't caught up with them and had taken Sam while he was getting Dean taken care of. He didn't know what else it could have been though, cause, Sam sure as hell wasn't in the room.

"There was only a slight chance he could have gotten out on his own, so where did he go." Stepping back away from the car, he shut the door and just happened to glance down at the ground. There was more blood, and it was leading away from the car towards the wooded area behind the motel.

"Where the hell is he going?" Bobby wondered "or is Sam's own two feet taking him?" Dean was not going to be happy about this. Never was when Sam just up and disappears.

"Those idjits are going to be the death of me" Bobby said as he followed the small trail of blood. He hoped Dean would be okay as long enough for Bobby to find Sam. Bobby followed the trail of blood to the edge of the woods, but that's where he lost it. It was like Sam had either stopped bleeding or he was picked up and taken away. Somebody didn't want him to find Sam.

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