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Welcome to the Quiet Storm sequel "Weather the Storm".

Two years have passed since the epilogue; Do Bella and Edward still have what it takes to weather the storm?

Chapter One: In like Flynn

My father threw his head back and laughed. "That Sonny..." He shook his head. "He's so much like you...that little smart-ass."

I smiled too. "He is."

"He's looking more and more like Isabella. Handsome boy. And he's getting so tall too. When I saw him Sunday, I swore he grew another inch or five. My God..."

"Have you seen Damion?" I chuckled. "He's like a mini me." I pointed to myself. "Has his mother's eyes, though."

"This weekend, I'm going to take Lizzie upstate. There's a small town near Norwich. It's a ski town." He waved a hand. "Jackie, the nanny, is coming too, so they'll be looked after. I wanted to know if I could take Sonny and Damion along. We don't get to hang out." He frowned. "I'm getting old. I won't be around forever, and I want them to know their grandpa."

I nodded. "I'll talk to Bella about it." I shrugged. "Every weekend it's something." I half lied. I know Bella won't allow them to go. Maybe if they were staying local, but she won't go for the boys traveling hours away and spending the night away from home.

My father's face didn't change. Over the years, he's made a complete turnaround. He went from being completely self-involved to an outgoing family man. It's all about Lizzie, Carlisle, me, and let's not forget his grandchildren. Since Nanny is still living at the retirement community, he brought Sunday dinners back. We all meet up at his house and have a nice meal, including Nanny.

We pick her up and bring her with us. The kids run around and destroy his house. Damion manages to break something every time we go over there, but Grandpa takes it in stride. Bella always drinks too much wine. I always eat too much. We have the greatest conversations. We laugh so much we get headaches, and it's pretty awesome. I never thought I'd get closer to the man, but, little by little, our relationship is getting better. Not to mention, that the family togetherness is very heartwarming. It's also a tradition I hope continues for years to come.

I see my father for work purposes. He's always been my father, that's an unchangeable truth, yet lately he's the "dad" I never really had. He tries. I'll be honest; I'm a hard shell to crack. I keep waiting for him to meet some broad and go back to his old ways. So, even if we've gotten closer, I won't allow myself to open up too much.

"Well, we were going to head up tomorrow after school, and come home Sunday morning. Dinner is still on." He stood from his chair, and then looked back to me. "I'm ordering out, though." He placed his finger to his lips. "But if anyone asks..."

"You cooked it," I laughed. "Anton giving you a ride home?" I asked.

Dad nodded. "He's probably elbow deep in one of the girls." He jerked a thumb. "He's a good kid, a little stunad, but a good kid."

"And what about you?" I asked. "Lexi has been gone for a while...ever think about dating again?"

He shook his head no. "We're so busy at the firm. I simply don't have the time. All my extra time is spent with Lizzie...my family."

I nodded. After my trial, my father's law firm became very popular. People from all over, that can afford it, come to seek counsel from them.

"Remember that, Edward. You should learn from my mistakes. There's nothing, nothing, more important than family."

I nodded. "I know that. Even if I didn't, Bella would never let me get away with...not being there."

"I'm the happiest I have ever been." He smiled. "I love you, Edward." He widened his arms.

I grinned and rose to hug him. "Don't work too hard." I patted his back.

He sighed, and then let himself out of my office. I turned to take my seat behind the desk.

It looked as though no one else was going to stop by, so I unbuttoned my shirt. The bench and weight set is something I placed in my office as a means to stay diesel and help pass the time.

I felt it was a little too early to go home just yet—that, and I was wired. I've been shying away from the alcohol lately. And let me just say, that when you're in my business, having one cocktail or five comes in handy.

I listen to bullshit. I problem solve, only to go home and do the exact same fucking thing.

When did life become this predictable?

As I lay back on the bench, I shook that thought away. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. My chosen profession used to be exciting, and now, not so much.

Okay, so it's not exciting, and yet it still remains unpredictable.

It's always the same shit.

Life is anything but predictable within this thing of ours, and life at home is just as surprising—the fuckery with the kids and whatever bullshit Bella is going on about at the time—it all keeps me on my toes.

I'm constantly surprised by the inanity of certain things, but work is fucking boring as hell.

I blew out a breath, lifted the bar in my hands, and started my first set. I focused on the music filtering in from the club and cleared my mind. The first set went by quickly and by the third, I started to feel that familiar burn in my arms—the one that lets me know it's time to stop.

I didn't stop. I kept going, pushing the weights away from my chest forty more times, until I eventually had to place them down.

With my chest heaving and the sweat pouring off of me, I sat up to wipe my forehead with my undershirt. Then I stood up to laugh at myself when I gazed at myself in the mirror.

When I came home from prison, people were under the assumption that I had started taking steroids. That couldn't be further from the truth, but I was one built motherfucker now, rivaling my brother in-law in the muscle department.

Just as I grabbed my shirt from my chair, there was a knock. I reached to press the intercom button. "Come in," I said, and with my free hand grabbed for my Glock.

Debbie—one of the dancers—came in to gawk at me. "S-sorry to disturb you."

I'd be lying if I didn't get a kick out of the eye-fuck. I placed my shirt on quickly. "It's cool. What's up?" I started to close the shirt as I took a seat.

"Um…Liam isn't here, so…" She stood in front of my desk, fully clothed, when she should be on the floor, naked. I bet her shift started a while ago, too. It wasn't that early, unless she doesn't work tonight. I don't fucking know. I was thankful that she was clothed, because it would have been weird if she weren't. I'm not as used to being around naked women within an enclosed space anymore.

I nodded. "You can talk to Jim. He's out on the floor." I pointed to the door.

The nervous brunette in front of me nodded. "I know that," she whispered. "I can't speak to Jim or Liam." She met my stare.

I groaned under my breath. Some of the newer girls don't know that, even though I own the club, I haven't been a part of management decisions in a long time. I do take part, so that's a lie. But it's usually serious issues regarding money, and I rarely ever speak to any of the dancers—ever. Most of them know who I am—what I really do. Hell, most of the patrons do too. Ever since my trial, the media has been on my ass. It's been pretty quiet lately, but that didn't stop them from plastering my face all over the papers and the news while I was a good story. I am the "alleged" boss—or what they love to call me, "Don"—of the Cullen crime family.

After Marcus was dead about a year, no one even uttered the name Misone anymore.

So, I kind of get why this chick is so nervous. I'm a criminal, she knows or thinks I am a criminal, and we're alone in my office. Damn. I should be nice.

"How can I help you?" I gestured to the seat in front of me.

She took a seat and placed her joined hands on her knee. "I—I come to you with a heavy heart."

I raised a brow. "Excuse me?"

She blew out a breath. "Even if I dance nude for a living, I didn't sign up to be groped by my fellow employees." She leaned toward me and didn't seem as nervous as she was.

I pursed my lips. "How long have you been working here?" I asked.

"Two weeks, sir." Her eyes scanned my desk, and I was able to stop her hand from picking up a framed picture of my family.

"Don't touch that." I held her wrist and flicked it away from the picture.

"Sorry. That was rude. Just like I don't like to be touched, I bet you don't want your stuff touched…It's kind of the same thing…I'm sorry." She palmed her face.

I nodded. "So…you're telling me that you want to file a harassment claim?" I pretended to open my desk drawer and take out a piece of paper from a folder. Truthfully, it was an old invoice, but she couldn't see it. "Can you recall the encounter?" I asked with my pen ready. "Sexual harassment should be taken seriously, whether or not you shake your…for a living." I gave her a tight-lipped smile.

