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Ayumi Hiromi was only five when her parents died. Her dad was the first to die in a car accident. Then her mother died by a vampire hunter who shot her down. Ayumi always thought that maybe her parent's death was planned but since she had no parents it made life tough. Usually she'd steal food from shops and other markets and she'd sleep in the forest sometimes but today she had a feeling it would be different. Today while walking in the streets in the clothes she had which weren't so good a man came up to her.

"Excuse me little girl do you mind if ask do you have any parents" the man asked. He was taller than her of course he carried blond hair and wore glasses. 'No I don't and who are you" "Im Kaien Cross and you are" he said squatting down to her. "Im Ayumi Hiromi and no I don't have parents they died". After awhile of walking the streets talking to her Kaien asked her would she like to live with him and Yuki. 'Who's Yuki" Ayumi asked "Yuki's my daughter she been with me for awhile now so would you like to I wouldn't want guilt on my shoulder for not offering a home to you"

Why would he offer me a place to stay he doesn't even know me well I bet it's better than being on the street. Ayumi thought "Ok" she said. With that Ayumi walked with Kaien to her new home. "Yuki come here for a second" Kaien said then a little brown haired girl girl came in; in Ayumi's eyes she was really pretty and loved. Kaien to Yuki to run Ayumi a bath. After her bath Ayumi wanted to lay down she knew this was the beginning of her new life problem is she didn't know what hunger and difficulties lay ahead. While resting she started thinking she wanted revenge on the people who murdered her parents..

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