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They'd been best friends for as long as they could remember.

The pair had met in fifth grade. Nick had been at that school all his life and when Jeff transferred in the middle of the year and had trouble keeping up in his work, the boy had offered to help him out. From those few hours spent after school in the Maths room a friendship had sprung. They started hanging out at lunch, sitting together in the classes they shared, spent lazy afternoons at each other's houses. Jeff was the first person to meet Nick's baby sister when she was born – even family didn't get a chance before Jeff. Nick was the first person Jeff showed his dance moves to. The pair were inseparable. If one ditched school, the other followed. If one was sick, the other was there to tease and look after him, closely followed by the reverse as the sickness spread.

They simply grew closer as they grew older. Jeff was there when Nick's brother was sent to prison for assault and his father left in protest to his wife's disowning of their elder son. Nick was there when Jeff finally confessed that he was gay. They were there for each other every step of the way as they made their way past the bullying, the innuendoes and the gay-bashing that had sent Jeff to hospital.

That was when Jeff had been transferred to Dalton. Nick was devastated – not only had his friend been hurt, but now they were to be separated too. In the weeks that followed Jeff's move, Nick tried everything to get himself transferred. He knew his mother had the money, but was refusing on the grounds that 'he was not going to transfer on account of your friend'. Nick fought at school, skipped classes, and when he was caught in the boy's bathroom with the school dealer, it was the last straw. Two days later and he was happily walking through the gates of Dalton, Jeff waiting for him.

In the years since, nothing had changed. The pair were still the mischievous, prank-pulling, out of control best friends they'd been since they'd met. When Jeff was asked to audition for the Warblers after having his voice overheard by a certain spying Council Member, Nick had followed him right in. They fought for the solos, not once complaining when Blaine continued to rake them in. They contented themselves with the fact that, at any rate, Jeff could dance and they would practise in their shared room – Jeff showing off his latest moves and Nick providing the track and the beat.

All in all, they were best friends.

And then one question changed everything.

Jeff wandered down the hall, spotting Nick at the other end waiting for him. Jeff grinned as he made his way towards him, the other not noticing him just yet. The blonde was half way there when he was stopped by a hand on his arm.

"Hey," a voice said, vaguely familiar.

Jeff turned and saw a dark haired boy with glasses, a stack of books in his arms. Jeff smiled as he remembered him.

"Hey Dean. What's up?"

"Just wanted to say that the prank you pulled on David was hilarious," the boy smirked, chuckling. Jeff laughed a little as he recalled the previous day's events.

"I'm still in hiding." Jeff pretending to scan the halls, swivelling his head around as if looking for any sign of the Warbler Council Member. Dean laughed.

"I have to say, the toothpaste was a nice touch. Though David's going to have a hard time getting it out of his blazer."

"Well, I never asked him to dramatically come to my aid as I spewed rabid foam all over the floor," Jeff had to hold back his sniggers as he spoke. The rabid-foam-toothpaste idea had been concocted between himself and Nick, and due to his flourishing grades in Drama, Jeff had managed to convince David and the other Warblers that he'd contracted some disease that made him foam at the mouth. David had literally freaked out and begun to panic as Jeff twitched on the floor, Nick wailing hysterically at the state of his best friend (Jeff had had no idea of his friend's acting abilities). When they'd finally given up the act, David and a few others had been on the point of hyperventilating and someone was already dialling an ambulance for the seizing blonde. Needless to say, they had not been happy.

"Good luck on the solo tryout," Dean was saying, pulling Jeff out of his thoughts. He sighed at the memory that he was once again trying out for a solo. He was certain he wouldn't get it, but it didn't hurt to at least attempt it. Besides, it meant he got to show off his dancing to the others and they all loved it.

"Hey, isn't your boyfriend trying out as well?"

Jeff froze. Everyone knew he was gay – it wasn't exactly a secret after Thad had decided to denounce his 'exceedingly gay hair' until Nick throttled him – but he had to think for a moment just who Dean was talking about. It was enough time for Dean to realise his mistake.

"Oh…shit…I didn't…I just thought…"

"Wait, who are you talking about?"
"Well, Nick, obviously," Dean looked suitably embarrassed as he jerked his head in the brunette's direction. Jeff twisted, glancing at his friend still waiting at the end of the hall. He felt a strange feeling bubble up in his stomach as he looked away and back at the now-red faced Dean.

"We're just friends. Best friends," Jeff said "Nick's straight anyway."

He wasn't sure why he added that last part on, but Dean seemed to get the message. He nodded hurriedly and made a hasty excuse to get the hell out of there. He left Jeff standing amongst the thinning crowd of students, staring and confused. He had no idea where that had come from, but now that he thought about it…

He shook his head and walked towards Nick. The singer finally noticed him and grinned in that 'I totally have an idea' way he'd gotten when, in all his genius, had thought up the whole toothpaste incident.

"What took you so long? Lunch started ten minutes ago," Nick said as they started walking away. Jeff shrugged, his mind whirling.