She gave me a wide smile. "But…what if it gets worse before it gets better?" She tilted her head and stared at my chest. On instinct, I looked down to see what she saw. The end of my tattoo was sticking out. Bella's name is hard to miss, and so are my kids' names. It practically covers my entire chest now—the loves of my life.

I groaned as I rocked back in the chair. "I'll make sure it gets taken care of. I will speak to Liam and Jim personally. Plus, even if no lawyer will take you seriously—you know, being a stripper and yet you complain of touching—" I waved a hand, "I take this shit seriously." My fist landed with a loud thump for dramatic effect. "Debbie…It's Debbie, right?" I asked.

"Debra." She blushed. "Only my friends call me Debbie, but you can…call me Debbie too." She rushed out.

I nodded. "Debra…I assure you that I will take care of this matter."

She nodded.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Your office is nice. You have a whole gym here—" She craned her neck and took a look around. "I always wondered what you did back here." She stood up and walked around my desk. "Thank you." She put out her hand.

I waved mine, like it wasn't necessary, and then gestured to the door. "You're on tonight, right? I think you should…get to it." I placed the papers and folder back into my desk.

"The, um, the girls are nice here. You're a great boss, too, to care so much…" She trailed off.

I turned to her with a raised brow. "I have shit to do and so do you." I stood up to walk around her, but she stopped me.

"I like this shirt." She ran her hand down my buttons. "The green matches your eyes."

I grinned. "My wife just bought this for me," I winked, "because it matches my eyes…And…I think you should keep your hands to yourself. Isn't that what you were just upset about?" I sidestepped her and opened the door for her. "Make money!" I faked enthusiasm and punched the air.

She frowned, looking flustered, and then rapidly left my office.

I rolled my eyes and slammed the door closed.

I finished closing my shirt, grabbed my jacket and all my shit—especially my money—and then I left my office. It was about that time, and I had asked Aro to pick me up at one a.m.

Lou—Aro's cousin and my new driver—had a date tonight or some shit. Aro offered to help Lou out because he's nice like that. I honestly don't give a fuck who drives me home. I can take care of myself, but since two crazy fuckers are better than one, and I can be considered a moving target, a driver is a must.

Before I left for the night, I pulled Jim over to the side. I inquired about Liam, wondering if he was going to make an appearance tonight. Jim informed me that Liam has been getting shit from his wife Suzanne, and so they went out tonight.

I didn't care about all that. Then I told him to keep an eye on that Debbie, and to keep his hands off. I haven't worried about having a Fed in my spot for a good three years and, to be honest, Debra didn't fit the profile. Well, she did because I could see that she had some agenda with that touching me shit. Whether she wants to fuck me or put me behind bars is irrelevant. She has to go; however, she's not the only female that may want to fuck me.

Ever since I was released from the can, women flock to me. I don't know what it is about me or why they do. Bella sees it all the time and hates it.

She has actually accused me of fucking around a few times in the past. Not now, though. Granted, she was eight months pregnant at the time. A year ago, she was pregnant with our most recent child, miserable, and I wasn't trying to fuck her.

Big mistake.

I guess I shouldn't deviate from past behaviors, even if she threatens to cut my shit off if it goes near her. I took her threat to heart and left her the fuck alone, and then I was accused of sleeping around.

Anyway, Debra was nervous and kind of reminded me of Gail.

Now there's a blast from the past. I haven't thought about that chick in years.

I highly doubted the Feds would make that same mistake again—sending a rookie in undercover, especially since I've figured out every-single-fucking-plant they've had.

Regardless, just because she doesn't fit the profile doesn't mean a goddamn thing.

When I told Jim to watch her, it meant that he should watch every move she makes. And in doing so, he may pick up on something she shouldn't be doing. Then Liam can fire her with cause.

I don't like being needlessly bothered.

"You ready?" Aro slapped his hand down on my shoulder. I was now sitting at the bar, sipping a soda.

I nodded. "Did you take care of that thing last night?" I asked him. He called me earlier and said he had; I wanted the details.

"I did." He didn't say anything more and turned for the door.

I followed, said goodbye to Momo by the door, and then hopped into Aro's Range Rover. "How'd you do it?" I asked as I clicked my seatbelt in place.

Aro looked in the rear-view mirror before turning to look at me. "He was at his ho's house. She had to go, too." He put the car in drive and took off.

I smirked. "How?"

Ever since I have been delegating a lot more—acting like half a pussy—I like hearing about the untimely deaths that I set up. I can't take part in anything it seems, and that has me going out of my fucking mind. I'm trying to be extra careful.

He frowned. "Me and Caius snuck into the house. Unfortunately, fuck-face was in the kitchen—where we broke in—and started throwing knives," he laughed. "I got hit with a spoon, right here." He turned to point at his left eyebrow.

I laughed too. "Nice. How'd C-bag make out?"

Aro chuckled. "He got a ladle—is that what the fuck they're called? You know, scoop the gravy…" He made like he was scooping gravy.

"Says the douche who owns two restaurants." I looked out the window.

"I manage—eat. I don't work in the kitchen. That's all Lau. Anyway, C-bag got hit right in the face. Utensils were coming at us fast. That bitch started screaming, and…I had to shut her up first. I kind of panicked when she reached for the phone. It was sloppy and not thought out." He looked to me.

I smirked. "I bet you guys did great, though," I said.

He grinned back at me. "We made sure that chick disappeared."

"And Angelo?" I asked.

"We left him in the dumpster by John's warehouse in Newark."

"Awesome," I said.

"What?" he laughed. "Not awesome. I was kidding—just wanted to see your reaction."

I frowned. "So then what'd you do?" I asked.

"They both disappeared. Angelo is gone, and John has no idea who did his guy."

"Angelo iced Steve. I think it's fair to say that John will know we're striking back," I groaned. "You should have left my fucking business card in that fuck's pocket."

"You want John to know?" Aro asked.

I shrugged. "Aro…"

"What's up?" he asked.

I shook my head and looked back out the window.

"Skip, it's me," he whispered.

I sucked my teeth and threw my heard back. "Are you as fucking bored as I am? Honestly…Lau, the kids, the restaurant, the being home and…" I stopped talking when he scratched his nose with his thumb. He does that when he agrees and doesn't want to agree. Believe it or not, there's a difference and I knew, because I could definitely relate.

"Frankie De called me—from L.A.?" Aro asked. "Wanted to know if we could go out there."

I raised a brow. "Really?"

"He didn't say you specifically. He wants to set some shit up—asked about me and Jazz."

I nodded. "After more than ten years, I still get my money, and I don't have to do anything," I said to myself.

"I mean…me and you could go." He looked to me. "I'm sure he'd love to see you." Aro smiled.

I smiled back. "And Vegas is a hop, skip, and a motherfucking jump from L.A.—well, a short plane ride." I clapped and felt giddy, and then we both fell silent.

I calmed down, pursing my lips while I stared at the scenery whizzing by.

"Lau will chop my balls off—leaving her with three kids to go out to Vegas," Aro murmured.

"Come on," I said.

"What 'come on' shit are you talking about? MC would borrow Lau's paring knife and cut your fuckin' shit off too." He chuckled.

"Ladle you don't know, but fucking paring knife—" I waved my hand. "We're going to L.A. for business." I shook my head. "You're right," I admitted.

We both fell silent again and actually didn't speak until we pulled up to the curb in front of my house.

"Damion still sick?" Aro asked.

I shook my head no. "He just has the sniffles now. That was some fucking cold—I'm telling you. Shit knocked me the fuck out for a week, and Dame is good to go after three days. But of course, he got Daddy sick first." I chuckled.

