Here's the seventh and final chapter. Didn't take half as long as I thought it would after chapters 5 and 6!

Chapter 7

The moment Jake, Felix and Ace noticed the monster's absence, they each drew a Circuitron from their pockets and held it out, ready to fire at anything moving in the darker corners of the med bay.

For what seemed like hours, no-one saw or heard anything moving under the desks or in the corners.

Then, just when Jake was beginning to lower his guard, he cried out with surprise as the giant, blue, toad-like monster burst out from behind a large desk holding vials, and slammed full-force into Jake's stomach, knocking him down.

In a heartbeat, the Dreamworm was atop Jake's and tearing his mouth wide open, ready to crawl in and invade him.

Ace and Felix both trained their Circuitrons on the Dreamworm, but did not fire, should they hit Jake instead.

Hayley froze with fear and was seconds from diving forward to tear the Dreamworm away from Jake.

But she never got the chance.

Felix yelled across the med bay at the Dreamworm. The monster looked up from Jake at Felix, its rage-flooded eyes staring straight into his.

Just as it did this, without a second thought, Felix hurled the circuit straight at the Dreamworm.

Before the Dreamworm could react, the circuit had reached Felix's target, and a crackling, blue current of electricity burst from the circuit and blazed over the Dreamworm.

Just as the Electromancer was fused with the Dreamworm, the monster leapt off Jake's body and landed beside him, shrieking and clawing at the air as the two fused monsters tried to tear away from each other.

But both the monsters' attempts were futile. The circuit kept them merged.

Jake crawled away from the combined monsters, and, staggering to his feet, stared with awe as the Dreamworm and the Electromancer continued to try to separate.

After a few minutes of this, without warning, the Dreamworm abruptly froze as though someone had hit a pause button on it.

Then, all that anyone could see was a blinding whiteness for a split second. Then, the whiteness vanished as soon as it was born, and where the fused Electromancer and Dreamworm had been, there was only a charcoal-black, smoking burn on the floor where the two merged monsters had vapourized themselves.

For what seemed like hours, everyone stood, staring at the spot where the Dreamworm and the Electromancer had been moments before.

Then, the silence was broken when Jake turned to Felix, and exclaimed, "You gave up a great Troop reward for me?"

Felix smiled and replied, "Well, bros beforeā€¦" Felix spent the next few minutes staring into space as he tried to think of a word that meant 'honour' and rhymed with 'bros'.

10 Minutes Later

Gwen, Mark and Ace moved across the control hub towards the elevator, Mr. Stockley saying that he hoped to see them again as they passed by him.

Gwen and Mark strode into the elevator, but Ace stopped just outside the elevator doors, and turned to Hayley, who was leaning against the wall by the elevator, clearly deep in thought over what had happened in the nightmare.

Ace leaned close to Hayley so that no-one but Hayley would be able to hear him, and whispered to Hayley, "Is anything going on between you and Jake yet?"

Hayley nearly jumped with surprise as she was snapped back to reality.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Hayley replied aloud, clearly lying through her teeth.

"You know, you two wouldn't make a half bad couple!" Ace whispered into Hayley's ear. And without another word, Ace stepped into the elevator after Gwen and Mark, and the elevator door slid shut behind him.

Hayley glanced across the room at Jake. He had his back to Hayley, with Felix next to him and talking to him. Hayley could not pick out the words, but it was probably about giving up the reward for catching an Electromancer to save Jake.

Hayley had to admit she did like Jake, but in a way that she could not understand.

A thousand thoughts about what Ace had whispered to her were swimming through her head at that moment, while Jake's mind, unknown to Hayley, was still flooding with relief that Hayley was alright.

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