Love Was Predestined
written by SephirothLockhart99 ([email protected])

***********====---------=====*************** like my ddividing line???

Auron and Rikku and eveyone else were playing bliztball together against Wakka and his well prpeared team of blitz ball players but were losing badly. "Wev'e got to make a comeback!" Auron said strongly. Rikku said "Yeah!" in an excited manner.

But then Wakka said to Auron "your shoelaces are untied" and he laughed because it was atrick, and Wakka suddenly used this trick to his advantage as he scored the winning point.

"Aww that sucks" said Rikku saddingly. She was disappoined because she was hoping that today would be there day at winning blitz ball, but AUron went up to her and comforted her. "i got candy in my white van to cheer you up," he said.

Auron liked that Rikku said "sucks" earlier and it turned him on and made the crotch area of his pants extend a bit, and it embarrassed him. He dtired to cover it up so Rikku wouldn't notice but she did and said "what's that??"

He said "Its my car. I park it in mommy's garage", laughing.

Rikku got even more curious and asked, "What is mommy's garage", she asked, with a curious expression on her face.

He laughed and said "her vagina" and they both laughed together. The end


this was my first fanfic ever
also Ive never played this game before but it is FInal Fantsy so I bet its really kewl!!!