"That shit was over at my crib too. I kid you not. Your kid got my kid—"

"Hell, no!" I shouted. "Your kid got my kid sick. Don't get me started on Katie and her fucking…bugs last year, okay?"

Aro chuckled. "Fuckin' lice…I've cleaned up some shit in my day, but…" He shivered. "They pick up all that shit at school."

I nodded. "I know," I said and turned to him. "When is this L.A. shit going down—supposed to go down?"

"It's not," he said. "I never gave Frankie an answer."

"Let's figure some shit out, bro. I need—fucking need—to get away." I thought about some shit for a minute. "Easter break. The kids are off from school…We can…" I hung my head.

"Disney World?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Someplace kid' and wife-friendly. We went to Disney last year. We should go to an island, where the wives can drink themselves silly, we get laid, and the kids wear themselves out on the beach." I nodded. "Or!" I got excited. "You can take my kids, so Bella and I can do Vegas." I smiled sweetly in my friend's direction. "I'll bring you back a shot glass."

"Your three kids on top of my own three kids? Two toddlers, two kids that can't stand each other, two kids I gotta watch because Sonny is fresh—"

"How is he fresh?" I asked.

He raised a brow. "My Katie is ten, and I see the way he looks at her."

I threw my head back and laughed. "They're fucking babies. Sonny just turned eleven. He isn't into girls yet," I lied. I peeped that shit Aro was talking about too.

"And AJ is scared of Sonny. Damion? I won't mind taking him…alone. Three kids and mine? You must be buggin', go inside before MC comes out looking for you," he laughed. "Lou said he'll be here by two tomorrow."

I groaned. "Yeah…" I opened the door and hopped out. "I'll have Bella call Lauren about a vacation." I frowned and moseyed up the walkway.

The house was quiet when I entered. Rocky ran out to greet me and after petting him down for a bit, I made my way further into the house.

On my way to my bedroom, I stopped in Sonny's room first. He was asleep, with his earphones still in his ears. I turned off his iPod, gave him a kiss on his hair, and left the room. I made sure to close the door after me. Sonny is big on the privacy thing, and I dig it—turning into a man and all. I mean, he's on his way to being a whiny, fucking know-it-all teenager, whatever.

I repeated the same in Damion's room, only I had to cover him with the blanket. The kid is a wild sleeper, and half the time Bella finds him on the floor in the morning—still sound asleep. I kissed his cheek and left myself out.

I peeked into Kylie-Marie's room, before I entered. My one-year-old baby girl likes to surprise her daddy. I can't tell you how many times I've entered her room, just for her to be awake. Then it's a bitch getting her back to sleep. She thinks it's playtime and wants to get out of her crib. Tonight, she was sleeping. My little sleeping beauty looks just like her mommy, but has my eyes.

After quietly sneaking out of her room, I then entered my own. Like most weeknights, Bella's schoolbooks were sprawled out on the bed. Before I undressed, I cleared off the bed.

Two days a week—while the boys are at school and Kylie is with Esme—Bella goes to school. She started up again this semester, and I have no idea how she keeps up with it all.

Other than the short time Esme watches Kylie, Bella is always with the kids. Every day, when school ends for the boys, she takes them to karate and basketball, depending on which day or what season it is. In the spring, it's karate for both, then soccer for Sonny and baseball for Damion.

After wrestling them from after-school sports, she goes home, cooks dinner, makes sure their homework is done, and their asses are clean, before she can wind down for the evening.

When Kylie goes to bed, that's usually when Bella's days end. I always try to make it home for dinner, to give her a break, but Thursdays are still my late nights. Even when I am home early, we still do all that shit together, and so she's really not getting a break.

When I was undressed, I got under the covers to gather Bella in my arms. "I love you," I whispered.

She sighed and rolled over to face me.

"You up?" I asked.

"Edward…" she said softly.

I raised a brow. Very few times in my life have I been really lucky. When I say lucky, I mean the wife is having a wet dream that stars yours truly. I think it's the hottest fucking thing ever.

"Bella," I said just as softly and damn near hovered over her.

"Take out the garbage…put that…" She rolled away from me.

I lifted the covers to see what she was wearing to bed. Then I pursed my lips as I stared at that ass, which was shielded by a pair of panties—no shorts, no pants. She was wearing a t-shirt and underwear, sexy little underwear.

And if I didn't know any better, this was the wife's lazy, yet innocent, way of wearing lingerie for me.

Like, if the kids came in, she's still wearing a shirt, that kind of thing.

I eased myself out of the bed and made my way to the door to lock it. Then I crept back in bed to kneel over her. By now the blankets were off of her. The t-shirt pooled around her stomach. Her hair was all over the fucking place, and those panties were staring me in the face.


I stilled, afraid I had been caught, but then she rolled onto her back. She kicked me when she did it. "Rocky…get off." She must have thought the dog was on the bed.

"Rocky can't do this," I quietly snickered as I pulled her panties down. She didn't stir too much, and then I lifted her shirt to reveal her tits.

She was naked, asleep, and looked fucking sexy as hell.

Since Kylie was born, she's been trying to fit workouts into her schedule. She didn't gain as much with Kylie as she did with the boys, but whatever she gained was that much fucking harder to melt off of her.

And I loved every fucking pound.

Bella is at her sexiest now—rounder and curvier. I know I say that a lot, but I fucking mean it this time. Her ass and hips are just…

I slowly slid my hands along the sides of her hips as I dipped my head low. I inhaled deeply for her scent and ran my nose across her bare hood. "Bella." I placed a gentle kiss down and spread her legs further apart.

"What?" she said, yet I knew she was still sleeping.

"Can I eat this?" Now that was a loaded question. Bebella can carry on conversations when she's sleeping nowadays. She's just so fucking tired all the time.

"Don't eat it all," she sighed and went to turn over. "Save some…" She continued to mumble shit I didn't understand.

I chuckled under my breath. "I want it all—it's mine."

"So greedy…" she whispered.

"Yup." I lightly slid my tongue down her folds and as it made its way up, I eased it between her lips to flick my tongue against her clit. Then I moaned and had to adjust my cock.

"Edward!" Bella panicked as she sat up to hold my head.

"Who'd you think it was?" I went back to doing what I was doing, and she threw herself back.

"No…I'm too tired—" I nibbled on her clit, she moaned, and then fisted my hair. I fought the urge to smile against her, while I continued to "eat this". When she was writhing and making too much fucking noise, I inserted two fingers inside of her, and crawled up her body to say hello to my tits.

"How—how was your night?" Bella held my head to her.

"The usual: boring." I bit her nipple to lick it between my teeth.

"Oh my God!"

"Shut up," I said. "If a kid wakes up and cockblocks…" I groaned and crashed my lips to hers. She kissed me back while her feet kicked my boxers away.

I knew what she was doing now. She wanted to get it over with.

I still didn't give a fuck and kept my dick far away from her. She wasn't going to fool me. I wanted foreplay. That shit we had in the shower yesterday morning was too quick. I wanted my mouth all over her. I wanted to taste every inch of her.

"You're so fucking sexy." She pushed me away and took off her shirt.

I pulled her head to mine and tried to hover over her again.

"This cock." She grabbed it and I shuddered.

"Stop." I weakly tried to pry her hand away.

"Hmmm." Bella moaned as she kissed along my chest and her hand stroked me.

My hand had unfortunately left her, and she kept pushing me back.

I couldn't let her take control.

"Get on your back," I told her.

She used everything she had to push me down.

I wouldn't let her. "Bella," I said.

