Naruto: Age of Jashin

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Chapter 1: Birth of Evil

The full moon was high in the sky as its pale bluish light glowed in the darkness of the night. At such an ungodly hour, most people would be asleep. However, at a derelict looking shrine, a group of people were wide awake. If anyone were in the area, they would hear the screams of a woman who was in more than a little pain. And if you were to listen closely, you would be able to hear the sound of several other people chanting in a tongue that was highly uncommon to the people of the land.

Inside the shrine was a group of people dressed in pitch black robes. Each one of them also wore a circular pendant with an inverted triangle and wielded a tri-bladed scythe. In front of each figure was either a man or a woman, all of whom were bound, gagged and present against their will. They were all dressed in regal looking kimonos and looked particularly well to do.

In the center of this gathering was a nude woman laying on top of a small bed. Like the robed figures surrounding her, this woman wore the same pendant they wore; a circle with an inverted triangle inside. She had long jet black hair and a beautiful face. Well, it would be beautiful, if said woman wasn't in so much pain. The reason for her pain had to do with the fact that this woman was in the middle of childbirth. The life that she had been carrying for the past nine months was ready to leave the womb.

Along with the woman was another cloaked figure to tend to the needs of the soon to be mother and the soon to be born child.

"Jashin-sama, we are gathered here on this night so that we may welcome the newest member of your loyal followers into this world. We, your loyal servants, humbly ask that you bestow upon this child with your most sacred of blessings. I have foreseen great things in this child's future my lord and I can personally assure you that she will become one, if not the most powerful priestesses to ever be produced from our religion. In exchange for your generosity Jashin-sama, we offer you the blood of this small gathering of heathen nobility. Shall this not be enough, I will gladly offer my own blood as well not only to complete this exchange, but also as a sign of forgiveness my lord." The attending figure spoke in a low female voice.

The bound people looked at the figure as if she were insane. That was when the flames on some of the candles around the bed suddenly rose up. The flames merged together above the attendant and the expecting mother and formed a demonic face made of fire. The attendant and the cloaked figures all bowed down in respect. The pain that the expecting mother felt was temporarily forgotten. Unable to bow like the others, she bowed her head to show her respect.

"Welcome Jashin-sama. You honor us with your presence." The attendant said with a tone of respect.

"You may dispense with the pleasantries Kinaki." The flaming head of Jashin said, his voice sounded like rocks grinding together. He then looked at the ones who were bound and gagged. "The ones you intend to offer me may be heathens Kinaki, however they are of noble lineage and blood such as theirs is quite a commodity." Jashin said.

"I take it you are pleased with our offering my lord?" The attendant, Kinaki, replied.

"Yes." Jashin said as he looked over to the woman on the bed. "As for your request, I too have seen into the future of the child that is about to be born. And like you, I as well have seen great things in the future of the daughter of your daughter. She will indeed become one of the greatest high priestesses to come along in some time." Jashin's head turned to look back at the sacrificial ones. "This sacrifice seems more than satisfactory. As such, I shall bestow the child with the blessings that I only reserve for a very select few: immortality and blood sorcery."

"Jashin-sama I thank you." Kinaki said as she bowed again. "You shall not regret this."

"See to it that I do not." Jashin said. "Commence with the Ritual of the High Priestess."

"At once my lord." Kinaki said as the flaming head of her master vanished. She then looked to her daughter. "Kinsumi, push."

The woman, Kinsumi, complied and was rewarded with a fresh surge of pain. The chanting from the others got louder and she replied with an even louder scream of pain. Kinaki looked to the other cloaked figures and raised her arms. At this, the other figures raised their scythes in unison, as if preparing to swing them. The bound captives could only look on in horror as they did not know which was more horrifying, the macabre birth taking place before them or the fact that they were about to die.

After another scream from the soon-to-be mother, Kinaki quickly threw down her arms. With that, the other figures swung their scythes downward, hitting each of their respective victims in their necks. While the cloaked figures didn't decapitate their victims, they did manage to sever each of their victims' Carotid Arteries. They would bleed out in seconds. The gurgling sounds they made as they died mixed in with the chanting from their killers and the pained screams from Kinsumi.

