The most beautiful form of seduction is pain: Pleasure- at it's most high- reversed into it's dark twin: anguish.

But because of it's dark nature, anguish is desired, chased after- pain is to be felt, to be tasted- and this twin, this dangerous seduction, guarantees a life full of suffering and darkness.

To long for pain is a longing to return to the womb, so to speak: to be swaddled in the comfort of utter despair, kicking every so often so that the people watching you know you are alive.

But to be born into the world is to be broken from that swaddling bubble made of a couple's long lost affair- and the moment you take in your first lungful of air to scream in defiance, you are made pure, breathing in the world of the living, of the light.

And it is very hard for most to return to darkness. Especially when they have lived in the light for so long. To become one with pain once more, is to lose yourself in the power of seduction; to be envyed by all, and the target of jealousy: Worship of every type.

But no matter how many times Nina tries to tell herself to "lose herself" in the role of the Black Swan, she can't. Being brought up in a respectful, but solid way, Nina is a dreamer of true love- not the temptations of ephermal pleasure.

Twirling along the dance floor, the young woman's toes dig deep into the polished wood, sending a deep numbness shooting up her legs. Nina continues dancing, her arms rising and falling, slowly, one extension at a time. She is limp in her movements, but far too practiced; she is a robot dressed in a tutu.

Her eyes scanning the mirrors of her own reflections, the young woman tip-toes quickly to one end of the floor, flapping her arms high above herself, trying to capture the attention of the one she loves, her eyes wide and wet. She bows over to her left, her arms reaching for the floor, her body straining, showing the Prince all she has to offer. Trying to show him pain.

The man dressed in black- named David- finally joins the dance, slinking up behind her, to breathe in her sweating neck, to ruffle her feathers. But he doesn't feel it. Only because this Black Swan isn't seducing him; she is trying to make him fall in love.

As the pair step along the floor together, Nina casts anxious glances towards the instructor, (whose name is Thomas Leroy,) silently pleading for guidance, knowing deep in her heart something must be wrong.

Instead of speaking, he shakes his head at her, his arms folded over his chest as he sits moodily in a fold-out chair.

Her reflections dance wildly around the room, a black-clothed man rushing to meet join hands, then break away, then reach out towards each other with passion.

Nina turns her head towards her instructor, and her dancing partner(David) groans out a sigh, annoyed. This causes Nina to stumble, and she falls, catching herself a moment before cracking her ribs on the floor.

With a look of mockery, the Prince turns away, then announces to the room that "this is ridiculous," and he was going to lunch.

Thomas nods, saying quickly, "Be back here in 15." He stands up from the chair and approaches Nina.

"I-I'm sorry," says the girl hastily, standing up.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" Thomas demands.

"I... I just need to know if I'm doing it right-"

Thomas holds up a hand. "I'm not talking to you, Nina." He calls out loudly, looking around the empty room. "Where is the Black Swan?"

Nina looks away, then up at the man, tears welling in her eyes. "I am the Black Swan..."

"No you're not." His face turns grave. "Show her to me... Bring her out." He touches her damp face. "Let go."

"I'm trying, I am!" Nina nearly sobs out.

"Nina!" snaps Thomas. "Will you please be quiet? I need the Black Swan-" he leans close to her face. "I desire her," he adds in a fierce whisper.

Rising her head high, the girl takes a few steps back, her arms swimming in the air.

"Good, good..." the man walks around her, waving a hand to what-ever limb needs to become more limber. He walks back to his chair and stands by it."Now, again."

Nina bows down over her body, her arms crossed at the wrists, stretching down to her perfectly balanced toes, which force her body to stand upright. Taking her time, she spreads her arms out and up, unwinding herself, then she begins to step. Step ahead, step backwards, and leap ahead, twirling; she repeats this until she reaches the end of the room, then she turns and flaps her way to the center, her feet tapping away, springing her light body in the air.

"Your chance has come!" cries Thomas Leroy passionately. "The Prince is in your grasp, but you must first remove the White Swan from his mind! Seduce him- make him yearn for you. Make him want to embrace your darkness!"

Nina gestures to the world around her, spinning her body to the music playing inside her head. She brings her hands across her body, then points to the ceiling, then follows her shadow in a dramatic dance, swaying, churning her toenails back into her feet. Causing them to swell in pain.

Seduce him...

Nina breathes out hard, her mind rolling as she picks up speed and leaps at each mirror before flapping. She brings a leg up behind her, back bending, and she starts whirling around in place, spinning in a flawless circle. After spinning, she throws her hands out, motioning for freedom, and bows to the row of empty chairs. The dance is complete.

"Thomas...?" she gasps out, straightening out. She looks around, nervously, and then feels a warm pressure clamp down on her neck. Nina flinches and touches the invader; it's a hand.

His hand.

Turning her head behind and upwards, the young woman sees her instructor there, his mouth slack, his face lustful. "There you are..." he mutters softly.

He tilts his head and moves forward to kiss her cheek, but Nina twists around sharply to face him.

Before he can say anything, Nina grabs Leroy's face with both hands and kisses him.