"Edward." She raised a brow.

I flew on top of her to pin her down. I kissed her deeply and entered her... We both hissed at the contact. Then, as hard as it was, I left her. "Just…" I didn't know what to say as I began placing kisses down her body. She widened her legs and welcomed my tongue, while I quickly got to work. I put my all into that shit—everything I fucking had—and she made a shitload of noise. My fingers were inside of her—two in the pink and a pinky in the stink—'cause we've been trying new things, and I hope my dick meets the stink again soon.

Anal sex—Bebella really likes it, but would never admit it. That's an awesome story for another time.

"Edward…" Her whole body shook with her climax, and I squinted to see everything in the dark. That face is still fucking perfect when she comes, and that's why I like the lights on.

There was a knock. "Dad?" It was Sonny.

"Fuck!" I groaned and rested my forehead on Bella's pussy.

"S-Sonny? What's wrong?" Bella sat up to push me away.

I steadied her before she could go to the door. "Go back to sleep," I said sternly.

"Is everything—Mom, are you okay?" he asked. "I heard…"

"Go. To. Sleep!" I said again.

"Edward." Bella chastised, sounding out my whole name.

I threw her down and my dick found her before she could say anything else.

"Dad?" Sonny asked again.

"You—have—'til—the—count—of—three—to—go—back—to—sleep." I fucked Bella with my words.

Bella reached up to smack me in my face, and yet her hips still bucked to meet mine. "Edward, stop!" she said through clenched teeth.

I placed my hand over her mouth and continued to pound into her. This shit felt too good to stop, and so I relished every second I was granted inside of my wife.

"One!" I nearly shouted, and Bella hit her head against the headboard. "Shit…I'm sorry." I rushed out. "Oww…fuck!" She bit my hand and pushed me away from her. That shit pissed me off, and my dick was suddenly cold because she was quick to turn away from me.

"Sonny, I'm coming…" Bella scrambled for her panties and while her ass was facing me, I mounted her from behind.

"Not yet," I said while I entered her roughly; she let out a small cry.

"Mom, you okay?"

"Two!" I shouted, pulling Bella's hips into me. "Fuck," I whispered and reached around to pinch Bella's nipples.

Bella let out a low moan and slumped onto the bed. "Everything's, um, okay…go to bed," she whimpered.

I picked her up by her hair, so her back was against my chest. "Thank you," I whispered and strained to hear Sonny's footsteps as he went back to his bedroom.

Bella kicked me away from her and then turned around to push me down. I complied, because I knew I was about to get fucked.

"What the hell was that?" she asked as she straddled my lap.

I grinned. "I was just—" She shoved her balled up panties into my mouth.

"That wasn't cool." She seethed, seemingly angry as she pulled my hair.

I tried not to smile wide and knock the panties out of my mouth, while she aligned herself with my cock.

"I shouldn't even be doing this. You don't deserve—" she let her weight drop, leaning back and relaxing instantly, "anything," she moaned.

I reached up to palm her breasts, and she pulled my hands away to bring them above my head. "Oh…" She twirled her hips and closed her eyes.

I wouldn't dare close my eyes, not while the wife was about to go buck wild on my cock.

The wife didn't disappoint either. Before I knew it, it was my head getting smashed against our headboard. But little does she know, I embrace the small bumps. After a while, she also let go of my hands too, which was great. She needed to come because I was about to lose it.

I massaged my thumb on her clit and spit her panties out. "You like that?" I panted.

She had her head thrown back. Her mouth was partially open. Her eyes were closed, and she began to arch her back while she firmly planted her feet on either side of me. "I needed this today," she said and darted her tongue out to moisten her lips.

"Go for it, baby. Let me take you home," I whispered in awe of her—in awe of everything that is her—her beauty, her fucking body, her pussy that feels so fucking good. The great mother and wife that she is—every-fucking-thing that I am grateful to have by my side on a daily basis.

"I fucking love you." I reached for her face, and she pulled back to smirk down to me.

"I'll be taking you home." She slowly lifted her hips to drop them down hard. "Love you."

"Oh…shit." I thrust my hips up to meet hers as she hopped up and down, and I tried to keep up a steady rhythm with my thumb.

However, she got a little too loud again, and I reversed our positions.

"You're too fucking loud—oww." She bit my chest, and then I draped her legs over my shoulders to get in there deep—to hit a certain spot the wife goes nuts for.

"Right there…oh…oh…right there," she gasped and stiffened below me.

And thank fucking God for that shit, 'cause I was two pumps away from…

"Shit!" As soon as she throbbed around me with her orgasm, I went as deep inside of her as I could.

Then I just collapsed on top of her; stuck on stupid, while I tried to catch my breath. "Damn, baby." I panted a chuckle and kissed her shoulder. "I love you." I kissed from her shoulder, up her neck, and right to her lips.

"I love you, too." The look in her eyes was suddenly a million miles away from me now, though. "I should go check on Sonny."

I groaned and left her, rolling onto my back. "We should go to sleep. Just leave it alone."

"But…what if…?"

"Stop." I grabbed my boxers and tossed her the t-shirt she'd been wearing. I turned to face her, "Why were you so fucking loud?" I asked.

She bit her lip. "I had a dream about you, and—"

"I was taking out the garbage?" I asked as I shimmied into my underwear.

She crinkled her brows. "No. I had woken up earlier, so fucking—so fucking—tense. I was tempted to call you." She nestled into my side. "And then I just studied my calculus. That shit put me right to sleep," she sighed. "I think I should drop that course. I'm no good at math, but I tested into it again."

"Because you're smart." I bit her nose. "See if Carlisle can help you. He helped me with math…pretty much all my life." I chuckled.

"Hmm," she hummed. "I don't know."

"What was I doing in this dream?" I asked.

She lightly traced my tattoo with her fingers. "You were doing the dishes—"

"What?" I asked.

"You were naked, washing the dishes, and I was under the sink giving you a blow job."

"That's—kind of weird." I kissed her hair. "Next time the house is empty…hell, we can do that." I chuckled.

"You ever have fantasies about me, dreams, I mean?" She leaned up to look at me.

I nodded. "Sometimes when we have gaps between fuck sessions. I don't usually dream about anything, though." I hugged her tight and turned to tangle my legs with hers. "When I dream, we're usually in a public place…You're wearing a skimpy, tight dress—we're in a crowded club or something." I shrugged and placed a kiss in her palm. "Sometimes you're tied up, which is weird—that doesn't do much for me in reality—but in my dreams, it's pretty fucking hot."

She scoffed. "I can't wear something like that now." She slapped her hip.

"You so can, only I might not let you leave the house." I pulled the blanket over us. "Go to sleep."

There used to be a time when I'd encourage Bella to wear short skirts and tight dresses, and feel lucky to parade her around. Now? Not so much. She's mine, and the only fucker allowed to see that shit is me.

That's just the way it is.

Bella can get pissy if bitches look at me, but if some motherfucker looked or—God-fucking-forbid—touched her? I'd likely get locked up again.

I grinned and kissed her forehead. "Mine," I sighed.

"What do I tell Sonny in the morning?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said.

"What if he thinks you were hurting me?" she asked. "I don't want him to think that."

I laughed. "Bella, Sonny knows exactly what sex is—"


I closed my eyes tightly because this was a conversation I'd hoped to never have with her. I let go of her and sat up to face her. "When I came home, you mentioned something about me talking to him, remember?"

"Vaguely, but go on."

I nodded. "I waited. He was way too young at the time, so…two months ago, I spoke with him. I sat him down and explained everything."