He decided to store that conversation away to think about another time.

That time came two days later, when he and Nick were in the middle of a lazy Indiana Jones marathon. The pair was lying on their backs on Nick's bed in front of the TV, watching the movie upside down. As Indi faced down a bunch of Nazis with all the wit and strength he was famous for, Jeff's mind suddenly decided to replay the conversation he'd had with the bookworm. He wasn't sure why, but he went with the flow. He began to wonder about just why Dean had thought they were together. He could understand why they might think so – they really were just utterly inseparable. When they'd been issued separate rooms, the pair had proceeded to have a rather long talk with those in charge until finally they'd given up in order to shut them up. They were always plotting some new evil plan together, or their next solo audition, or debating whether Star Wars was indeed better than Star Trek (after it had been discovered that Nick was a diehard Trekkie). In all honesty, Jeff could understand why Dean had assumed they were together. But…

Jeff tried not to, but he wondered about his reply to Dean. It was at this point that Nick noticed he wasn't paying attention (Indi had almost gotten his head sliced off by a nasty looking booby trap and Jeff hadn't reacted whatsoever). He poked his friend in the shoulder.

"You still there?"

Jeff blinked and flicked his gaze over to his friend. He sighed.

"Can I ask something?"

Nick looked confused for a moment, "Um… of course. Shoot."

"Are we friends?"

Jeff winced. That certainly could have come out better. Nick frowned at him and stared like he was some alien from the wastelands of Pluto.

"Are you feeling okay?" was his confused reply "Or have you eaten the last of the jellybeans? If you have, then I might haveto suffocate you in your sleep."

Jeff smiled at his friend's unhealthy addiction but shook his head, "I meant, are we just friends?"

Now Nick was looking at him cautiously, "What do you mean, just friends?"

Jeff sighed and sat up. Too late to back out now, wasn't it? Idiot. Nick followed suit, and Jeff couldn't hold back the laugh as his friend's hair settled from its previous position of hanging upside down. Nick tried to smooth down the resulting frizz, glaring.

"Answer the question."

"What question?"

"Don't be an idiot. What do you mean, justfriends?"

Jeff bit his lip, "It's nothing. Forget it."

Nick folded his arms across his chest, staring pointedly at his best friend of many years, "No, you don't just ask something like that and then tell me to forget about it. What's going on?"

"Deanaskedifweweretogether," Jeff's words tangled together in one big mess and Nick raised an eyebrow, asking him to repeat it. Sighing, he did so at a slower pace. Nick's eyes widened in surprise.

"I…uh…that's awkward."

"Tell me about it," Jeff rolled his eyes, unable to stop himself from continuing, "I mean, you're straight, and even if you weren't it would be totally weird if we were together, right? That would just be…"

He forcefully shut himself up, knowing his habit to nervously ramble was the biggest signal to Nick that not everything was alright. But Nick was playing with his hands in his lap, staring down with dark hair obscuring his face.


"I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"If I'm straight."

It was this revelation that surprised Jeff. He'd always assumed that Nick had been straight. There'd never really been any question about it. Nick had never admitted anything, and Jeff had never asked. It was just something that didn't need to be.

But apparently it did.

"You…you think you're gay?"

"I just said I don't know," Nick bit his lip, just visible under his mess of hair. Jeff grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him, startling the other into looking up. They stared at each other, not quite sure what to say. The movie played on quietly in the background as Nick spoke.

"I guess I'm still figuring it out."

There was another awkward almost-silence, until Jeff remembered what had started their conversation in the first place.

"So… back to where we started… are we just friends?"

Nick bit his lip again, chewing on it nervously and continuing to play with his hands.

"Do you… think we should just be friends?"

And now it was all out in the open. All those years spent together, as friends and partners-in-crime had been building up to something bigger. Jeff wondered why he'd never noticed this before – but it didn't really matter, because he was noticing it now and he kind of liked what he was noticing. The things he'd seen before a million times suddenly took on a whole new meaning. His messy hair, beautiful voice, amazing ability to come up with plans of epic proportions. The way his eyes had shone when he'd spent half an hour laughing hysterically at David's reaction to the toothpaste incident. The way he bit his lip when he was nervous.

"What do you think?" Jeff somehow managed a sneaky smirk as he answered through his own nervousness.

There was another short period of silence, neither really paying attention to the fact that they were drifting closer every second. And then, almost as a surprise, their lips brushed.

Jeff couldn't even begin to describe it. With eyes closed, he just let it all wash over him. He knew it was just an experiment, just a test to see what it would be like. They weren't really doing this because they liked each other… were they?

As the Holy Grail was once again lost, they pulled apart and stared at each other. It was a long while before either of them spoke, and when they did it was in hushed whispers, as if anything louder would break the fragility of the situation.

"Did we just do that?"

"I think so."

"I think… I think we should be more than friends. Right?"

Jeff grinned, "I think I can agree with that."

And cue make out ;P

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