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The first thing Beckett noticed was the warmth.

Smiling, she turned, expecting to see Josh Davidsons peaceful form sleeping. Instead, she found Richard Castle, the married old flame from years ago. He was still asleep, one arm wrapped around her waist, the other under his pillow. If she hadn't known better, she'd say that he was almost innocent looking in his current form.

But she knew that was a lie. He had shown his experience just last night.

She smiled at the memory of their adventures only hours ago and just how spontaneous it had been; he was never supposed to stop himself from leaving. He was supposed to of left the same way he did in LA.

Then again, Beckett shouldn't of stayed. The rules of the game were that they were never supposed to end their dance. They were supposed to be - for lack of a better term - forever alone.

But no, they ended up together, just as they always did; they somehow found each other, no matter what happened, they stood together, even when everything else had fallen. This was just another one of those times.

As Kate smiled, she quietly spoke to herself: "To hell with the rules."

It took one deep kiss to get him to awaken.

"That's one way to get up in the morning; a gender-swap version of 'Sleeping Beauty'" he said, kissing her back.

Beckett chuckled. "Yeah, well, if we only have four more days together - counting today - I want to make the most of it."

"Well, don't worry." Castle assured her. "We'll have the most fantastic four days of our lives."

"Ever the writer, aren't you?" Beckett mused. "That should be in a Victoria St. Clair novel."

"It already is." Castle quipped. "Just before its own version of page 105."

"It's a romantic novel, Castle. The entire book is a page 105."

"Which is why people love it." he winked playfully. "Victoria can write some very convincing sex scenes."

"I wonder where he gets his inspiration..." she snuggled closer to him. "... although I think I just found out."

"Generally speaking... yeah." Castle replied.

"Figures." She smiled. "I bet he's a really ladies-man."

"And ruggidly handsome." Castle said.

"Like character, like writer." She kissed his cheek.

Castle looked down at her. "So, what do you want to do today? I have the day off, remember?"

"That's right." Beckett said. "I think... I want to leave here."

He frowned. "From... me?"

"No! God no. I'm dragging this out for as long as I can. I mean I want to get away from the Hamptons. Go somewhere-"

"-Only we know?" the writer cut in, starting to hum the song he had only just heard a couple of weeks ago covered on a old rerun of Glee. Beckett hit him playfully.

"Somewhere that's not here. A nice change of pace would be... nice."

"I guess." Castle said, somewhat agreeing. Although he wasn't against going elsewhere, he knew that he couldn't control the press if they left the Hamptons.

Beckett seemed to read his mind. "Don't worry, Castle, I want this as covert as you do." she replied. "I have an idea-"

"Well, it'd depend on where you'd like to go." Castle interrupted.

Beckett smirked sheepishly. "I was hoping just to go to my place for the day. My hotel suite, anyways. Figured it's about time I paid for dinner. And try out that massive bed."

"Oh." Castle said, his eyes lighting up. "Oh. I can do that. Totally do that. Fine with me."

"Fantastic." Beckett responded, kissing him one last time. "Let's go, then. No more wasting time."

"Of course, my dear." He extended his hand. "For the rest of the week, we're together. No regrets, no holding back, nothing. The two of us together, and that's that."

Beckett took the hand without hesitation. "About damn time, huh, Castle?"

His smile lit up the room.

"I meant always, my dear detective. And always never expires."

They smiled at each other for a moment before Castle's phone rang. He picked it up. "Castle." he said. His smile turned into a large grin. "It's ready? Extraordinary. Thank you, Yves." He hung up and looked toward his muse.

"What is it?" Beckett asked.

"I have a surprise for you... unless you still want to go to your hotel room." He said suddenly, remembering that his entire conversation with her just moments ago contradicted what he wanted to do.

"Depends on what it is." Beckett replied back.

"Well, There's a Japanese Garden that's isolated from the rest of the world - I used to take Alexis there when she was little and we'd play games for hours on end - and I had asked Yves if we could take the garden for the day. He owed me from a predicament way back when. Sushi included." He gauged her reaction. "... so, is that okay?"

Beckett only had one question. "Can I bring a camera?"

"Of course."

"The it's a date."