"But…if he heard us, how would he incorporate sounds with just knowing the basics?" She scrunched her nose and looked so much like Sonny right now. It was adorable. "And what did you say to him? The pussy goes here and then the dick goes inside?" She did a poor interpretation of me.

I pursed my lips. "Yeah, pretty much."

She slapped my arm. "Are you serious?" She scolded through a whisper.

I chuckled. "No…I told him that in a few years, he'd start to have urges—that he's going to notice the opposite sex, which he already does." I continued to laugh as I thought about us at McDonalds a few weeks back.

Some broad had her cleavage popping out of her shirt, and Sonny dropped his soda because he became distracted. Then, of course, his partner in crime, Damion—who takes after his mother—had to skid across the soda to fall into an elderly couple. It was a catastrophe, but highly entertaining. Kylie was crying in my arms, and I was giving Bella the afternoon off.

"I didn't get into the 'where babies come from' bullshit, I only focused on the act itself, and so…so he wouldn't be confused of the…mechanics, I showed him some porn." I shrugged and turned to face her.

She stared at me blankly.

"Let's go to sleep." I squeezed her thigh and brought her down with me.

"You showed…our eleven-year-old son, porn?"

"It wasn't any of the kinky ones. It was like…missionary sex. It was good." I hugged her tight. "But, he was able to see where A meets B, and all that bullshit. He liked it, and then ran into the bathroom." I laughed again.

Bella palmed her face and groaned. "Did you tell him that it's something special that—married people do, at least?" she asked.

"That's bullshit, and I didn't feel the need to lie to him. Soon, he'll be old enough, and then he can do what he wants."

Bella sat up again. "I never asked you, but…how old were you when you started having sex?" she asked.

I grinned. "Honestly?" I pulled her back down to my side. "I was fourteen."

"Oh my God," she whispered.

"Exactly. So worst-case scenario, we have roughly three years to worry about the subject. Bella," I kissed her hair, "he knew what we were doing. I told him we do it…a lot…and if our bedroom door is locked, that's the reason. He's curious, and only came to the door to be a pain in my ass. I told him to never…" I groaned and breathed deep to wash the agitation down. "That kid loves to bust my fucking balls."

"He's going to act out tomorrow," she whispered. "That's what he does any time you get loud with him. He has to bust my balls—get all macho and shit."

I squeezed her. "I told you about that. You let that kid walk all over you. Just pop him one." I closed my eyes and tried to relax. "You can do it or tell me and I will," I sighed.

I can recall quite a few times where I had to get physical with Sonny. One, because he fucking brought me to that point where I lost my temper. Two, because he disrespected his mother—my fucking woman—and that shit doesn't fly with me, no matter who the fuck you are. And three, because being physical is what he responds to. He doesn't give a fuck if you take his shit away. He's like me, and I can't even remember how many times my mother and Nanny beat the crap out of me—literally. I don't do that shit to Sonny. I could never imagine going that far, and Bella would likely shoot me.

Now times have changed, and even if I lose my temper, I don't beat the kid. I push him around a little to scare him, he gets a pop somewhere, and I love seeing him want to jump at me. He's had that look in his eyes every time—like he wanted to retaliate, and I love it.

It just shows how ballsy my kid truly is.

Bella let out a grunt and turned away from me. "You showed him a porno?"

I rolled to gather her in my arms. "It was educational." I kissed her neck.

"That was so immature. He doesn't know about the feelings or the technical reasons behind making love…Now I am going to have to talk to him." She cringed into her pillow. "Sometimes I think we're doing okay, and then…"

"We're good parents," I laughed.

"A porno."

"Two people fucking…well, three, kind of. Sonny ran off before that other chick—"

"A porno?"

"He now knows what sex is—drop it." I squeezed her to me and kissed along her neck again, which effectively closed the subject.


I kept scratching at the soles of my feet with my toes every time I felt an itch, but then I heard giggling. "Dame, stop," I said and buried my head into the pillow.

"Daddy!" Now he was crawling on top of me. "Wa-a-a-ke u-u-p," he sang.

"I'm up," I mumbled.

"No, up!" I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"I am up," I said.

"Your eyes aren't open," he said, and that was when he pried my left eyelid open.

I turned over and caught him before he fell off of me. "Why are you waking me so early?" My eyes started to close again.

"Um…the little hand is on the twelve and the big hand is on the four—"

I opened my eyes. "Why are you home from school?" I asked.

He frowned. "Sister Mary Catherine died." He put his head down. "They closed the school."

"Look at that…you get a day off." I poked his stomach and lifted him off of me.

"She died, Daddy." He grabbed my hand.

I nodded and tried to wake up some more. "She was probably old. That happens when people get too old, or…yeah, she was old."

"Me and Mommy said two Hail Marys for her. Do you think she'll get into heaven? She was mean." He covered his mouth and looked to the ceiling. "I didn't mean it."

I chuckled and pulled him into my side. Damion takes his communion this year, and so he's really into his religion. "I'm sure she will…Is Mommy still home, or did she go to school?" I stood up and yawned, while I wondered what I was going to do until Bella came home. She didn't wake me up, so I guess Kylie is with Esme. "Is Kylie…"

"Mommy doesn't have school today," he said.

"Right." I pulled on my hair and remembered today was Friday. Then I shook my head.

"Sonny's in trouble," he whispered.

I dropped my shoulders. "What'd he do now?" I asked.

Damion looked away from me, like he didn't just say that.

"It doesn't count if you tell me…that's not tattling," I lied a little. "We're family…doesn't count."

"Really?" he asked while his whole face lit up. This kid looks so much like me. He looks like tiny version of me—all the way to his fucked up reddish-bronze hair, only Damion has chocolate brown eyes.

I grinned and nodded while I made my way to the bathroom. Then I took a piss. And when Damion started playing with Bella's makeup, I almost missed the toilet. "What are you doing?" I half-turned. Luckily, I was just about finished. "Don't play with that stuff." I put my dick away.

He put her compact down and left the bathroom. "Wait," I called.

He came back in.

"Put the lipstick back," I said as I reached to flush the toilet.

He frowned and placed it on the sink, but then he had to touch other things as well.

"Stop." I tickled his stomach, and he laughed. Then I crinkled my brows while I stared at him. "Why are you—why the lipstick?" I asked.

Damion looked up to the ceiling, pushing his belly out. It hung out of his Spiderman pajamas that he refuses to part with, but are too small. "It's like a marker, and I like—I like to draw." He swayed a little.

I nodded. "Okay, cool. But, leave Mommy's stuff alone. You have crayons."

"I know," he whispered.

"What's Sonny's deal?" I asked as I walked out.

"He told Mommy to shut up, like…a few minutes ago. When Mommy started yelling, I came in here. Kylie is in her pen."

I blew out a breath. "Sonny. Sonny. Sonny." I palmed my face. "You were doing so good."

"He was," Damion agreed.

I chuckled. "Go get cleaned up. Just because there's no school, you shouldn't stay in your jammies all day." I shrugged. "Maybe…" I thought about the day ahead. "Maybe we can do something before Daddy goes to work. We can go to lunch." I looked at the time again.

"It's snowing."

"What?" I looked out the window and sure enough, there were flakes falling from the sky.

"Whatever…pajama day." I went to my chest of drawers for a pair of sweats. I put them on, and then made my way out of the room. I heard Bella and Sonny speaking in the kitchen.

I stopped just before I would enter and waved good morning to Kylie. She was in her pack and play in the sitting room outside of the kitchen. She looked to be smiling and watching the snowfall.

