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Rose pov

Dad grabbed my arm; not nicely either and dragged me outside the office. His face was fuming. Okay so I really pissed him off, but really I didn't do that much!

Once we were outside the office he threw me up against the wall, not really hard just enough to stun me slightly. "Ow" I huffed

"Rose don't ever act like that around the Belikov's!" he roared into my face, his becoming a nice plum colour

"He was on the phone!" I argued back

"He can hear you! Never act like that. When we are speaking to business men or any of the current mobs, you will act properly. And not like the mocking tart that you are!" he roared again, his face coming even closer.

Just then my anger spiked what could I say? Im a Muzar and two people can play at this game "Baba! I will talk and act respectful in front of important business men! But talk like that again to me old man" I paused when he stepped back slightly I walked forward "and I'll go and never come back, I'll kill all the alliance's you have with nearly every male in our business!" I was shouting now. And dad knew I could convince all the men to leave him and never come back, and not just because I'd slept with the majority but because once you saw my 'man eater smile' you were hooked.

"Rose?" Baba seemed shocked at my outburst, to be fair I never threatened him before

"Dad, I love you and mum and Eddie, I always will. But you threaten me and I will be ruthless, im too much like my father" I smiled at him

I watched as dad's face got less red and started to pull up at the sides, in his well known smirk.

"Well that's fine then Kiz" with that we both walked back into the office in time to hear Mr. Belikov's driver speak "Mr. Belikov we are entering the Dragomir gates"

I stood to the side beside Eddie and André. They were coming here. Great!

"We shall meet you at the door" Eric disconnected and came to stand in front of us "you shall all dress in your most presentable attire and meet us all down in the foyer straight away. Rose tell Lissa to come as well. Go" we were dismissed but before I could step outside the office dad called to me

"Kiz? You know what you have to do" dad told me with a smirk on his face again

I winked back "of course Baba"

Turns out, it takes Lissa ages to get changed. Literally I told her that she had to look presentable and she ran into the closet. She spent most of her time in there throwing outfits around the place and huffing to herself.

"Rose!" she screamed to me. Quickly I got up from my bed and went to her. I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it. She sat on the floor all huffy with clothes everywhere! They were all over the floor and some even hung from the light and walls. "Help me!" I nodded and walked over to her side of presentable clothes. Straight away I withdrew one and threw it at her

"Wear this and … those white heels... then light pink make up. With your hair up" I had thrown a white and pink flowered summer dress with a pink blazer over the top at her then got her white peep toe heels and grabbed her light make up and threw it on her make up table in the bedroom.

Lissa looked astonished but happy about the outfit I'd chosen and quickly put it on including the make-up and pinned her hair in a bun, with tendrils falling to frame her face. "What about you?"

I grinned "I have my own reputation to live up to" I went into the closet and found a pair of black skinny jeans, black boots to my knees and a red one shouldered red sweater. Though it was less showy than my other outfits, it clung to my body in a way that made it look even sexier than less clothing. For my make up I did smoky eyes and red lipstick and for my hair I left it down but back combed it a bit to look more full and fluffier.

When I came out Lissa's mouth actually dropped to the floor. "Wow, rose you look really sexy, yet tame and responsible" we both stared at each other then burst out laughing at her calling me responsible. "Come on we better go down stairs now"

As we went down stairs we heard faint talking coming from the living room so we went that way. When we arrived we quickly went to stand beside our families. In the small living room were three groups.

To the right stood the Dragomir's. Eric wore his simple black suit with a pink tie, his hair gelled stylishly back and a smile plastered on his face. Beside him stood rhea, as always she looked elegant, with a light blue sweater with pink flowers on and a white long pencil skirt with white peep toe shoes. Her hair was controlled in long loose waves. On her face was a warm smile and you could tell it was genuine. Next to her was Lissa. She looked very elegant and smart next to rhea. They both looked like a younger or older model of the other. On the other side of Eric stood André, unlike the rest he wore a pair of kaki trousers in beige and a green sweater that made him look, posh and kind of stuck up.

On the left there was us, the Muzar's. On the far left Abe stood, wearing a green-ish suit, with a bright pink top on underneath and a matching hanky in the pocket. His hair was styled back so that the hoop earring was visible. On his face was an almost cunning look. Next to him stood Janie, she wore a pair of dress trousers in black and a simple white long sleeved tee. With that she wore a pair of black pumps. Her hair was left untamed and fiery, flowing down her back. She too had a cunning smile on her face, one I didn't like. Next to her was Eddie. Unlike the rest of them, he wore his usual dark blue denim jeans, a grey band tee and a black vest. His hair was messy and he also had a cunning grin, but instead of looking at the Belikov's, he looked at me. I stood beside Eddie looking at the Belikov's as I checked them all out. A smile reached my face as I saw Christian standing beside the tall one; Dimitri probably. Chris had black jeans and a blue tee, with a suit jacket over the top. His black hair was really messy and fell into his amazingly bright blue eyes. He was grinning back at me.

