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Cian rolled over and encountered empty air. He groaned lowly as Esca came in, followed by Marcus, who looked absolutely soaked.

"You dunked me while I was trying to catch that fish!"

"We got it, dinna we?"

"Stubborn Briton..." Cian yawned, his jaw cracking as he brushed out his hair and rebraided it. "You're awake."

"Mmm. You know I don't like sleeping alone anymore." Soft grey eyes shared a glance with honey-brown before they cleaned and gutted the large salmon out of range. Esca sat with his legs wrapped around Cian's as he carved a small wooden figure with his knife. "Get off, ya heavy beast." His Briton lover merely snuggled closer and pressed a kiss against the back of his neck. "Fine, you can stay. Just don't use those shameless puppy eyes on me again." Esca chuckled, crooning lowly as he mapped out Cian's shoulders with little nips and kisses.

"Have you started without me, amore?" Marcus purred as he stepped inside their tent. "Naughty Britons..."

The dawn filtered through the opening in an eerie reminiscence of the Seal Camp. Cian curled closer to Marcus, sighing as Esca nosed the love-bite he'd made.

"Esca... You really are insatiable."

"It's only because you're entirely too luscious." came the lustful response.

"Leave off already. Marcus?" The Roman purred as he kissed Esca open-mouthed, their tongues sliding over each other in a battle for dominance. Marcus won easily as he rolled to pin the Clan Leader. "That's hot but way too early for me after more than three rounds last night..."

When he awoke again, he was lying in a soft bed, a shouted argument the cause of his aware state.

"You'll not have that Mage in my House! I took you in because you are family! That Briton was once your-"

"Do not say what you are about to, Uncle. Cian healed my knee; I am ready to serve once more. As for my beloved... How dare you? He saved my life; Esca took an arrow when it was meant for me on the battlefield! Never again insult what I hold dear. Cian, did our argument awaken you?" Marcus hissed defensively before asking him, sweeping him into a soft embrace.

"Somewhat, luv. What's this about hospitality? We will stay with Esca's tribe, if that is your Uncle's wish. You can visit us." he soothed the wild-fire brewing in his Roman's eyes. "Your Uncle is the only family you have left. Enjoy him while you can, my Eagle, for I have lost my own before I could truly know them." Marcus cursed under his breath in Latin slang, and then kissed Cian's jaw softly.

"As you wish it, my Mage, though it burns my heart so." The steel gaze was molten silver, love softening the hardened exterior. Cian planted a kiss of his own on Marcus's lips, keeping it chaste. "I shall stay here and visit. Esca will not like this, my Mage. Please keep him calm." Marcus sighed as Cian was reluctantly set down.

"He is a force to reckon with, Nephew. Perhaps I... misjudged them. A fortnight is all I will allow for the moment." Cian smirked, knowing his Eagle. Esca would be proud.


Esca chuckled dryly as he heard the last part. Cian was quite manipulative when he wanted to be.

"Nicely done, my Mage. I am pleased with our Eagle as well. He played his part, even though he had no idea."

"Marcus was defending your honor. No need to hold your cards so close, Chieftain, for our Eagle speaks only truth." his dark-haired lover said slyly, a smirk on his lovely face.

They took a quiet stroll on the villa grounds watched by Marcus's Uncle as they held hands with Cian and sat to watch the sunset after the sumptuous Roman meal.

"Cian, daor amháin, you've been silent." Emerald eyes met his before staring back out at the ocean, a huge sigh leaving their little Mage.

"I have this feelin' tha' I dinna like much. It's no' exactly evil, per se, but it's no' good either." Esca and Marcus shared a look over Cian's head, nodding as they reached a conclusion.

"Do ya have ta go somewhere withou' us?" he asked the question he didn't want an answer to.

"No! No, it's no' like tha', though you're close. Mah staff's been glowin' lately an' I think we have ta go

where I first appeared here." Cian answered after a moment of brooding. "Will ya come with me? I'm afraid I can't go anywhere withou' ye now."

"Amore mio, we'll follow you to the ends of the Empire and back if that's what it takes. Of course we are coming with you." Marcus murmured, stroking a tanned, calloused hand along Cian's pale cheek in a gesture of affection. Steel grey met his own honey-brown as his lover reached across to cup his chin and kiss him fiercely but only for a short time. "Lead on, modicum magum*, and we will stay by your side. Habebitis cordi tuo*."

Mounting their horses took very little time and Marcus's Uncle seemed shocked that they were leaving so soon.

"Zio, it's for the best. I promise you this." They travelled for most of the day and camped out that night, Cian becoming silent and quite broody.