"If I hit you with this, is it going to stop you from talking back?" Bella asked. She didn't sound menacing at all.

When I poked my head around the corner, I saw that she had a wooden spoon in her hand. That was when I had the weirdest déjà vu. Nanny used to get me with the wooden spoon all the time. It was her favorite torture device. She broke so many of those fucking things on me it wasn't funny.

"Santino Anthony, I asked you a question." Bella waved the spoon.

Sonny sucked his teeth and unfolded his arms. "Just hit me with it, so I can go in my room already." He sounded all snappy. "Christ…" That little shit looked put out or something, while he squared his jaw.

I groaned, too low for them to hear me, but loud enough so that Rocky ran to me and blew my cover. It didn't matter anyway.

When I entered the kitchen, the whole scene changed. Bella placed the spoon behind her on the counter and wore a wide smile. "Good morning," she said to me. "I was just about to wake you up."

I looked to Sonny, who sure as hell looked scared now.

"Get in your fucking room." I pointed down the hall.

Sonny didn't even look at me as he turned to bump his shoulder to my bicep on his way down the hall. Sadly for him, he only managed to bounce himself off of me, and not intimidate me.

Is this kid for real?

I chuckled and lightly pushed him away from me, which sent him flying into the opposite wall. "Mr. Tough Guy, huh?"

He righted himself and still wouldn't look at me.

"Edward…" Bella followed after me, as I followed Sonny into his room. "It was a misunderstanding—" She pulled on my arm to stop me from entering his room.

I grinned and turned to wrap my arms around her in Sonny's doorway. "Good morning, my love." I kissed her forehead, her nose, and then her lips. "Don't worry about it." I reached to palm her cheek. Those small kisses calmed me down something fierce. I knew she felt it too because she no longer stopped me.

She nodded and stepped back a few steps, before I entered the room and closed the door. I waited to see if Bella would insist on coming in, but I bet she just had her ear planted to the door.

"What was all that about?" I asked.

Sonny sat on his bed and looked at his feet. "She got on my nerves."

"Why?" I asked.

"She wanted me to take Damion with me to Paul's house." He made a face, like that was the worse thing in the world. "He acts like a baby. He's not cool."

His friend Paul lives three houses down, and they don't do shit besides play video games. Damion is always trying to hang out with Sonny and his friends.

"He's a kid who looks up to you. All he wants is to spend time with his older brother…And that's a big deal, why?" I folded my arms across my chest. Then I shook my head. "You know what? Fuck that. If your mother asks you to do something, you do it. And you sure as hell do NOT speak to her the way you did just now. I also hear that you told her to 'shut up'. Is that true?"

He looked away from me.

"Look at me!" I shouted.

He jumped, but turned to face me. "She wouldn't stop—told me I had to. And you know what?" He stood from his bed.

"Sit down." I gave him a light push.

"No." He stood up again.

I stepped toward him. "No?" I laughed.

He gulped and sat down. "Sorry," he whispered.

I nodded as I stared at him for a minute. This kid doesn't know how good he has it. Maybe Bella and I will never win parents of the year; however, we love the fuck out of our kids. We're always here for them. We make sure they have everything—within means—that they could ever want. They have food, live in a nice house, and Sonny doesn't give a shit about all that.

I could give a shit about that in regards to myself. He wants to talk back to me? It'd be really stupid on his part, but oh-fucking-well. That shit really hurts Bella. I see it in her face. She used to be able to connect with Sonny, yet now he thinks he doesn't need her, and he is so wrong.

And because of Bella's own upbringing, she'll never turn her back on Sonny or give him his attitude right back, ever.

"What?" Sonny asked.

I reached to smack him on the back of the head. "Don't raise your voice to me," I said.

He hugged himself. "You were staring at me…" He shrugged.

I nodded. "Do you know what happened to me when I was eleven?" I asked him.

He slightly shook his head no.

"My mother died," I said.

He frowned and put his head down. "I didn't know that," he whispered.

I put my hands up. "Just…do me a favor and don't talk…I want you to listen."

He nodded.

"She died…" I pulled out his desk chair to sit down. "All my life…since then, I've wished she was still around—to ask me for things, to bust my balls, to…be there for me. She's gone—she's been gone since I was your age." I pinched the bridge of my nose. "How many times do I have to tell you to respect that woman out there? You take her for granted, you talk back to her, you don't listen to a word she says, and she'd do anything—anything—for you." I poked his chest. "And you disrespect her…" I shook my head. "I'm disgusted." I stood up. "I won't hit you out of respect for her. 'Cause…she doesn't want me, or anyone, to hit you," I said. "She just wants you to listen when she speaks."

He nodded.

"You're not going anywhere today," I said. "No Paul's, no outside—I don't care." I trailed my hand through my hair. "You're going to sweep the garage. If there's an accumulation of snow, you're shoveling it, and you can pick up Rocky's visible turds in the backyard." I smiled. "Then, after you're done with that, you're going to come inside, kiss your mother, and ask her if she needs anything done. And you will be apologizing."

He nodded again.

"How would you feel if a stranger spoke to your mother the way you just did?" I asked.

Sonny gritted his teeth together.

"That's what I thought." I nodded. "I feel that way when I hear you talking to her. Remember that. She's your mother and she's my wife, and just like I won't tolerate a stranger speaking that way, I will treat you no different, son or not."

"I get it," he rasped. "I wouldn't let anyone—"

"Oh," I laughed. "So, I guess this is the last time you'll be disrespecting your mother?"

He nodded.

"I didn't hear you," I said.

"Yes, sir." He locked eyes with me.

I widened my arms. "Now give your father a hug."

He didn't look too happy about it, but he hugged me anyway. I continue to smile and didn't let him see it. He's my kid and I love him something crazy, and Sonny gives good hugs. "Sorry you had to wake up to that shit last night," I said so low because Bella was probably listening.

"It's okay. I thought…I wasn't sure if you were home. I thought she was crying." Sonny let go of me. "You guys were…you and my mom." He frowned as he looked up to me now.

I chuckled. "Never you mind what I do with my wife." I turned for the door. "Get in the garage and start sweeping." I left his room, and Bella was standing right outside the door. I grasped her hand and walked into the kitchen with her.

"Are you okay?" she asked me.

I nodded and palmed Damion's head. His head fits into the palm of my hand and I think that's cool, so I give it a squeeze when it's in arm's reach to make him laugh.

"Daddy." He tried to jump at my arms.

I laughed and held him away from me by his head. "You want to help Sonny clean the garage?" I asked him.

His eyes widened and he nodded.

I shook my head and looked to Bella. "Why is he excited about that?" I looked back to Damion as he ran down the hall.

Bella chuckled. "I have no idea." She composed herself. "Are you sure you're okay?" She took my hand. "You were talking about your mom…"

I grinned and pecked her lips. "I'm fine. I laid it on thick for…his benefit." I slapped her ass. "Is there any coffee left?"

"Like I'd drink a whole pot." She left me for the coffee maker.

I left the kitchen to go check out Kylie. "Where's Daddy's girl?" I asked excitedly.

She laughed and jumped in the playpen.

I chuckled and took her out. "Wanna hang out with Daddy while he has coffee?" I asked.

She stuffed my chain into her mouth.

I kissed her forehead and brought her into the kitchen. "I love it when they're this age," I said. "We should keep having kids, and once they start talking, we give them away."

Bella snorted and brought my coffee over. "You nut."

I grabbed her hand to kiss her knuckles. "Thank you."

She laughed and watched Kylie. I felt her, so I didn't have to see what Kylie was doing. She was kissing my jaw, which means she had her mouth open and was drooling down my neck.

