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Ame knew her class started at 8:30 A.M. It was around six in the morning, so she decided she had some time. She would sleep just five more minutes….

"~It's morning~ wake up!" Mephisto said, walking into her room.

"In five minutes!" Ame grumbled, turning over, back facing Mephisto.

"Here's your uniform, and keys. You know what to do!" Mephisto said, dropping the girl's uniform onto her bed.

"Thanks. Can I move into my dorm today?" She asked quietly, feeling tired.

"Sure thing. Remember, it's the silver key." Mephisto agreed.

"Got it." Ame replied.

He took one last glance at her and couldn't help but smirk, because her hair was all messed up and everything. Mephisto left the room, having other important matters at hand.

After five minutes, Ame slowly made her way out of bed. She headed over to the bathroom to take a shower and brush her teeth and hair and stuff.

'I'm going to be an exorcist!' she thought to herself, smiling brightly.

Once she was ready, having her uniform on, securing her tie, and putting a single black clip to put some hair to the side, she quickly made her way downstairs, along with her bag.

"Bye!" Ame called to Mephisto, who was at his desk, writing on some important documents.

"Don't get lost!" Mephisto waved.

Ame grinned "I'll try not to."

"Wait a sec." Mephisto said.

Ame stopped in her tracks.

"You are not to let anyone know that I am the one who raised you. Only the order and a few others should remain in knowledge of this." Mephisto explained.

"I understand." Ame nodded. She didn't want to complicate things for Mephisto.

Before leaving, she quickly stole a piece of toast with jam from Mephisto's breakfast stand.

He didn't look like he really cared, but Ame could tell he was probably thinking something like … 'Stealing my toast? How nice." Oh Mephisto.

Ame took out a gold key and tried it on a random door. Like she expected, she was now inside the cram school building. Now, she just had to find the room.

"DAMMIT!" she heard someone yell down the hall. There was a flash of blue flames.

On the floor, sitting with legs crossed, was a guy with navy blue hair and ocean eyes.

She walked up to the random guy.

"Are you okay?" Ame asked, kneeling down. In front of the guy were three candles, now melted.

"Yeah. I'm fine…" he began, but then he looked up at her. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Kummota Ame!" She said, smiling. "I'm joining the exwire class. Are you in it?"

"I am an exwire, but, well…" Rin didn't know how to explain the fact that he was the son of Satan, and wanted to become an exorcist, and that he was now under special training to a random stranger.

"You're the one that's the son of Satan?" Ame questioned. "I saw your blue flames…"

In the past, she had heard Mephisto mention a lot of things about a certain "gamble" he was trying to make with the order to use the son of Satan as a weapon. From what she had heard, he was fifteen and had Satan's blue flames. The only thing she hadn't heard was a name.

"H-how do you know?" Rin asked, worried. Not many people were supposed to know of his existence!

Now Ame was in a pinch. How could she explain, to the son of Satan, that she was a demon too? What if it leads to the topic of her heredity? She, herself, had no idea who her true parents were. She only knew she was a half demon. If she told him, wouldn't he wonder who raised her?

Ame remembered what Mephisto had told her earlier.

""You are not to let anyone know that I am the one who raised you. Only the order and a few others should remain in knowledge of this."

"I've heard, because I'm going to be joining the class and all….plus I knew it was you because I saw your blue flames. What's your name?" Ame asked.

"Rin Okumura. Nice to meet you, Ame!" He said, putting his hand out for her to shake. She shook it. Wasn't he supposed to be…evil? After all, he was the son of Satan. Yet Ame felt no fear. How strange.

Suddenly, Rin's eyes widened.

"You're not afraid of me?" He asked.

"No, of course not!" Ame smiled.

"Wait…" Rin observed Ames feature a bit closer. The side of her hair, which was clipped, exposed her ear. 'Her ear is pointy, like mine…' Rin thought.

"Yeah?" Ame asked.

"I-Its nothing." Rin said, grinning sheepishly.

"Okay." Ame grinned.

Pointed teeth! Again, like me! Rin couldn't help but noticing.

As Ame was about to say goodbye, realization hit Rin.

"You're a demon!" He exclaimed.

Ame's eyes widened.


How did he find out?

"How did you know?" Ame asked.

"You have pointed ears, and teeth, like me!" Rin said. He couldn't believe he had just met someone else like him, a demon, who wasn't crazy like Amaimon or Mephisto! Well, she didn't seem crazy, anyway. He hoped he was right.

