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Three weeks later…

Gibbs was bored; he had been in the hospital for three weeks with his leg in a cast and up higher than his head.

Gibbs smiled when Kate came in to visit him. She had been released a couple of days ago with a broken leg and walked around on crutches.

"How you feeling?" She asked as she hobbled over.

"Fine" Gibbs grumbled "How are you?"

"I'm on crutches until further notice and Ari's helping a lot" Kate said with a smile "When do you think you will be released?"

"I don't know, but I can't take much more of this" Gibbs said pushing away the tray of hospital food.

"Oh come on its not that bad" Kate said picking up the pot of jelly and taking a spoon full.

"No it's really bad" Gibbs said smiling at the disgusted face Kate pulled before spitting out the jelly in the bin.

The partners caught up for a while before Kate decided it was time to leave. "I'll come visit soon" Kate said before slowly but surely making it out of the room and meeting Ari who passed Gibbs's room.

"Ready to go" he asked supporting her.

"Yup" Kate said before kissing him on the cheek and they walked out.

Half an hour after Kate had left he heard the familiar sound of high heels walking to the room. He smiled when his favourite redhead entered the room.

"I brought you some visitors" Jenny said with a smile standing in the doorway.

"Really" Gibbs said with a grin which grew bigger when Tony and some of his classmates came running through the door and over to him. "Hey guys" Gibbs said with a smile.

Abby hugged Gibbs tight and he hugged her back. "We've missed you Mr Gibbs" Abby said with a smile.

"We made this for you" Tim said handing him a handmade get well soon card from the whole class.

"These are from our parents" Ziva said pointing to the bunch of flowers that Jimmy was holding.

Jenny walked over and took them off of the young boy and put them on a cabinet next to Gibb's bed.

After a while of the children telling Gibbs all that he had missed and Abby showed him a gap were her tooth had been when he had last seen her.

The other kids crowded around Abby and were looking at the gap were her tooth once was and a new one grew.

Jenny noticed the children were occupied and stood closer to her lover. "Have I said Hello yet" She asked and he shook his head jenny smiled before kissing him lovingly on the lips which he depend. "Hello" Jenny said once they broke apart feeling a little bit light headed as lack of breath.

"Hey" he said smiling.

"Tony don't touch that" Jenny scolded the little boy who was about to push a button that would move Gibbs's bed.

Tony gave her an innocent smile before joining the other children in their discussion about how many teeth they have lost.

Jenny soon realised that she should get the children back to their parents. "By Mr Gibbs" they all said before leaving.

"I'll come visit tomorrow" Jenny said giving him a kiss.

"I'll be here it's not like I have a choice" Gibbs said with a sigh.

"You're not getting out of this hospital before you are better" Jenny said and he just nodded.

Jenny grabbed Tony's hand and walked out of the room. What Gibbs heard made him smile and his heart swell a little.

"Can I come with you to visit dad tomorrow" Tony asked referring to Gibbs as his father.

Jenny smiled before saying "Sure as long as you don't try and play with his bed again"

"Deal" He heard Tony say before Jenny laughed.

The end…

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I'm thinking of a new story. Based on a film again. It will be based on you've got mail and shop around the corner. Gibbs gets a computer and joins a chat room and gets talking to a woman by the name firefly. He then founds out who the women is and tries to make her fall in love with him as him and not his screen name. What do you think?