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There was a long, drawn-out pause, during which Tom seemed to examine the being before him, his eyes looking to the mask as if he were admiring its creativity, before he was given his answer.

Harry James Potter kneeled before the Dark Lord Voldemort, his voice distorted by his mask as he answered, "I choose to serve you, my Lord."

Chapter 14: The Aftermath: Harry's Vindication

Silence filled the graveyard as Harry stood before the Death Eaters, his sword hidden beneath his robes, Tom almost smiling at the devious sense of magic that he was feeling from his new ward, Nagini rising next to what was now her Young Master's head, fangs bared as if she was daring any of them to speak out.

Finally, when no-one seemed to dare to react to this news, Tom spoke again, "Yes my friends, your shock and disbelief are perfectly understandable as you see something that the world would have you believe to be my enemy. This, however, is not true, for you see, thirteen years ago, on the night of Samhain, it was not death that I intended to deliver to young Harry here; no, it was a chance for true power. You see, this is no ordinary boy wizard; he is more than the Boy-Who-Lived; he is a dual Founder's Heir and something that has not been seen since the first rising of my power as the Dark Lord that you see before you: for you see, Harry James Potter is, in reality, the Heir of Pure Magic, the Prince of Magic itself."

"My lord?" asked Lucius, clearly finding his voice, "How do you know this?"

"I know of this Lucius," Tom replied, "Because of an extremely rare event that, fifteen months before the day that I was destroyed by magic, took place on the night of my new prince's birth: a full planetary alignment. A rare and unexplainable event that all those of magical blood know to be the sign of power in the heavens; on that day, light and dark magic were fused and delivered to a newborn child, Harry here, where they lay dormant for fourteen years."

"My Lord?" asked Harry, looking from Tom to Lucius as he spoke up, "May I address Malfoy?"

"Of course you may, my young ward," Tom answered, gesturing to Lucius as he added, "And from now on Harry, you are the only one who needs not address me as your Lord. You willingly gave your blood to bring me back to this world and you also willingly gave yourself to me in choosing my side over that of your own freedom; you are my equal in state, Harry Potter, so please…" he gestured to the still-stunned Death Eaters as he finished, "Speak your mind."

"Thank you," Harry remarked, inclining his head as he turned to the elder Malfoy, "There is one piece of the puzzle that our lord has left out of his little explanation Malfoy and that is the true events of Halloween night, as well as the reason that I choose his side over my freedom. Tell me," he walked over and stopped in front of Lucius, his eyes boring into the man's soul as he asked, "Have you heard from your son about the events of this year?"

"Of course I have," Lucius growled, his eyes on Harry as if he sought some kind of desire to harm him, "But I was not going to believe the story that my son told me: that you, of all people, had offered him a second chance at friendship and that, due to the Triwizard Tournament, you had…"

He was cut off as Harry practically summoned the sword of Gryffindor to his hand, his cloak and dark robe blowing aside, revealing the Tri-Lord Crest and mark of Slytherin as the Triple-Class Lord asked, "I had what Malfoy? Lost my memories and gained a whole new lease on life? Well, if that is what you deny to believe, then let me show you the proof you need."

Stepping back, Harry stabbed his sword into the ground, before he pulled out his wand and, turning back to Tom, asked, "This wand is not the one that you know as your brother, right Tom?"

"Yes Harry," answered the Dark Lord, not even worried or troubled as to the use of his real name. "Your wand has found its true master and you no longer bear the holly and phoenix feather wand that shares its core with my own."

"Then," Harry remarked, "With your permission, may I use a spell to show my memories to those present?"

"You may," Tom replied, watching as Harry withdrew the image from his mind, his eyes on Malfoy as he then threw his wand tip to the skies, his voice echoing through the graveyard.

"Memoire Revelius!"

A silver raincloud flew from the end of Harry's wand, building in size until Harry stepped back, a selection of images appearing in the cloud's midst until it resembled what had been seen on the ceiling of Hogwarts, Harry mentally pushing the images he had wanted to show to Malfoy into his spell.


Harry felt his heart soar and every ounce of his magic react to the kiss he was experiencing, Hermione with her arms now snaking around his waist while he held her in his arms; when they parted, all Hermione could do was nod as she mouthed, "Yes."

That was when everything went to hell and it all started with a very familiar voice calling out to them, "Oh, isn't that sweet? It's the girlie and the freak now matched by their freakish behaviour; of course it's hard to tell which is which."