On the other side of Dimitri stood a young girl, his younger sister probably, Victoria. Victoria was pretty. She was fairly tall, slender with long light brown hair and deep brown eyes, the trait of the Belikov's. She wore a pair of white skinny jeans and a pink rhinestone shirt, with a pair of pink heels to match. She was smiling at me as well. What the fuck is wrong?

Slowly I looked up to Dimitri, saving his eyes for last. He wore a pair of dark jeans, a grey long sleeved tee, that I must say hugged his ribbed stomach and if it wasn't covered by a black suit jacket I bet I would have seen his big arm muscles as well. My gaze traveled up and I saw the tee was a vee- neck and showed a bit of his chest. Oh god. I almost licked my lips. He was so muscled. I looked up and met his gaze. He had the deep brown eyes that felt like pools of chocolate, a strong jaw, strong cheek bones, a lovely long nose that led to a pair of gorgeous lips. His hair was tied back in a little ponytail but a few tendrils were escaping and curled around his face. Oh god! He was a god! I want him. My mind was screaming at me to just take him right now in front of everyone. But I shook it off. I looked back to his face to see an amused expression but in his eyes I could see a deep hunger that I was sure was in my own.

I could tell that all the introductions hadn't been made yet so I looked to my dad asking with my eyes if I could. He nodded back then looked back to the Belikov's.

"Hey Chrissy? Long time no see?" I walked slowly over to Christian and wrapped him in a nice hug.

His arms wrapped around my waist "you too Rosie." I stepped back slightly and he kissed my forehead

I smiled and turned to Victoria "hey? Im rose Muzar, my family Ibriham, Janie and Eddie" I gestured to them "and over here the Dragomir's, Eric, rhea, André and Lissa" again I gestured to them as well. Then turned back to her

"Hey everyone. I'm Victoria and obviously everyone knows Christian, who's basickly my other brother" she grinned at Christian and he laughed "and my actual brother Dimitri" she waved her hand at Dimitri making everyone laugh

I looked at everyone, Eric, Abe and Dimitri looked really amused at mine and Victoria's introductions but said nothing

"I believe we have business to discuss?" Eric asked and gestured for Abe and Dimitri to follow but rhea stepped in front

"Eric!" she scolded "let them settle first! Oh Dimitri dear where are you staying?"

Dimitri looked shocked at rhea and how nice she was being

"Erm, we are staying in the nearest hotel ma'am" Dimitri replied being polite

Rhea tuted and shook her head "no! That will not do! You shall stay here!"

"Dear do we really have enough room?" Eric asked looking worried

"Yes we can make it work! Victoria will stay with rose and Lissa" me and Lissa smiled at Victoria and she grinned back "Edison will have to move back to André's room and then Dimitri will stay in the spare room and Christian with him!" rhea beamed at us and made it hard to refuse her with that smile.

"If you're positive it's no trouble?" Dimitri looked from my parents, who were staring straight ahead not really caring, to Eric who looked worried but couldn't refuse his wife anything

"Oh course!" rhea said enthusiastically the same time Eric said it with a frown

Dimitri nodded "yes! Okay I'll call the hotel and tell them to bring your things while Edison and André will move Edison's things to André's room. Lissa make Victoria feel welcome" she then turned at left for the kitchen

"Okay then Dimitri, Abe and Christian will you accompany me to my office please?" Eric asked then led them all of to his office on the top floor.

André looked at Eddie "come on lets move you into mine" they both looked upset which made me and Lissa laugh

"Come on guys there's gunna be three of us!" Lissa yelled and they laughed too then left.

"Better show you around" I smiled at Vikki

"Oh then we can hang out in the spa!" Lissa cheered. I grinned and Vikki looked extremely excited.

.x.x.x.x the life of a Mobsters daughter.x.x.x.x

Later that evening

Vikki was actually really nice. I and Lissa loved her. After the day I had my mental breakdown and Lissa had comforted me, we had become best friends, now Vikki was another one. Though Lissa had another best friend; who I hated. We all got along nicely. We had spent the day in the spa getting our nails, hair and feet polished, massaged and painted (that only counts the nails and toes not our hair) but then dinner came and we were told that we would be having a formal dinner, so had to dress up formally. Great. I thankfully still had my private mission to do so this gave me time to start it. See Lissa and André and rhea made their approach by being nice, hospitable and caring. While mum and dad dealt with the business Eddie had to become fast friends with André and Christian and I had to seduce Dimitri sort of. Though I didn't know why everyone was still grinning at me and Dimitri. I felt like they were planning an arranged marriage or something to bind our mobs together. Haha! That would be funny!

So at about eight me, Lissa and Vikki went up to our room to get ready, our dresses were already picked out for us and we had a stylist and make-up artist waiting to.

Lissa's dress was amazing on her, it was a rich pink color, that went to mid- thigh, it was one shouldered and had pink roses from the shoulder to the other side. Then it ran down to her waist were it tucked in then fanned out in pleats to the bottom. (See profile for picture, to understand better) she put some strappy pink heels and lots of pink and white bangles. The hair stylist decided to leave her hair down in its natural curls but fluffed it up a bit. Her make up was just a little mascara and lip gloss but she still looked, beautiful and innocent.

