It's been years since Ayumi's been with the Cross family. So far she liked it; the family part is what bugged she knew they weren't here real family but they took her in so over all its better than nothing. She was now sixteen; her Zero and Yuki of course go to Cross Academy. Yumi never stays in class because she's still trying to find information on her parents murder's so she tends to sneak out of class. Today she didn't feel so good but she forced herself to go. Her hunger for blood kept on urging, most of the time she beat it with blood tablets but this time it might win. Ignoring it today she got ready for class but her hunger wasn't the only thing her stomach kept doing flips too.

She knew something was going to happen today good or bad. Unlike Yuki who's cheerful, nice and sweet, Ayumi's quiet and gentle with the things she says and does and never talks always keeping watch of things mostly concerning her parents. She never told anyone about her revenge except chairman which she just beat around the bush sometimes. But anyway on her walking to class she felt as if she was being watched by someone. In class the lecture was long and boring so she snuck out since her seat is by the door it didn't take very long to do so. Plus who would notice, she closed the door gently and walked out and then here comes the flips. "What the heck is wrong with me what am I so nervous about" she thought.

Getting in the courtyard she tried to relax looking up at the sky hurt her so she moved to the shaded area. "Ok so far nothing on my parent's man I hate this why aren't people talking im starting to feel like Kiryu" she said quietly. Then something hit her she felt someone's presence she immediately got up. "Who's there" she shouted of course a man with blond hair and dark glasses stepped out "who are you and why are you spying on me she asked. " Hmm I am Huri Torikago and sorry to disappoint you but I wasn't spying I was simply waiting for you to notice me" he said with his deep voice. "Well job well done now what do you want" she asked reading to rip this guy to shreds. "I couldn't help but here you complaing but you want to know something on your parents well I know who killed them"…..