A/N: Spoilers - I guess kind of. I haven't actually seen season six but I know enough about what happened to drop hints. So if you also haven't seen it, and don't want to know what's happening don't read. :D

Setting: Set somewhere before 6x18.


Dean sat facing the barricaded door a loaded shotgun resting across his knees. He'd already sent one man to the hospital and given a pizza boy a broken nose.

Then there was his brother and Bobby, handcuffed to an ancient radiator in the room next door. Everything had started out so normal, they'd arrived in this small Wisconsin town after a tip that Eve was around. Castiel had met them here determined to help them locate the escape mother of all.

Everything had seemed alright, if a little strange when they stopped by a diner for breakfast after driving over night.

Dean hadn't really been paying much attention at first. Cas usually got strange looks, walking around looking like a tax-account who'd been pulled through a hedge backwards tended to get noticed.

But when the bright young red-haired waitress stopped, looked Cas dead in the eye, winked and licked her lips seductively, that caught Dean's attention, he'd laughed the second the waitress had vanished. Teasing Cas relentlessly through their breakfast. There was nothing more enjoyable to Dean Winchester than watching that up-tight little angel of the lord blush scarlet.

That amusement had quickly vanished when they'd gotten up to leave. The waitress had given Cas a piece of paper with her number, which he'd stared down at confusing.

"What is this for?"

"Call me." she'd sighed, all goofy-like.


Dean laughed, snatched the paper from Cass hand and placed it in the angels' top-pocket before smiling at the waitress. "I'll make sure he does." Then they'd headed for the door. That was when everything got just a little bit creepy as a large trucker type stepped into their path.

"Hey." he said in a low deep and somewhat menacing voice.

"Hello." Cas replied in his usual well-mannered ignorance.

"And what's your name?"


"Nice." The trucker smiled.

The Trucker was giving Cas a look that made Dean think of a prison movie where the big brawny tough guy wanted to make the pretty new arrival his bitch. Dean acted quickly and without thought. "Listen bigfoot we don't want any trouble."

The truck guy didn't say anything, or take his eyes of Cas as he pushed Dean unceremoniously aside. Dean stumbled and glanced around for backup only to notice that Bobby and Sam had already left the diner.

The guy took a step towards Cas and the angel had at least the comment sense to back away, problem was Cas backed right into the waiting arms of another guy. He looked around to meet dark brown eyes and a gentle smile.


Dean looked from the trucker to the average Joe and something in his gut tightened. What the hell was going on here, some kind of gay convention in town? He moved between them, grabbing the collar of Cass trench-coat with his left hand while brandishing his firearm with his right. It may have been slight overkill but Dean wasn't in the mood for this shit. Not after driving all night and spending the last three day hunting a werewolf three states over. "Like I said we don't want trouble."

The diner was silent as Dean dragged the angel away from the men and towards the door. The only sound heard was a high pitched squeal that had Dean turning to glare at the trucker while pushing Cas behind him and out of the door.

Hitting the street, Dean put away his weapon and glared at the two men who'd abandoned him.

"What took you so long?" Sam asked nonchalantly.

"He pinched me." Cas replied, looking from Dean to Sam and back again, his eyes wide with confusion.

"Thanks for the back up." Dean snapped.

"What happened?" Bobby inquired with a frown.

"Who pinched you?" Sam asked, at the same time as Bobby.

"I had to fight off a couple of gay truckers..." Dean grumbled. "…One pinched his arse."

Sam and Bobby looked from Dean to Cas and smirked, then laughed. Dean cursed them a pair of idiot's before starting to march off, leaving Cas to the amused comments of his brother and friend.

They hadn't gone three feet before it happened again. Out of nowhere a soccer-mom pushed right past Dean, walked determinedly up to Cas and planted a kiss right on the angels' lips.

At least this one wasn't a demon. Dean thought.

The three hunters watched as the soccer-mom, pressed not only her lips but also her flatteringly curvaceous body up against Cass, until finally she whispered into his ear and left.

"What did she say?" Sam asked curiously not even trying to hide his grin.

"She gave me her address." Cas frowned looking back over his shoulder to the vanishing woman. "And that her husband wouldn't be home all weekend."

Dean rolled his eyes while Sam and Bobby laughed, Sam clapping the angel on the shoulder.

"Aren't we popular today?"

Dean glared at his companions. "Can we just get to work." he snapped.

"What crawled up your butt and died?" Bobby chuckled as they followed after him.

"Nothing, but I thought we were here to find Eve, not get Cas laid."

But that wasn't the last incident. In the time it took them to walk half a block three men and two women all made a b-line for Cass, either trying to kiss him, touch him in a way totally inappropriate in public, or pushing pieces of paper into his hand. When a short, balding second-hand-car-salesman type tapped Cas on the shoulder then proceeded to try and stick his tongue down the surprised angels throat, Dean had finally had enough.

He'd once again grabbed Cas by the back of his trench-coat, yanking him away with all his forced before taking swing at the complaining salesman. Sam, Bobby and Cas stared open mouthed as the guy fell back onto his butt, Dean shook the pain out of his hand as he looked around at the people gathering in the streets, none of them caring that Dean had just knocked some guy unconscious in the middle of the street, they were all preoccupied with watching the angel and he looked at Dean with that wide blue eyed confusion.

Dean turned. "I think it's time you get out of here."

Cas gave a brief nod in agreement and then… nothing. He was still standing there.

"What you waiting for?"

Cas tried again but nothing.


"I – I can't."

"What you mean can't? I thought you were new and improved?"

Cas looked around him and tried to leave again with no luck. When he looked back at Dean he was bemused, angry and very nervous.

Dean glanced around again and saw that the citizens were closing in. "We don't have time for this." He stormed passed Cas, grabbing his sleeve in a vice grip and dragging him alone behind him, a concerned Bobby and Sam in their wake.

It was another three block till they reached the Impala and he swore – quite loudly. – that he was never parking so far away from a diner again.

By the time they all claimed into the car, there was a carnival of people following them.

"We're getting the hell out of Dodge." Dean grumbled.

"What about Eve?" Cas said serious.

"It's not all about Eve…" Dean tried to sound amused and light-hearted, but he didn't pull it off. He started the engine and pulled away from the curb, in the rear-view mirror he could see the peoples angry shouts, a few were even chasing after them.