"Daor amháin, you are worrying us." Esca ventured carefully, tugging softly on their little Mage's braid.

"Hmm? Oh. My magical maturity happened a few cubits from here and the aura is quite the thing to feel."

"Would it bother you if we were to go there?"

"No, not at all." Emerald eyes glowed with an eldritch power that he'd seen only once before as they walked closer to the grove. "Mmm, it's here." The sight of it was awe-inspiring, the tallest tree in what seemed to be perpetual bloom and the area glowing a deep green.


"It's Goddess-touched." he breathed softly, scooping Cian up and laying him down on the glowing white and gold flowers. He planted loving kisses all along his little Mage's throat and gently pulled away the favored green tunic. Esca paid special attention to the man who had done so much for him, tracing a path with his tongue to draw wanton moans from his dark-haired lover.

"Nngh... Esca! Please!" The moan spurred Esca on to greater ministrations, both of them panting as he slicked his first finger and stroked Cian's prostate slowly. "Ahhhh... Too slow..."

"Sa, sa daor amháin I will take care of you." Despite his beloved's pleas, he took his time preparing his lover. Caresses were followed by tongue-tangling kisses and worship of the smaller man under him. By the time his little Mage was long past ready he entered with a single forward thrust, causing Cian's back to arch to an obscene angle.

"Yesssss..." his little Mage hissed, emerald eyes flashing brightly as the glow around them increased. Esca purred as he set a fast rhythm, pleasuring his love the only thing on his mind. Beautiful moans and keening were his rewards as he switched their positions suddenly, allowing Cian to ride him with exquisite pleasure expirienced by both of them.


He sighed as he woke in the Goddess-touched glade next to his smaller lover. Cian was tucked under his chin, lush sooty lashes fluttering open as emerald eyes glanced up.

"Mmm that was fantastic Esca."

"Come, little Mage. We left Marcus to his own devices."


Cian was pleasantly sore but not too much. Esca had been extremely gentle, worshipping his body as no other had. Marcus stroked away a stray hair and tucked it behind his ear as he drew an Apparation arrangement with his staff. The guards were the same from the first time he landed, though the one with the spear cowered away from him as he wielded his staff, wincing as he drew glowing Runes into the dirt and the air.

"You'll have ta say it with me. Esca, I hope your Latin is still well-spoken." They linked hands, the staff strapped to his back, chanting lowly as he started. "Invoco elementorum virtutes invoco ut temporis, rogo concede mihi petitionem. Sicut ego, ita fiat semper." The Runes and sigils glowed a brilliant white as he poured magic into the arrangement. He closed his eyes and whispered lowly, "Take me home."


Marcus blinked as a mass of people stared at all three of them.

"Cian," he gently prodded their little Mage, "Do you know where we are?" Gorgeous green eyes widened as his lover took in the huge Hall.

"Yes I do. Now, I have to figure-Oh. There they are. But they look a bit... older."

"Your friends, daor amháin?" Esca asked with the Briton endearment he was so fond of.

"I'm home. Will you be alright for a moment while I speak my own tongue?" he asked the two of them quite seriously.

"If I survived speaking the Briton tongue for nearly a sennight, I think I can handle another." Marcus chuckled, encircling Esca in his arms as Cian spoke clearly to the silent Hall...


He couldn't believe he was back! Hogwarts looked to be entirely restored and, from the looks of things, even better than before.

"Harry!" Ron, Hermione, Remus and Tonks group-hugged him, the two males twirling him like he was a light-weight.

"Ron, great Circe you've gotten tall! 'Mione, beautiful as always... Remus, did it work?" His pseudo-godfather nodded happily, pulling Tonks in for a celebratory kiss.

"I got married to Tonks. We have a cub and another one on the way. Who are the gentlemen you came in with?"

"Marcus and Esca... They're my lovers." he flashed the pair a loving smile, which they returned as they watched from a distance. "Marcus is a Roman centurion and Esca's the disowned son of the Brigantes Clan. I go by Cian with them; I spoke a lot of Gaelic and Latin. Can we get settled first? They're probably really confused..." He adored his friends, really, but Marcus and Esca had become so important to him that they came first.

"Go on then. I expect to be speaking with them to make sisterly-type threats backed with Ron's height." 'Mione shooed him off, a playful grin tugging on her lips. Marcus pulled him in and pressed Harry between Esca and himself.

"You had us worried for a moment. They seemed reluctant to let you out of their sight."

"You have no idea..."