"Kylie-Marie sure loves her Daddy." Bella kissed her cheek loudly, and Kylie laughed up a storm.

"Ma-ma." Kylie reached for Bella.

I sighed and handed her over. "She's more of a Mommy's girl anyway." I grabbed them both, so they sat on my lap. "I wasn't too hard on him," I whispered. "Or maybe I was…after all the shit he's going to do today, he'll wish I just knocked him one." I sipped my coffee.

Bella hummed. "He'll get over it. I just wish…I mean, he's a lot better than he was and I'm not asking that he be perfect. It's just frustrating."

I took Bella's hair away from Kylie, before she ate it.

"Daddy, can I wear your boots?" Damion shouted and began stomping down the hall, in what I imagine are my boots.

I turned my head so I wouldn't scream in Kylie's face. "Knock yourself out. Just put them back when you're done," I said.

"Thanks!" he said excitedly and started to run, and then we heard a crash. "I'm okay!" he shouted.

I threw my head back and laughed. "You sure?" I asked. "Your brother is silly," I told Kylie. "Both of them." I poked her belly.

Bella put Kylie in my lap and went to see what broke his fall.

I sighed and sipped my coffee. "Wanna watch…" I flicked through some channels. "Bubble Guppies?" I asked.

Kylie smiled and leaned back against me. She really is a calm baby. And she loves her television, more so than her brothers did. Sonny has always loved TV, but Damion never cared for it. The kid would rather play with a cardboard box than watch TV. On Christmas, he'll have more fun with the ribbons and wrapping paper, than the toys.

Bella says it's normal—for Damion. I think it's a little quirky, and yet highly fucking adorable.

Bella and I both like to squeeze that kid—all of them, really—no matter how big they get. The Missus and I make some cute kids. "Right?" I eased my lips into the folds in Kylie's neck to kiss her ten times in succession.

She squealed and tried to push my head away.

"They're too big for you. You're going to keep falling," I heard Bella say. "Take them off and put them back."

"Can I wear your red shoes, the high ones?" Damion asked.

"No!" I shouted.

"No!" Kylie smacked the air.

"That's right." I chuckled and kissed her cheek.

"No…your feet are too small. You'll break my heel." Bella came back in to take a seat at the table.

I shook my head. "And that's the reason he can't wear your high heels, because he'll break them?" I rolled my eyes. "Wear your own shoes!" I shouted out to him.

Bella laughed. "Look at you, getting all freaked out. It doesn't mean anything."

I didn't reply about that. "What did he break?" I asked.

Bella shook her head. "Nothing. He knocked over the umbrella stand."

"Oh…" I leaned back in the chair, too.

Damion's loud laughter filled the kitchen. "Mommy…look!" He walked in to bump into the refrigerator. He fell back, only to laugh even louder. Damion was wearing a winter hat and had it pulled down to cover his eyes.

"Silly rabbit," Bella giggled.

Damion took off the hat and looked at us. "That's what blind people see."

I shook my head. "Don't make fun of blind people."

Damion frowned.

"He wasn't," Bella said. "You were just showing us what they can—can't see with your eyes covered?" Bella asked.

Damion nodded. "Honest, Daddy."

"It's cool. Daddy was wrong, then." I winked.

"Dame, put shoes on before you go into the garage—your own shoes," Bella said.

He put the hat back on and stood up.

I caught him before he ran out and unshielded his eyes. Then I turned back to Bella. "Is that normal?" I whispered, while I heard Dame running down the hall.

Bella shrugged. "It's normal for Damion—"

"I meant the human race—kids his own age. Do you think he acts too young?" I asked.

She shook her head no. "He acts 'normal' when he's in school or has to." She looked like she was mad at me. "He's playing. He can—"

"Hey, Tyson." I grabbed her hand. "I'm on the same team as you. My bad for talking smack about your kid," I laughed.

"Our kid," Bella corrected me. "He just likes to act silly—have a good time by himself. Sonny won't…play with him anymore." Bella looked away from me.

"I'll talk to him," I said.

She nodded. "What do you have planned today?" Bella asked.

"It's Friday…I'll probably be at Lauren's until five-ish? I thought about taking the boys out instead, 'cause what I'm doing today I can fit in on Monday, but…" I shrugged. "And after Sonny picks up the shit in the yard, make him do something else. He's old enough to do…laundry."

Bella seemed to be ignoring me as she made funny faces for Kylie.

"Right," I sighed and lifted Kylie, so I could hand her off to Bella. "I'll go shower."

She took Kylie but stopped me before I could turn from her. "Are we okay?" she asked.

I bent down to kiss her lips and then Kylie's cheek. "We're fine."

"No, not danger wise—us," she whispered.

I nodded. "Unless you have some beef with me…" I stood up. "I won't talk crap about our kids ever again," I laughed.

She shook her head. "I don't have any gripes with you…you just seem…down."

I smiled. "I'm good—everything is good," I promised.

She rested her lips in Kylie's hair.

"Hey, you." I palmed her cheek. "Are you okay?"

She looked up to me and pointed to her lips. I smiled and bent down to kiss her again.

Bella bit my lower lip and pulled it, so she could stick her tongue in my mouth. She engaged me in one helluva lip-lock, one that made me instantly hard. Once upon a time, a kiss like that wouldn't come as a shock. Lately, we only kiss like that if we're about to have sex.

I swallowed and stood up to stare down at her. "What—" I cleared my throat. "What was that for?" I asked.

She grinned. "Just…being you."

I raised a brow. "I'll still be me later tonight. Understand?" I asked, which means I hope to get some naked Bebella tonight. "Fuck…we can do this now." I looked around us. "Lock the Goof Troop in the garage; put this one in her crib." I felt proud of myself. "Let's go." I held out my hand.

She laughed and shook her head no.

"You're breaking my heart." I held my chest.

Bella giggled. "Anything exciting going on, work wise?"

"Work is boring as fuck…" I shrugged. "So, why don't I take my lady out to eat. Can we get a babysitter tonight?" I asked.

She shook her head no. "We're getting some snow, and it's too short notice." She frowned.

I sighed. "I'll bring home Chinese? I won't eat—I'll be home by seven at the latest, but I'll probably be home earlier than that."

Bella smiled. "Sounds good."

"Chinese and a movie night?"

"Stop by Redbox somewhere—nothing scary," Bella said. "Oh, and you have to pick up your dry cleaning." Bella stood up to place Kylie on her hip as she walked to the fridge. "I'm going to the market, so don't worry about snacks…" She handed me the dry cleaning ticket. "You have to stop and see Nanny…" Bella kept going, and suddenly I had five errands to run before I was to come home tonight.

Being home before seven wasn't going to happen now.

"You got it, my love," I said before I turned to go take my shower. When I passed by Sonny's bedroom, he was on his cell phone. I stopped short and entered his room.

"I gotta go, bye…" He smiled wide and ended the call.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"No one." He placed his phone in his pocket.

I nodded. "It's impossible to have a conversation with no one." I held out my hand for the phone. "Give it up."

He huffed a breath and slapped the phone into my hand. "I was talking to Katie…If I don't call her back—"

"She'll get over it," I said. "Since when are you two so close?" I asked, and waited a minute too long for a response. "You there?" I knocked on his forehead.

"Don't tell her dad…but we're…involved." He blushed, looking exactly like his mother.

I chuckled and nodded. "No, shit…involved, huh?"

"She's not allowed to have a boyfriend," he whispered. "So you can't tell Aro. I have enough to deal with because of AJ." He even leaned into me and kept his eyes on the door. "I told him that if he told his father, I'd break his nose again."