The music fell silent, everyone took a step back and, as Harry turned, he caught sight of Ron Weasley standing there, a big grin on his face as he asked, "So Potter, you actually thought you could fool everyone with your nice-guy act, did you? You and the useless mudblood freak here?"

"Mr Weasley, leave the hall immediately," McGonagall demanded, but Ron didn't move: he was enjoying this too much.

"Poor little Potter and his filthy whore; no better than your mother, you are Potter and look where she ended up: dead!"

"Watch what you say Weasley and choose your next words carefully," Harry hissed, his eyes no longer glowing with happiness, but pure, unadulterated magic. "You may have to eat them."

"What can a freak like you do?" asked Ron, before he nodded to Hermione and added, "You know…I'm curious: did she ever tell you how we met? Did she tell you about how she was a bossy-arrogant-know-it-all who couldn't care about anything except being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes? She's a nightmare Harry and it's a wonder she didn't have any friends: well, until we rescued her from the troll…and the Basilisk…and the Dementors and how does she repay you? By keeping you in the dark: you see…I know," his grin was feral as he added, "I know why you're so different: kind of helps when you're in the right place at the wrong time."

"Ron," hissed Hermione, "Shut up."

"No mudblood," laughed Ron, obviously savouring his victory, "I'll tell the truth about the freak," he then raised his voice and called, "Poor little Potter had his accident at the First Task and now can't remember anything and you, Hermione Granger, are taking full advantage of it. Turning him away from me and Gryffindor and making him out to be some big hero when all he really is would be some weird freak with some freak's magic."

"Weasley," Snape snapped, "Shut your mouth this instant: this is not for you to know."

"Then Potter shouldn't have told the Squib about it," Ron laughed, "Because he has so little brains that he couldn't think to craft a silencing ward when he told our friends. Get your jollies from it did you Longbottom?"

"Silence!" roared Harry, now walking to the centre of the room, "You know nothing Weasley, you are nothing, but, on the other hand," he turned to the room, "He's also right: I can't remember anything, but, you know what? I DON'T WANT TO! I have had the best month of my life and learned a whole new lease on life: so, yeah, it's true, I suffered a massive mental block and now my memories from the past four years at Hogwarts are gone, which is also why I don't spend my nights in Gryffindor Tower. So, whatever plans you had to turn this to your advantage may as well be failures because I'm not for sale and," he rounded on Ron, his eyes blazing, "Thanks to you, I don't have to hide…but you should be running."

"Why?" asked Ron, "What can you say that'll change this?"

"How about…" Harry began, aware of his loyal pet's presence, the dog obviously drawn by his rage. "Sic him!"

Ron and the whole hall gasped as Snuffles charged into the hall, his eyes wide with fury and his jaws parted, before, as if frozen on the spot, Ron simply fell down and was pinned by the dog's jaws clamped around his leg, Harry now pointing his wand at Ron's head.

"Thank you Weasley," he growled, "Because you've just ruined the best night of my life, which is why I'm not sorry for doing this," aiming his wand at Ron's forehead, Harry commanded, "Boltuncendius!"

There was a powerful burst of green light, darker than the AK, but, when it fell, Ron was screaming, smoke trailing from his forehead, his eyes covered by a severe burn mark that trailed right round towards his red hair.

With that done, Harry turned and, looking at Hermione, shook his head, before he whispered, "Don't follow unless you really love me."

End Flashback

With a casual flick of his wand, Harry halted the images at those last words as he looked back to Malfoy, his eyes now showing none of the innocence or deception he had held when he had kneeled before Tom as he asked, "Now do you believe me Malfoy? I don't really recall how I lost my memories, but, when I did, my memories gave me a new lease on life and new powers. I am not even a member of Gryffindor House any longer, but chose, willingly, I might add, to finally accept that I will do well and belong in Slytherin: now, what do you have to say about that?"

Lucius stared at the silver cloud that had been conjured by the Tri-Lord, his shock and awe being shared by the Death Eaters and by the Dark Lord: Tom had never known just how much Harry had loathed his old life and willingly accepted his new life. Lucius, looking from his allies to the young man in front of him, stepped forwards and kneeled before Harry as he spoke, "I ask forgiveness…my Prince; I should not have doubted the word of my own son and learned to trust in the knowledge and strength of the Dark Lord's own declaration. I, Lucius Malfoy, am honoured to be of service and to be an ally of the Pure Prince, the right-hand of the Dark Lord."

