Hey guys this is my first vampire academy fanfiction so please be nice! All Human!

Okay so the basic story line is:

Rose Hathaway Muzar lives in turkey with her mobster parents Abe and Janine Muzar and brother Eddie Muzar; they lead the most feared mob in all of turkey called the Dhampir's but they have fellow rivals. What happens when the entire main mobs from Russia, New York and Romania get together in Montana? How will the characters we love live there life out in this un-usual circumstance?

This chapter is just to let you know who's who and then the next chapter will start the story.

Turkey mob

The Dhampir's

Ibriham Muzar- head of the Turkish mob

Janine Muzar- wife and head of the recruitment of body guards

Rosemarie Hathaway Muzar- daughter and carries out her father's whims

Edison Muzar- son and Deals in business transactions

Adrian- head of the Guards

Mason- guard

Alberta- teaches the new recruits

New York mob

The Moroi

Eric Dragomir- Head of the NY mob

Rhea Dragomir- wife and stay at home mum

Andre Dragomir- son and deals in business transactions

Lissa Dragomir- Daughter and is loyal to her family no matter what.

Ambrose- head of the guards and teaches new recruits

Aaron- head of safety

Mia- best friend of Lissa

Russian mob

The guardians

Daniel Belikov- Dead (used to be the head of the Russian mob)

Oleana Belikov- Head of the Russian Mob

Sonya Belikov and Karolina Belikov- live normal lives with their husbands and children

Dimitri Belikov- son deals with recruitment and head of the members in the mob also deals with business transactions.

Vicktoria Belikov- daughter and loyal to her family.

Maliki- head of guards

Sonya Karp- teaches new recruits

Romanian mob

The strogoi

Lucas Ozera- head of the Romanian mob

Moira Ozera- wife and head of recruitment

Tasha Ozera- head of the guards/ best assassin

Christian Ozera- son and deals with business transactions

Stan- Teaches new recruits

Jessie- guard