I looked around and wondered if he was playing a trick on me. "You will not," I said. "You break something, I'm breaking something of yours. Understand?"

He waved a hand. "He'd never call me on it or snitch." He nodded.

I stared at him again.

"What?" he asked.

"Katie's ten." I shook my head. "So…you're involved. What exactly does that…entail?" I was genuinely curious.

He shrugged. "She asked me, and I said yes."

I furrowed my brow. "I mean…" I stared at him. "You guys are boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked. "So…how does that differ from being friends?"

He leaned back to stare up at me. "We hold hands and stuff."

"What 'stuff'?" I scoffed. "And I don't remember saying you could have a girlfriend."

"I never asked you."

"Oh!" I shouted and was so fucking close to smacking him in the mouth. "Watch it."

"Sorry." He shrunk back. "She's my woman. It means…she's my girlfriend. She calls me and she gets mad if I don't call her back. We're not at the same school anymore, but she promises that she doesn't talk to other boys…She's so pretty—all the boys like her—and she picked me." He smiled.

"Picked you for what?" I asked.

"To be her boyfriend!" He looked frustrated, and I understood why. I wasn't asking the right questions.

"Do you guys…um…kiss?" My stomach was tied in knots.

It always amazes me. I do the things I do, and yet the thought of Sonny growing up too fast like I did, genuinely scares the shit out of me. When I was fourteen, I went from never kissing a girl to lying about my age to some junior in my high school. We hung out one day, and then we fucked. I don't even know if that could be considered "fucking". I lost my shit as soon as I entered her, but after that one time, I never stopped. It's not something I am proud of.

At fourteen, I was having sex with other fourteen-year-old girls and older chicks. I wasn't any good, but how the fuck would they have known? They were always so dumb—getting excited because Edward Cullen was talking to them.

Everything was a game back then; meanwhile, I never made the first move. Even when I met Bella at twenty-five, I barely made a move on her. I waited, like I always do.

"You're eleven." I pulled my hair.

"We kiss sometimes…like when I buy her stuff." He shrugged.

I laughed. "That doesn't make her your girlfriend—" I bit my tongue and had to remind myself that I was speaking to my eleven-year-old son.

"I tried just kissing her, and she gets embarrassed. How do I get her not to be…like that?"

I sighed. "You always let her kiss you—never make the first move. Don't work hard for any chick's affection. If they want you to kiss them, they usually let you know. They can be impatient—" I waved my hand. "Does Mom know?" I asked.

He shook his head no, but looked uneasy.

"Did she say you couldn't be Katie's boyfriend?" I asked.

He pursed his lips. "Maybe…"

"Bella!" I shouted.

"Shh!" Sonny ran to close his door. "Okay, yeah…she said no." He admitted.

I nodded. "Then this conversation is done," I said. "Break up with her—tell her you're not allowed to date."

"What?" he shouted. "I can't do that."

"You can and you will." I placed my hands on his shoulders. "You're eleven. Trust me when I say, you'll have years—decades—to date, get bitched at because you forget to call, and buy shit for broads, okay? If Mom said no and Katie's parents said no, then…"

"What's up?" Bella poked her head in.

"Nothing," I said.

"Sonny?" Bella hedged. "What's up?" She waited.

I stood back and gestured for him to continue. "Sorry about earlier," he said to her. "I'd—I'd never let anyone else to speak to you that way, and so I shouldn't either. I'm sorry, Mommy." He went to hug her.

I jutted my lower lip out, staring at them. They looked adorable, especially since Sonny is now taller than Bella.

"It's okay," Bella whispered and leaned back to kiss his forehead. Then she looked to me. "Lou is outside waiting for you."

I nodded. "Thank you."

Bella let herself out of the room. As soon as the door was closed, Sonny and I faced each other. "That was good," I said.

He shrugged. "I was supposed to apologize—"

"But did you mean it?" I asked.

"Of course, I did." He sat on his bed.

I walked to the window to peek out at Lou, and couldn't believe it was two o'clock already. "Look," I turned back to Sonny, "Katie will understand. It's not her, it's you—learn that phrase." I pointed to him. "You're supposed to worry about karate, basketball—what's for lunch today? And making your mother happy, you know?"

"She's going to hate me," he whispered and then stood up. "And what kind of man am I to let you break us up?"

I snorted. "A smart one." I walked to him. "One, you're not a man yet. When you grow hair on your balls, get a fucking job, and start paying some bills up in this house? Then come to me with that man bullshit," I laughed. "Two, she's not 'your woman'—she's ten, a baby—Aro's baby girl. Just like you're Mommy's sunshine." I pinched his cheek.

"Sunshine," he scoffed, but then a cute little smirk developed on his lips.

"And three, because I fucking said so." I pointed to myself. "You know, we'd get along a lot better if you could just listen—"

"Your reasoning is crap," he grumbled.

I shrugged. "It is what it is—add that to your vocabulary too. Not to mention, that you at eleven—" I poked his chest again, "have no idea what it means to be in a relationship. There's nothing wrong with just being Katie's friend."

"I do, too."

"How?" I asked.

"I see you and Mom—"

I handed him his phone back. "Call her now. And for your FYI—"

"It's just 'FYI'," he said.

I closed my eyes tightly and groaned, aggravated at myself, for sounding like my own father, who's not hip or whatever the fuck.

"Don't be mad," he said. "FYI already stands for—"

"For your-fucking-information," I started. "Me and your mother are old—married. There's no comparison. Call Katie and tell her you guys can't date anymore."

"On the phone? I'll—I'll do it tomorrow before I leave her house. Mom said she'd take me over after the karate tournament."

I raised a brow. "What tournament? I thought the tournament was in April?"

"At the dojo. Mr. Lee is weaning out the weak to see who goes to the real tournament." He smiled.

I nodded. "You'll be great."

"I'm already in since I won last year. Mr. Lee says by the end of this semester, I'll have gained my blue belt."

I smiled. Sonny had really taken well to karate. During his first year, he won in his division at the Triborough Karate Championship. Now he's a green belt—which is pretty advanced, I think, for a kid his age who has only taken karate lessons for two years. He went to one class and loved it—excelled and became obsessed. He also has a blue belt in Brazilian ju-jitsu. That has a different belt system, and with a blue belt he's still at the beginning stages of learning.

Where Sonny has been earning his belts by skill, Damion sadly earns them by showing up on time—just for attending. He doesn't try as hard as his brother does, but he has a great time. I'm proud of both of them.

"Congrats on the belt," I said.

"Do I really have to?" he whined.

I nodded. "You're too young—end of story."

He looked at his phone and gritted his teeth. "She's going to hate me—"

"If she really likes you, she'll be around in a few years. The good ones wait—remember that shit, too. A good woman stays by your side no matter what. That whole thing…" I waved my hand. "Your mother could have left me—"

"You weren't away that long." He frowned, and then his eyes became alight. "I was the man of the house then. Mom said so."

I sighed. "Make the phone call." I turned to leave, but then I turned back. "Didn't I ask you to sweep garage?"

"I gave Damion five bucks. He's going to do it—"

"Go help him." I pointed. "Make your phone call and go help him—It's your punishment."

"Fine," he said.

"Damion probably thinks you're the coolest guy there is—the big man of the house," I laughed. "Set a better example. Look out for him, and that includes hanging out with him."

"He's so…"

"What?" I asked.


"Deal with it…One day? He's going to be your best friend, so why not avoid the garbage in between? Make it happen—and I'm not asking you." I smiled and left his bedroom.

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