A Series of Tests Chapter 10 Begging

Shego lowered me onto the bed. My breath had already increased and was now almost a pant. She kissed my neck in all the right places, causing me to moan. Her thigh pressed between my legs and against my core. I arched upward as a bombardment of pleasure started. Then, I heard a 'click' and felt pressure on my wrists: I was chained to the bed. Shego didn't seem to care because she continued to make her way down to my collarbone, making me let out another small sound.
"Mmm... Shego..." I gasped when one of her hands cupped my breast while the other made it's way between us and put pressure on my womanhood. "Why the cuffs?" Her lips moved next to my ear.
"Because, you're the princess locked in my tower..." Her voice was deep and rough. I yelped slightly when she nipped my ear.
"But you know that I'll be good." She laughed, it was almost a purr.
"But I plan on making you beg for release..." I decided to play along. If she wanted a little role-play, I was game.

Her tongue trailed down my neck to my breast. Her mouth clasped over my tit, I moaned.
"Don't worry about being loud. Draken thinks I'm torturing you, which won't be entirely false." She moved up to my ear again. "So the louder the better." The palm of her hand pressed against my core.
"Shego!" I gasped; she laughed and lowered herself, pressing soft kisses on my bare skin. A shiver ran all over my body. She placed her mouth between my breasts and flicked her tongue.
"Ungh..." I arched upwards; I felt her lips curl into a smile against my skin. She continued to make her way down to my stomach where she flicked the inside of my belly button, I giggled. She pulled back and straddled me. I could feel the rise and fall of my chest and my heart rate increase.
"What are you going to do to me?" I asked, my voice breathier than I expected. Her fingers danced on the skin just above my panty-line and she snapped it, I yelped.
"Let's just say it'll be a night you'll never forget... Or want to..."

She tugged on my underwear, slowly pulling them down to my ankles and finally off completely.
"My God Shego!" I panted, "Are you going to do this the whole time?" Her laugh was deep and rich.
"I told you Princess, you'll be begging for mercy." She captured me in a deep embrace. Her tongue immediately demanded access to my mouth, an access that I happy obliged. That's when I felt the tips of her fingers dancing down my bare stomach. I pretended to pay no attention to this, but once she got bellow my bellybutton, it was getting difficult not to. Then her fingers twirled the red hair and made their way to my throbbing core. I squirmed, trying to get those fingers to get to where I wanted them to.
"Getting impatient are we?" I nodded. I felt her lips curl into a smile against mine.
"You should just beg already." I gasped when her fingers found my clit and toyed with it, but weren't exactly giving me what I needed.
"Never." I smiled wickedly. Her fingers continued to dance over it.
"Oh come on Kim... It's not that hard, just say it..." I squeaked when the tip of her finger barely entered. Just as quickly, she pulled it out and away.
"That's just not fair." I panted. She kissed me roughly and did it again while she bit my lip: she pulled away.
"Is that so?" She kissed my pulse point, gaining a moan from me and she did the motion again. I bit my bottom lip to prevent the frustrated scream from escaping my lips. When she pulled away again, I chuckled.
"You have no idea what make me scream." She pulled back up to my ear.
"Oh yeah? Just watch me." I expected her to do the motion again, but instead she lowered herself all the way down.
"Sh-Shego, wh-what are you doing?" I asked nervously.
"I'm going to make you scream."

She kissed my clit and I moaned.
"Oh, so you like that?" I nodded. She kissed it again and then flicked her tongue against my entrance, causing me to arch my back. She kissed it and licked it to a point that was going to cause me to go insane.
"Shego..." She stopped.
"Yes princess?"
"I need you..." She pulled herself back up to face me.
"Need me to what?"
"I need you... Inside me..." I never thought that I'd ever say those words. She grinned,
"Your wish is my command."

She kissed my as one of her hands slowly entered me, I gasped.
"Shego, it hurts." She stopped.
"Is this your first time?" I sheepishly nodded.
"Oh..." She pushed slower, "Just relax." I did, or at least, I tried. Then she started pumping and a bombardment of pleasure replaced to pain. She started going faster and she twisted the tip of her finger and it hit my g-spot.
"Shego, I think I'm gonna..." She pushed one more time, harder than the rest, "SHEGO!" I screamed and she continued to pump; slower and softer now, helping me ride it out. She collapsed on the bed next to me; we both laid there, exhausted.
"That... was... amazing..." I panted, she kissed me one last time.
"I love you." she whispered. I smiled.
"I love you too." She held me in her arms as I fell asleep.

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