An hour later, the two were surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms in the park that spanned half a football field in length and width. There was a fantastic bamboo forest in this Japanese-esque wonderland, which Katic Suites called "Ohayo Gozaimasu Sakura", which Beckett found out meant "Good Morning, Cherry Blossoms". They came at the perfect time of the Cherry Blossom season, and all such flowers were at full bloom. Within the park, there was a small wishing well and temple, a small restraunt, and an enormous koi pond which was under a bridge that connected the two halfes of the park to each other. Beckett had only seen part of this park in one of the welcoming brochures when she got to Katic Suites her first day; she never imagined it was as big or as beautfiul as this.

What the brochure hadn't told her, however, was that there was a small children's park next to the bamboo forest. In that childrens park, there was a swingset.

It was at those swingsets that Castle and Beckett had their picnic.

It was a fantastic view from the swingsets of the children's park in Ohayo Gozaimasu Sakura: from those swings, the entire park was in full view, and with the nice breeze that smelled of a pleasent mixture of sea salt (they WERE still by the ocean, after all) and cherry blossoms, the entire park had a romantic yet relaxing aura around it, giving Castle and Beckett a perfect getaway from their getaway.

Castle poured Beckett some saki. "I hope you like Japanese food."

"I'd eat anything right now." Beckett admitted, holding her stomach. "Bit hungry, to be honest."

"Well, after the workout from last night..." Castle started.

"... we both could use some food..." Beckett continued.

"... and a bit of rest." Castle ended.


"-I'm not really that tired."

"More energized, really."

"You took the words right out of my mouth, Detective."

Beckett had to smirk. "Even years after everything, we can still finish each other's sentences." She mused. Her smile lit up her face and Castle's. "Have to admit, that's damn impressive."

"Yes, it is." Castle said, taking a swig of Saki while swinging gently. "Annoyed the heckles out of Lanie, though." He turned to her, a goofy childish grin on his face. "Remember that cryogenic head case and Lanie had to power on her bone saw in order to ge tus to stop?"

Beckett laughed, now also swinging gently on her swing. "Or when we figured out the killer while we were on seperate dates and we did the same thing?"

Castle nodded. "OH! Remember when you had to dress as a Russian prostitiute to help me out?"

"You mean save your ass."

"Same thing... you're sexy as a Russian."

"You should hear my French accent." Beckett responded, which caused Castle to raise his eyebrow segestivley. Beckett continued, "What the time when we sang piano man with the guys on our way to the Old Haunt?"

"Yes! Might I say that your singing is quite superb?"

"As is yours. I still think there should of been karaoke night at the Old Haunt."

"There is one! It's every Monday, starting at 10PM."

"Awesomesauce!" Beckett replied. . They burst out laughing, all the while remembering the old days of the writer and muse together kicking ass, taking names, solving crimes, and radiating subtext while doing it.

"Come on, 'Sunny with a Chance Of Ass Kicking' is probably one of the best lines I've heard from you."

"And I know that you still like 'Apples'." Beckett replied, smirking.

"Hard word to replace." he repsonded. They laughed again, and this time he looked up at the sky. "Yeah, we had some really fun times back then, didn't we?" he asked sadly.

Beckett looked him over for a second before answering.

"Still do." Castle looked at her. "These past few days... I couldn't of had more fun if I tried. And, even thought we didn't end up the way we were supposed to... I've loved our adventures all those years ago, and that love never faded. So..." she looked down. "I think it's about time I said it; it's long overdue.I love you, Richard Castle. I've always loved you. You were my one and done, and still are my one and done. I'll forever adore your humor, and your work, and your passion, and... well, everything about you. I love the way your eyes light up when you have a crazy idea, I love the way you helped me through my mother's murder. I love your sense of humor, I love your voice, and I love the fact that I've had the pleasure of seeing your face everytime I wake up for the past few days. In short, Rick, I've never loved anyone as much as I've loved you. And that will never change."

Castle sat there while she spoke, letting her get her feelings out. When she was finished, he waited a moment before kissing her passionatley. "You took the words right out of my mouth, Detective." Castle responded. "Again."

She smiled. "Glad to hear it."

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