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WAITWAITWAIT DON'T HIT THAT BACK BUTTON JUST YET I know that this not the anticipated G27 fic, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be a bad fic, right?

Granted, "receiving another chance to change the grisly Future" is a tad vague. It's more of a "15YL!Tsuna's spirit gets implanted in past!Tsuna" the day before Reborn comes. Though he's now extremely intellectual, 15YL!Tsuna still has to deal with his younger self's lack of physical activity. Poor kid.

The premise of this fic is almost entirely focused on the angst and adventure/tragedy; there will be no pairings here. I'd rather not, since it'd complicate many things in the story, and Recurring Paradoxesby itself is a hassle. But anyways, I'll follow the manga on some events; others…you'll have to see.

Please enjoy! (I promise that I'll try not to be a bitch and actually finish this plunny, unlike what happened to FORI, TSOS, and CB…?)

EDIT(10/31/2011): Things have been changed here and there to make way for the revised plot, so please re-read this. If you're a new reader, then don't worry about it :D

WARNING: Violence, gore, language, character deaths, angst, gen. Don't like, don't read.

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Ex umbra in solem | From the shadow into the light



It dripped from his gloved hands onto the cold, barren ground, maliciously gleaming in the last rays of sunlight. The crimson tint of the liquid seemed to be mocking his melancholy, saying Even though you took revenge on their killers, they won't come back to life, no matter what happens.

But it was true. No matter what he could try, his Guardians would-could-never come back to life. Not even Reborn, the invincible Reborn, who had taken twenty seven bullets in vital organs for him and then tried to fend off the oncoming enemies even though he was critically injured, who was the world's strongest hitman, could return to the land of the living. He would never hear their laughter joyfully ring through the air again, nor spend another day in their comforting companionship. He would never fight alongside with them, feel the now nostalgic kick to the head as a 'wake-up call' or punishment, or endure the hardships of life with them by his side.

It was just the Sky. No Storm, No Sun, No Lightning, No Rain, No Mist, No Cloud. All gone into the void that was called death.

The very proof of that lay a few feet in front of him. Eight people who sacrificed their lives for him. Eight cold, dead bodies. Eight soon-to-be black tombs and white marble gravestones, all scathingly laughing at him in a grisly, inanimate way-See what you did? See what you caused? See what happened? It's all your fault, it's all your fault, it's all your fault-

"Forgive me, everyone" -he choked, tears running grimy streaks down his face- "I should have taken action sooner-"

-it's all your fault, you should have realized the potential consequences, it's all your fault-

His knees buckled, and he crumpled onto the bloodstained ground, sobbing. Everyone is missing, compromised, or dead. Vongola is in shambles now, the former strength only a fleeting wish. Nothing is left, nothing at all. No one to lead, no Family to help me, I am no one, nobody now…

If only! If the ring had actually accepted Xanxus as the next heir, I wouldn't have become Vongola Decimo. If I had never become Vongola Decimo, this would have never happened. "If I was stronger, more reliable that what I was before, would this have happened?" he whispered to himself, his voice reduced to a hoarse croak, "If I had actually accepted my destiny from the get-go, this would have happened? If I had actually taken the inheritance, if I was smart enough to notice the impending signs, if I hadn't put my guard down, this would have never happened." He maniacally laughed at the current situation; no one was there and no one could hear him.

He struggled back on his feet, and staggered a few more steps in an attempt to reach the dead bodies of his comrades, each foot put in front of him more excruciatingly painful than the last. "And this was all because of my stupidity…" he thought back. His whole plan to counter Byakuran had backfired when his intuition began screaming that he shouldn't "bite" the bullet and that in a sense, Shoichi…wasn't Shoichi. And when he noticed that all of his Guardians and even Reborn came, even though they weren't supposed to, the Millefiore opened fire.

All in all, it was a bloody ambush.

And he had completely screwed up from the beginning. Their only hope was Lambo's Ten Year Bazooka, but that had already been destroyed. He sadly smiled at the unmoving bodies. Forgive me, everyone.