Kinaki then pulled off the hood of her cloak to reveal that she was an older woman with graying hair. She also bore a faint resemblance to Kinsumi. She looked at the blood that was oozing out of the dead captives. "Begin the final spells." Kinaki said in a commanding tone. The others quickly stuck their respective scythes into the ground, clapped their hands together and started to chant loudly. Kinaki then turned back to her daughter. "Kinsumi, it is now time. Push."


Kinaki just rolled her eyes slightly. "As if Kinsumi wasn't charming enough when she wasn't pregnant."

Kinsumi pushed harder, screaming and cursing the whole time. The cloaked figures continued their chanting. After several more pushes screams and curses, Kinsumi felt the mass that she had been carrying for the past nine months leave her body. The chanting from the cloaked figure ceased and Kinsumi's screaming was replaced with gasping breaths of relief. A few seconds later, a new sound could be heard in the shrine: the sound of a newborn baby.

"Fucking shit, that hurt like hell." Kinsumi sighed in relief as one of the cloaked figures covered the new mother with a black sheet.

Kinaki was there to catch her new granddaughter the instant she left Kinsumi's body. After severing and securing the umbilical cord on the child, Kinaki gently carried her granddaughter over to the altar in the back of the room. After gently laying the baby down, Kinaki signaled for one of the others. Another figure was at Kinaki's side with a small golden goblet that was filled with viscous red blood. Kinaki dipped a finger in the blood and drew a circle with an inverted triangle on the newborn's chest, just below her collarbone.

"Behold Jashin-sama. I give you Kin Tsuchi, daughter of my daughter, Kinsumi Tsuchi and granddaughter to me, Kinaki Tsuchi." Kinaki proudly proclaimed.

The flames of the candles around the altar rose and once again, the flaming head of Jashin, the demon god of blood and chaos appeared before his followers. Jashin looked down at the newest addition to his small but growing cult. A proud, almost father-like smirk formed on the demon god's flaming visage. The baby just looked up at the head with wide curious eyes. She raised one of her little arms as if reaching up to touch him.

Jashin opened his monstrous mouth and began to inhale. The spilled blood on the floor began to rise up off the floor and was sucked into Jashin's mouth. Once the demon consumed all the blood, he looked back down at baby Kin. His flaming eyes changed from fire orange to pitch black. Rays of black and red chakra shot out of Jashin's eyes and covered the baby. After a few moments, the dark chakra began to flow into the symbol that was drawn on Kin's chest. "The sacrifice has been accepted and the ritual has been completed. I give you my newest and greatest high priestess, Kin Tsuchi, daughter of Kinsumi and granddaughter of Kinaki."

Everyone present bowed before their master and their new high priestess. Kinsumi, still unable to bow like the others, lowered her head to show her respect.

"Kinaki." Jashin spoke again, getting the woman's attention. "Since you have foreseen Kin's future, then you have also seen that young Kin will not be the only one to bring greatness to our cause, am I correct?"

"Yes my lord." Kinaki replied. "The other one, the one who will become the living prison for the greatest of nine beasts, has yet to be born. He will grow up among the heathens and non-believers who cower among the leaves and believe themselves to be superior to all. I cannot say how or when, but he will eventually come to embrace our ways and along with young Kin, they will both deliver death and chaos in your name Jashin-sama. I swear to it."

"See that it will be done. Like all visions, nothing is certain. So make sure that this vision comes to pass." Jashin said before vanishing yet again.

Kinaki carefully wrapped her granddaughter in a black blanket and carried her back to Kinsumi. Kinsumi was recovering rather nicely and gently cradled her new daughter as her mother handed Kin to her. By this time, baby Kin yawned and was succumbing to sleep. "Away with all of you. Your work in this matter is complete." Kinaki commanded. The other Jashinists bowed and left the room.

"You will make all of us and Jashin-sama very proud, my sweet little Kin-chan." Kinsumi said as her daughter grabbed her pendant. A moment later, both Kin and Kinsumi fell asleep. Kinaki smiled at the scene before her. "And who says Jashinists can't be gentle?" The old woman thought as she left the room as well, leaving the new mother and daughter to rest.

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