"T-that doesn't prove anything!" Ame

"Do you have a tail?" Rin asked.

"No way!" Ame said, shaking her head. She wasn't good at lying, because Rin saw right through it.

"Yes, you do." He opposed, looking her in the eyes.

"H-how can you tell?" Ame asked, stuttering.

Rin smiled. "You look like a demon."

"I see. I have to wait here anyway since I'm early, so…what's up?" Ame asked, being casual.

"I can't do this right!" Rin complained.

"What kind of training are you doing?" Ame asked, noting the candles.

Rin sighed. "You see how I have three candles lined up in a row? I have to light the two candles on either side of the middle one. I have to light them both at the same time."

"How long has it been?" Ame questioned.

"Like, an hour!" Rin whined. "Do you have any advice? Because you're a demon too, and all…"

"Not all demons are the same. And I'm no expert, but have you tried being confident in your flames? You kinda looked scared of them earlier. If you lose the fear, your flames should obey you. I'm just guessing!" Ame suggested.

"Oh. I see! Thanks, Ame." Rin smiled.

"You're welcome, Rin…, may I call you?" Ame smiled. She really liked this guy. He was nice. WAIT what was she saying all this all of a sudden about the son of SATAN….? Well, she had probably guessed wrong about him earlier….he didn't look evil at all.

"Definitely!" Rin grinned

Rin and Ame heard footsteps in the hall. They both looked up, to see a brunette with glasses and three moles on his face.

"Yukio!" Rin exclaimed.

"I shall take you to training." Yukio said, grabbing hold of Rin. "As soon as we find a girl named Kummota Ame."

Ame froze. This guy was looking for her? Why?

"That's me." Ame interrupted, feeling awkward.

"Oh, alright." Yukio gave a small smile. "I have been ordered by Mephisto to bring you to your special training."

"Special training? But aren't I in exwire class?" Ame asked.

"You, being a demon like Rin, need to train differently. All demon exorcists do." Yukio explained.

"Oh, okay." Ame said.

"Follow me, you two." Yukio said as he leaded them both to the training room.

Ame followed, wondering. 'Why hadn't Mephisto told me I would have special training? Perhaps he forgot?' Ame thought.

They arrived at the special training room, with batting cages, exercise machines, training swords, etc.

"You're going to train with me!" Rin said, happy he wouldn't be alone anymore. Yukio and Shura could be real pains in the neck, after all.

"I look forward to it!" Ame smiled.

At that moment, somehow, they both knew they would be good friends.

"I bet I can hit more baseballs than you!" Ame challenged.

"We'll see about that!" Rin said, accepting the challenge.

After a good few hours of training, both of them sat down to take a break.

"That was pretty intense." Rin said to strike a conversation while sipping some water out of a bottle.

"Yeah. It was…" Ame panted, sweaty and dehydrated.

"You look thirsty." Rin noticed.

"Is there a water fountain?" Ame asked, hopeful.

"This building is abandoned, the plumbing doesn't work." Yukio said, walking up to her. "Bring water next time."

"I will." She said in a raspy voice.

Yukio left, going to the batting cages to bat with Shura.

"Here." Rin said, looking the other way and blushing. He had handed her his water bottle.

"I can have a sip?" Ame asked.

"Yeah." Rin said.

Without a second thought, Ame lifted the bottle into the air and poured some of the water into her mouth.

She gave it back to Rin.

"Thanks." She smiled, looking much better.

Rin smiled kindly. He felt happy that he could do something for someone. She seemed like a nice person.

Meanwhile, Mephisto was getting busy back at his office.

"Brother, who is she?" Amaimon asked, pointing at a picture of Ame attached to a document Mephisto was currently filling out.

Ame wasn't looking at the camera in this photo, because Mephisto had taken the picture without her permission. He was currently keeping file of her progress because it was requested by the Order. Ever since the incident with Rin losing control of his power, the Order was being very specific about keeping him and any other demons under control.

"She's the half demon girl I found fifteen years ago." Mephisto replied.

"I see." Amaimon said, closely observing the picture while licking a lollipop.

Mephisto suddenly stopped writing. He looked up at Amaimon, then back at the picture, then back at Amaimon.

"Does Kummota Ame interest you?" Mephisto smirked.

"I wouldn't know, brother, I haven't met her. Is she amusing?" Amaimon asked, now finishing his lollipop and getting another one.

"Very amusing, once you get to know her." Mephisto told, going back to his paper work.

"Then maybe I will." Amaimon said. Now it was his turn to smirk.

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