Forget-Me-Not Challenge

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters; I do own any OC spells explained at the end of the chapter as well as this challenge.

Hi everyone, DZ2 here with a new challenge, but, rather than post it in the forums, I have decided to post the challenge with this story and then the story that follows will be an example of how such a reply to the challenge can be written.

So, without further ado, here we go:


Plot: During one of his many death-defying adventures, Harry suffers an accident and, when he awakens he either:

A: Loses his memory completely with NO CHANCE of getting it back


B: Can't remember who he is, but does eventually remember


If challenge A, Harry CANNOT recall anything after July 31st of his first year at Hogwarts or, failing that, can't remember who he is!

If challenge B, Harry must regain his memory through flashbacks and snippets of memory


Must be set any year before - but not including - 5th Year

Grey or Dark Harry

Pairings must be H/Hr, HP/LL, HP/DG or HP/DM

Harry must sever ties with Ron and see him for what he is: a greedy, waste of space.

Even if she does not become his paired person, Hermione MUST remain Harry's friend

Harry must not trust Dumbledore


Harry siding with Tom

Harry becoming a Slytherin

Bindings on Harry's magic

Harry knowing about the Horcrux/prophecy

Severus reconciling with Sirius and Remus

Other Weasleys choosing to stick with Harry

Harry undergoing a full personality change


Harry sticking with Dumbledore

Hermione going against Harry

The Golden Trio remaining together

Neville or Luna bashing

Light Harry


And so, the next chapter will be chapter 1 of my own example of a reply to this challenge: it is a H/Hr set in 4th year and is a reply to challenge A;

Any questions or comments about the challenge are welcome, but please, nothing negative: personally, I find this a pretty interesting event to occur and explore.