Vikki had a long purple dress that reached the floor. It wasn't a low cut dress, so it went all the way to her neck but wrapped around at the waist, with purple, silk ruffles (see profile again). With that she wore purple pumps and a big purple bangle on her left wrist. With that she wore her hair down, but straightened it so it fell to her chest. Her make up was smokier at the eyes but still light.

Mine, well surprisingly it was less formal than there's and instead made me look both comfterble yet still sexy. It was a deep red. It came to mid-thigh but had sleeves and a wide top, that showed off my shoulders. The sleeves were a see-through material , like silk and at the bottom there were jewels all around the cuffs which made the sleeves look more sexy than if it had none( see profile again it will help). With that I wore a pair of killer peep toe red heels and black hoop earrings. My hair was the only one up. It was pulled into a messy bun at the top but had some tendrils that fell to frame my face. My make up was darker than the others as I had thick black, smoky eyes, red lipstick and blush.

We all stood looking in one of the mirrors on Lissa's wall at ourselves. I nodded approvingly and grinned at the others. Were Lissa looked Beautiful, innocent and classy. Victoria looked tall, slim and classy. Then I stood, looking sexy, more relaxed and older, less vulnerable than the others. I loved it.

As we entered downstairs everyone was already in the kitchen at the table, all dressed up. We all entered together me in the middle and the others either side. Everyone looked up at us and stood. I looked at their face's dad was only looking at me and his grin, looked like he was planning something, mum looked happy at how pretty we all were, rhea looked almost smug, Eric looked shocked that his daughter was so pretty and grown up, Eddie looked at me, a little shocked then at the other girls his grin widened, André looked at his sister like he now just relised she's really beautiful and looked at me and Vikki like we were prey. Christian was smiling politely at me and Vikki but his mouth dropped when he saw Lissa. I grinned at that. Hmmm I'd have to fix them up. Then lastly my gaze went to Dimitri, the god I found so attractive and really wanted. His smile was polite towards Vikki and Lissa but when his gaze roamed my body, I felt like he was taking every little detail and was going to undress me with his eyes after. Then his gaze met mine and I saw the hungry look on his face. He looked almost animally at me, like he wanted to take me here on this table. I wouldn't have minded. I winked at him and his mouth dropped.

Lissa quickly sat down next to Christian, Vikki next to André which left me next to Dimitri, my Russian god! I sat down, making sure I flashed my legs at him. He noticed and snapped his eyes to my bare skin. I blushed at the look he was giving me.

Dinner went smoothly. Apparently the meeting, discussing whether we all going against the strogoi together had gone well. We all had an alliance. Though they had all set up some rules I didn't know them. The food was amazing; rhea certainly knew how to cook.

I also kept sneaking glances at Dimitri and notice with joy that he was always staring at me or at his food. During dinner I had sneakily put my hand on his thigh, making him jump in surprise, everyone had looked at him in surprise to asking what was wrong. He replied that he was fine and nothing was wrong. I'd nearly laughed but snickered into my food.

Since I'd embarrassed him, he decided to get his own back and slid his hand up my thigh and up my dress to rest on the top of my thigh, I'd snapped my head up but hadn't jumped like he had. He looked mildly annoyed that I hadn't made more of a spectacle so he slid his hand up further to feel the lacy fabric of my thong. I swear he almost growled and this time I did start choking up my drink. Everyone stopped and looked at me, their expressions ranging from concern, shock and understanding. The understanding looks came from Eric, dad, mum and Christian. Okay what the hell?

Soon dinner finished. Eric and rhea excused themselves first and went to bed, then mum and dad. Eddie stood up after and said he would be in the games room tonight and left. Lissa stood up holding Christians hand. She grinned at me then excused herself and took Christian upstairs to her room. André looked from Vikki grinning then to Dimitri then announced he'd be going to bed. Vikki kissed both mine and Dimitri's cheeks goodnight before following him. I laughed

"What?" Dimitri asked and I noticed how close we were standing. He was directly behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist and his head in the crook of my neck, kissing and smelling my skin.

"André and Vikki are hooking up. So is Lissa and Christian" I smiled into his mouth that now led kisses down my neck and across my bare shoulder.

"Hmmm, I know. But tonight is not about them." he stoped and turned me around to face him, his hands still on my waist, but his eyes staring intimitly into mine when he finished "its about us" then he leaned down and placed his lips, delectly on mine. Soon the kiss became more hungry and fast. His tongue flicked over my lip and I opened for him. Soon his tongue trailed everything inside my mouth. I eagerly wanted to feel inside his mouth, feel him. My arms snaked around his neck and my hands gripped his hair roughly. Not wanting to be gentle I shoved my tongue in his mouth and hungrily explored him. He growled and I moaned at the sensation it sent through my mouth. His hands went from my waist and ran down my legs. He gripped my thighs roughly and drew them up to his hips, effectively picking me up. I wrapped my legs around him and continually kissed him roughly. Dimitri started walking up the stairs and then into his room. He shut the door with his leg and led us to the bed….

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