"And I shall not forget this promise Lucius," Harry snarled, his eyes darkening as he looked to the other Death Eaters, his magic now visibly glowing around his body as he dismissed the silvery cloud, before he added, "All of you need to forget about the Boy-Who-Lived and the Golden Boy of Gryffindor; I am not that person any longer: I am the Heir of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin and, as of today, I am proud to stand with the only real truth in my life. But be warned, if you try to cross me or even think of targeting those who are near and dear to me, then I will not hesitate to slash you into a thousand pieces and feed you to Nagini, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Young Master," the Death Eaters replied, Harry turning to Tom as the Dark Lord smiled at his new ward, before he gestured away from the site, the Death Eaters taking this as their sign of dismissal as the two dark wizards walked away.

As they walked through the cemetery, Tom whipped out his wand and conjured a bag for the Triwizard Cup, before he summoned the Portkey into a bag, so that it was safe for either he or Harry to hold on to. Once that was done, Tom had only one thing to say to Harry, "What made you choose my side in the end?"

"You told me the truth," Harry explained, looking to the man he was now following in magic as he continued, "Everything I ever knew about my magic and my true strength has been nothing more than a lie, but, since November, I have become more powerful and gained the girl of my dreams as my girlfriend; I have acquired my lordship and learned the sad, but finally acceptable truth about my parents' deaths and, on top of all that, I have my own little band of followers to call upon as and when I need them."

"Really?" asked Tom, stopping as they reached an iron-wrought gate, his eyes on Harry as he asked, "Who are they?"

"I can cast the spell again if you wish," Harry replied, but stopped when Tom placed a hand on his shoulder.

"There's no need for that: you see, there's something I should have told you, but I was worried it would sway you away from this," he took a deep breath before he explained, "When you gave your blood to aid in my resurrection, it created a link between our minds that allow us to see through the eyes of the other and, with enough practice, to walk in the other's consciousness. However, because you gave your blood willingly, you have also been granted the ability to speak with me through the bond: try it."

"All right," Harry replied, slightly miffed that Tom had kept this secret from him, but, as he closed his eyes and reached into his magic, he realised that Tom's reason for doing so made perfect sense, which was more than could be said for the rest of the events that had transpired so far.

As he reached into the magic, Harry suddenly gasped as he touched his consciousness, feeling a familiar presence within him that he recognised as the second presence he had sensed some time ago, back when he had decreed his Lord's Acceptance in Gringotts, a part of him feeling a sense of amusement as he thought about how much had changed since then. This time, instead of turning away from the presence, Harry allowed his mental magic to delve deeper into its power, until he gasped as he felt the second presence and, with a gasp, realised it for what it truly was: Tom's mental and spiritual presence within him.

The Horcrux that Tom had placed within him thirteen years beforehand, except now, instead of fearing it, Harry opened his mind and, feeling slightly silly for doing so, whispered, "I accept it."

'I know you do,' a familiar soft voice hissed in his mind, Harry's eyes snapping open as he saw Tom standing there, a smile on the face of the human-appearing Dark Lord. 'Yes Harry,' Tom continued, 'The bond has been activated through the Horcrux's power and, with your choice made, you can now take its power for your own: I entrust you with its knowledge and everything sealed inside its dark glory; now, try to respond.'

Calming his own thoughts, Harry focused on the power of the Horcrux, feeling the familiar magic from his second presence wash over him as he spoke within his own thoughts, 'You mean…like…this?'

'Yes,' Tom answered, now walking through the gate and up to the manor that overlooked the graveyard, 'Don't worry about the strength of our bond Harry; it will get stronger and this speech can only be used when the bond is open; I promised you that I would not harm your friends and that includes the muggleborn that you call your girlfriend. I will allow full control of this bond to be yours, so that I cannot interfere and, despite your place as my prince and ward, I will not summon you to the meetings that will follow today; instead, you need only call on me and, if there is one set, then it is your choice.'

'I understand,' Harry replied, 'But what do I call you?'

'In the meetings,' explained the Dark Lord, 'You will address me as Voldemort and, to keep up appearances, you will kneel only when you arrive; keep your robe and mask as it will hide your identity from those outside the inner circle and, if you wish, then you may design a similar masked set for your followers. I will reveal their identities to the Death Eaters as and when you decide it and neither they nor their families will be harmed.'

'You promise?'

'Harry,' Tom sighed, 'You have done me a great deal tonight: I do promise, but if I tell you that I will do something or I declare something to you about those you care for, you will know I am telling the truth. Now, if you want to, you can return to Hogwarts, but, before you do, there is a small matter we need to discuss.'