The next three months were a huge culture-shock for his lovers. Marcus scowled at the reporters who crowded in front of their cottage in Hogsmeade. Esca merely chuckled and asked to be introduced to them before he spoke in Gaelic the entire time about absolute nonsense. Hermione was received in his home with a slight tension which diminished the minute she spoke both Latin and Gaelic.

"I do apologize about the mess. Marcus has been sharpening stakes and placing them out front. Esca's happy to fill them in on nothing at all." he murmured as he stepped around a sullen Marcus, plopping in his lap at the last second. His Roman lover crooned as he got comfortable and continued his conversation. "He doesn't like the reporters and keeps muttering about white oak and ash."

"I don't blame him; they really ought to stop camping out in your yard. So, do you mind if I speak Latin with you both?" Harry grinned, rolling his eyes at Marcus's snuggling. "What was it like back there?"

Steel grey eyes looked at her carefully before his lover replied. "Dangerous. Cian wielded his staff with great precision against the Seal Prince when we took the Eagle Standard."

"You were one of the three that took back the Standard of the Ninth?"

Oh, that opened up a lot of Marcus's more out-going points. "Cian and Esca were the other two. I couldn't stand the triumvirate's son sneering at me for my war wound." He showed Hermione the knee scar, now pink and healed over. "Until amore mio looked at it, the scar was going to be much worse."

"Harry, what did you do?"

"I might have used Magus Erotica by accident... and used tinctures that Marcus had to suffer through?" he offered weakly under her inquisitioning stare.

"That means you're a Natural Healer! Harry, do you even know how rare those are?"

"Amore, why does she call you by a different name?" Hermione had squealed out his birth name in her excitement.

"It is my birth designation. Harry is my true name, but I took Cian as it suited me better." he sighed, willing his chosen lover to understand. "I honestly don't mind either one."

"Good, because I will not call you such, amore. Cian is the name you chose to keep when you were with us."

"Daor amháin, did you really think our opinion would change just because of a name? These people of yours do not show restraint... Can you not ask them to go away?" Esca questioned softly in Latin.

"Harry is... famed amongst our Clans for killing a great adversary of our World. He doesn't like the acclaim they seek to push upon him." 'Mione explained as he relaxed into both of their touches. "I assume he told of his past."

"Indeed he did, though it seemed rather far-fetched at the time. I would seek out his... kin and do far worse to them if the Goddess did not seek to punish them Herself. He's Goddess-touched. The glade, Cian. Do you think it still stands?" He'd forgotten about the night in the glade with Esca! Hmm, was it still there?

"Most likely, Esca. The area's laced through with enough magic to keep out anything the glade doesn't want in."

"What glade are you two speaking of? The one you stumbled back from?" Marcus asked, now eagerly involved in the conversation. "I came across it in an effort to flee your... admirers, Cian. It's a quite a distance from here, but no league march." Trust his lover to think like a centurion still...

Sure enough, it was still there. Hermione gasped as Harry took the staff from his back, laid it down softly and knelt in the silence. Esca bowed his head, also kneeling under the presence.

I see thou hast made thy way home, young Mage. Dost thine lovers seek to return?

"Nay, great Circe. Where'er Cian is, that place becomes our home." Marcus hummed in agreement, kneeling in-between them with surprising aplomb. Hermione slowly backed away before Apparating out with a sharp crack.

My daughter is respectful to leave thine three in my presence. The little one inside of thou is blessed. Shouldst thou seek sanctuary, thou and thine family is most welcome. Harry let go of his staff and placed a hand on his slightly bulged abdomen. Thou didst not detect thine own Childe? A life very welcome in my view. Thou and thine may go, young Mage.

He genuflected before rising carefully with Marcus and Esca, picking up his staff and sealing the entrance with vines. Marcus was the first to run his hand over the child. Esca hung back before Harry grabbed his hand and placed it there, his eyes alight with warmth.

"We made this life together, Esca, and I want you to be as much a part of this as Marcus is." A little flutter had all three of them shocked. "Did you feel that?"

"Goddess... Yes."

"By the gods, I think this one will be a handful." Marcus chuckled a smile on his tanned face.

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*modicum magum- little sorcerer (in Latin)

*Habebitis cordi tuo- You will have your heart's desire (in Latin)

Amore mio- my love (in Italian)

Daor amháin- dear one (in Gaelic)

Zio- Uncle (in Italian)

Invoco elementorum virtutes invoco ut temporis, rogo concede mihi petitionem. Sicut ego, ita fiat semper- I call upon the elements, I call upon the powers that make of time, I ask that you grant my request. As I will it, so mote it be (in Latin).