He moved another step forward and inwardly cursed Byakuran, his parallel universes, and the Sky Mare Ring. Damn bastard was so lucky that if he made a mistake, he could just destroy that universe and hop into another. And the Sky Vongola Ring? All it did was aid in passing down traits, and in boosting one's will. As if that was useful. Screw Hyper Intuition. Screw genetics. If they can't help me at a time like this, what are they useful for? Nothing.

"But if I could only somehow tell my past self of my stupidity, so that this-this macabre would never happen again. If only I somehow let him know…" And then he remembered that even Giannini had been murdered in this war, as ironic as it was; apparently they had realized it too late. It wasn't until the Foundation sent him reports about the technician-genocide that he went to check on Giannini and found him dead in a pool of blood.

Can I doanything to stop this from happening?he thought, taking another step. It seems as if I can't…He tried taking one more step-I'm nearly there, hold on just a bit longer and-the world suddenly flashed black-white-color. He collapsed, head tilted sideways so that the last thing he saw wouldn't be some damn insect; it would be his Guardians. Friends. Family. At least I was able to avenge them. At least I can die with them close to me, he sadly smiled. But… slowly, steadily, the tears slowed down, his heartbeat slowed down, his breaths that were labored gasps slowed down. Soon, his shaking stopped altogether. Once bright amber eyes that were filled with simple, exuberant joy and determination became glassy as they dully stared at the crimson sky.

Let me see them alive once more… A final crystalline tear trickled down his face and landed on the Vongola Ring. Let me change this grisly future.


Oblivion finally enfolded him in its embrace.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the Vongola Ring began to glow, its light a tiny spark of hope in the sea of blood.

"Greetings, Vongola Decimo. Sawada Tsunayoshi, is it not?"

He looked up. Amber eyes coolly stared back at him.

Vongola Primo.

"Where am I, Giotto?" he cautiously asked. "All I remember is dying and lots of regret. Am I dead?"

After a long pause, Primo spoke. "Your body is dead; your spirit is not. I have taken your spirit inside the Vongola Ring until we can resolve a couple of problems that you have created in the world of the living."

"So you're saying that I won't get to see my dead friends and Family until we get this issue resolved," he slowly said, frowned, and crossed his arms. "Why?"

Giotto bitterly smiled. "Actually, if we followed tradition, your spirit would be eternally locked within the Vongola Ring. Just like Secondo and the rest, and of course, me. But your ultimate destiny, your spirit's fate to become one with the ring, will be suspended until you finish reliving your second chance; for now…" With an I-Gloved hand, the Vongola Primo created a screen made of dying will flames, and he heard his last thoughts.

The Flame screen then slowly dissipated as Giotto continued. "I have talked to the Tri-Ni-Sette about this, and they have unanimously agreed to let you have one more chance, but on the condition that you pay a price. Have you heard the quote that 'Humankind cannot gain anything without giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.'?"

"That's the first law of the now-obsolete alchemy, right?" he asked, and received a curt nod in reply. "Then what does that have to do with this…situation?"

"Alchemical laws are based on life, Decimo. According to alchemy, this law is the one and only truth in the world. With that in mind, you will have to pay, in one way or another, to have this wish fulfilled."

"My wish? To change the future? To send my knowledge to my younger self?" his eyes widened. "Do you mean that I can…"

Primo fixated a slightly cold look on him before continuing, as if to silently say 'children are supposed to be seen, not heard'. "It all depends on you. I am merely an entity now, albeit one who watches over the Vongola. My era, my time…it is long gone and forgotten. However…" he sighed, raking an I-Gloved hand through his spiky locks of hair. "For better or for worse, itis your life, Sawada Tsunayoshi. It is your choice to make. After all, you are the one who must live this life."

"I don't care about the price," he replied, looking at his predecessor with determined eyes, as he spoke. At last, after so many years of feeling despair and guilt, hope started to faintly beat its wings in his heart. "I'll use this chance to right the wrongs and avoid what happened."

"The answer of a true Vongola Don." A genuine, gentle smile graced Primo's face as the blond nodded once to show his understanding. "So be it, then. I hope everything goes to plan, Vongola Decimo."

Phantom arms embraced him before he was enveloped by darkness again.

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