Tom stopped his walking as he turned and looked to Harry, before, with a sigh, he explained, "I know that you won't like to do so Harry but…" he leaned closer and placed a soft hand on Harry's shoulder as he gave Harry his first true order as the prince of the dark side of magic;

"I want you to use Wormtail's body to announce that I have returned!"


If words had power then, when Harry reappeared outside the maze, Wormtail's body in his clutches, a scarred, weaker look in his eyes than before he had entered, all it would take was four words to change the world:

"He's back: Voldemort's back!"

Following that, there was a collective shock followed by fear from those who were out of the proverbial loop as well as the Ministry officials denying the presence of the supposedly dead Peter Pettigrew; that is, until he returned to consciousness and screamed out that the Dark Lord would protect him, which was seemingly enough to convince them of the truth.

That Pettigrew was alive and Sirius had been framed, which was music to Harry's ears as he made himself scarce, heading for the Chamber of Pride, where he found the Vindicators, Sirius, Remus, Minerva and Hermione all waiting for him, a small part of Harry finding it surprising that Severus was not among them.

"Well?" asked Hermione, approaching her boyfriend and giving him a soft kiss, before she seemed to allow herself to be taken into his arms.

Harry, looking from his lover to his mentors and friends, seemed to scan each of their faces before, with a defeated sigh, he lowered his head and, in a voice filled with acceptance, exclaimed, "I'm sorry…I chose to join him."

Silence filled the room as the Vindicators seemed to take this news to heart, the worst of them being Neville as he approached his lord and, looking into Harry's emerald eyes, gave a sad smile as he told him, "A promise is a promise."

Then, as Harry watched, the Vindicators kneeled before him, Remus and Sirius joining them, Minerva standing stock still as she looked to her young lord, before the Vindicators spoke as one, "We're with you…my lord."

"Thank you," Harry replied, looking to Minerva as he then added, "Don't worry; I'll keep my word to you Minerva, but, if you're all true to your word, then I need one more thing."

"What's that Harry?" asked Draco, looking to his Lord and, if his suspicions were confirmed about his Father, his Young Master.

"Simply put," Harry answered, "I need each of you to meet with me individually where I will ask for a wizard's oath and explain the situation, but, for those of you who are worried about how this will affect the world outside the school, I can only give you my word that I will not change in any way, shape or form."

"And I believe him," Hermione remarked, her arms around her boyfriend as she explained, "The Lord of the Vindicators has risked everything tonight in doing what he's done and now, thanks to the events of the past twenty-four hours, he can consider himself well and truly vindicated."

"That's right," Harry smiled, amused at the wordplay as he explained, "If someone were to ask me Who Am I? well, I would answer them with two words."

He removed Hermione from his arms and reached into his robe, withdrawing his sword and, holding it to the sky, announced;

"I'm me! And now…once and for all…I'm free!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of Who Am I; I chose to end it here so that it would give me a chance to think about how I provide the next part of the adventure and to give me a chance to work on my newer stories; there WILL be a sequel – which will be called We Are One – but, until I have the main story in mind, it will be a while before it will be posted; thanks to everyone who reviewed the story and, once again, if you wish to take a crack at the challenge associated with the story, then go ahead.

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Plot: During one of his many death-defying adventures, Harry suffers an accident and, when he awakens he either:

A: Loses his memory completely with NO CHANCE of getting it back


B: Can't remember who he is, but does eventually remember


If challenge A, Harry CANNOT recall anything after July 31st of his first year at Hogwarts or, failing that, can't remember who he is!

If challenge B, Harry must regain his memory through flashbacks and snippets of memory


Must be set any year before - but not including - 5th Year

Grey or Dark Harry

Pairings must be H/Hr, HP/LL, HP/DG or HP/DM

Harry must sever ties with Ron and see him for what he is: a greedy, waste of space.

Even if she does not become his paired person, Hermione MUST remain Harry's friend

Harry must not trust Dumbledore


Harry siding with Tom

Harry becoming a Slytherin

Bindings on Harry's magic

Harry knowing about the Horcrux/prophecy

Severus reconciling with Sirius and Remus

Other Weasleys choosing to stick with Harry

Harry undergoing a full personality change


Harry sticking with Dumbledore

Hermione going against Harry

The Golden Trio remaining together

Neville or Luna bashing

Light Harry


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Memoire Revelius – The Memory Window Charm: allows the caster to show the memories within their mind using mental focus without the need of a Pensieve;