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Last Left Off: When she rejected he made her do it; it wasn't long before the whole place was filled with senses that Kaname's blood was out….

People started to wonder what was happening especially the night class students. Ichijou raced up stairs and found where the sent was coming from he knocked on the door "Kaname-sama are you ok" then Ichijou opened the door revealing a big surprise to him. Ayumi stopped when she herd Ichijou's knocking but when he opened the door she didn't feel comfortable anymore. Having blood of their dorm class president run down her face wasn't what she wanted feeling out of place extremely she ran out the slamming Ichijou into the door. The rest of the night was really awkward Kaname said nothing on the way home in the limo with Ichijou. There was nothing to be said; Kaname had his reasons for doing what he had to do. Deep inside Kaname had only wondered what Ayumi felt now. Back at Cross Academy Ayumi was leaving she had rushed home from the meeting taking everything she had on off and put on some greenish baggy pants with a nice purple top (A/N: Sorry for the cordination but I was referring to Seiren's outfit when she let Kaname know of Rido's awakening) She cept out of dorm's to go with Huri the only man who knew what happened to her parents. She met with him in the woods and they left immediately not wanting to get caught when the perfects reached this part of campus. "So where are we going" Ayumi asked "To the people who know who killed your parents so just jump and be quiet and hold all questions till we get there". 'Mean much' Ayummi thought as she jumped from tree to tree

It only took them a minute to get where they needed to be using their super speed(A/N not really a minute but you guys know what I mean). They appeared at a huge building that could have been someone's mansion if downsized. "Ok where here so who lives here" Ayumi asked. "Well you see your parents killers are here,well this is where they counsel this is Aidou's mansion''. "Aidou's mansion like Hanabusa Aidou the one at our school why he kill my parents" she asked getting upset. "Calm down child he didn't kill your parents neither did his father or any of them a certain person killed them with the help of anther person say Sara Shirabuki and Shizuko Hio". "You mean the purebloods I always had a bad feeling about Sara ever since I step foot to meet her… once. "Yes me to never liked like her but their still clues to my puzzle but all will be revealed in time till then bye bye my dear…..

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