Alright, new story time! This idea occurred to me during some, one of my friends cause she was too nervous to go alone, and was inspired by a fic I started that was never finished (I'll link if I find it). We have some plot to get out of the way first, but after that, lots of juicy lemons! Even so, I really hope that you guys enjoy this story from beginning to end. Thanks for reading!

And just a side note (in case you're too lazy to read the first chapter or two), Amu is 16 in this chapter, Utau is 18, Ikuto is 20, and Kukai is 17. Just wanted to clear that up beforehand.

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Ringing the doorbell, she smiled to herself as she waited outside the huge, intricately carved door. She could handle saving the world, along with countless children's dreams, but she hated being alone more than anything.

As soon as the door swung open, she pushed right past Utau. She dropped her bags, hearing the echo reverberate around the massive parlor, her eyes glittering at the sight. A plush carpet laid on the floor, luxurious paintings decorating the walls surrounding a spiral staircase leading up into the rest of the mansion. "No matter how many times I come here, I can never get over how big it is."

"Yeah. I noticed," the blonde replied sarcastically. She wore a white top with a silver cross necklace over a short black miniskirt with black thigh high socks that hugged her legs perfectly.

Amu whirled around, an apologetic look on her face. She wore a cute black crop top, barely exposing her midriff, and jean shorts. "Ah, sorry. But I really think you could fit my whole house in this room alone."

"Alright. How did you convince your parents to let you stay over here without any supervision, anyway?"

"Ah, about that. They just think Yukari's out running around figuring things out with your new business agency."

Ever since four years ago, Utau had gone from a contracted singer, to an independent one, and back again. Yukari had started Sanjo Productions, and with the money they'd already raked in, they'd moved into a newer, even more luxurious mansion. Ikuto had long since moved out, having his own apartment near a local college. Amu and Utau had grown much closer since they finished dealing with Easter, and their sleepovers had grown more frequent.

"Besides," Amu continued, "they trust us. And even if the guys couldn't make it, it's not like I told my parents that they were invited."

Utau shook her head in disbelief. She'd never known Amu to be a good liar. "So what do you wanna do? The staff's out for the weekend, so if we want anything we'll have to get it ourselves."

Amu picked up her bags and pillow, containing only her pajamas, a change of clothes, her toothbrush, and a little money just in case. "Maybe we should drop these off in your room, then. This place is seeming more and more like home every time, and now we have to do everything ourselves." She gave a little giggle and let Utau lead the way up the stairs and through the winding halls.

The blondie flopped down on the bed and watched her friend drop her bags, looking around the room for what seemed like the thousandth time. It seemed like Amu always found something new to inspect in the luxurious room. She watched as the bubblegum-haired girl picked up a picture of her and the Guardians posing outside a café, relaxing before her first concert under Sanjo Productions. Amu sighed and set it back down. They were all supposed to be here tonight, but for whatever reason their parents had found out that they'd be at the mansion alone and forbid them to go.

"It probably would have been more fun with everyone here. It's been so long since we've all met up..."

Utau patted the sheets, inviting Amu to sit down next to her. "Yeah, but they can't. To be honest, I never got the chance to invite Kukai. He never even carries his cell, you know?"

Amu nodded knowingly. He'd missed out on plenty of chances to hang out with everyone only because he so often absent-mindedly left it at home.

Utau giggled again, her mood lighthearted as ever. "So what do you wanna do?"

Amu bit her lip, lost in thought. "Um, maybe we could...I don't know, never mind, it's silly."


"I said never mind! It was just a crazy idea."

"No, I wanna know! We're not doing anything anyway, right?"

Amu looked away, just barely blushing. "Well...I was gonna say we could play truth or dare, like we did back in junior high, but that's so stupid. Aren't we a little old for that?" Even after all those years, her cool and spicy persona still showed through from time to time.

Utau smiled. Amu may be right, but she remembered how much fun it used to be, how many secrets they used to share. "Alright, let's go."

"W-Wait, really? I wasn't serious, you know." Now that was a blatant lie. She'd been longing to play this for weeks, ever since she remembered the games they used to play when they were younger.

"Doesn't matter. Since it was your idea, you can go first."

"A-Alright, let's see...Truth or dare?"

Utau paused for a moment, only trying to build a little suspense. A sly smile crossed her face. "I'll start out simple. Truth."

Oh, what to ask her...she tells me everything, Amu thought to herself. Now I remember why I never wanted to play this when I was younger...

"Well, since you tell me everything, this is kinda tough. But there is one thing that's been bothering me for a while now."

Utau looked puzzled, biting her lip and trying to think of anything she hadn't told Amu.

"Do you still love Ikuto?" she blurted out. Her hand flew to her mouth, covering it as though more bad things would escape if she didn't.

Utau blushed in shock. Her mouth opened slightly as she tried to search for the right words. "Well, I...I haven't felt the way I used to for him in a while...I mean, he's always been my brother, but..."

Amu's blush soon matched Utau's. She knew this would be a sensitive subject, and stupid her just had to bring it up. She wasn't even sure if she could handle it if Utau said yes. She loved Ikuto, but that was different; he had been her boyfriend for three years now. Could they still be friends if Utau was in love with her boyfriend?

"I mean, I've had other men in my life, and since then, I just haven't felt the same about Ikuto. So I guess...I still love him, but only as a brother."

Amu breathed an internal sigh of relief. She could definitely handle that. "Then what's going on with you and Kukai? I mean, you guys hang out so much, and I was just wondering..."

The blonde grinned, barely suppressing her laughter. "Oh, is that all? I thought you were going to ask me something really bad." She giggled, as if laughing at her own joke. What could possibly be worse than what she'd already had to say? "It's nothing, I promise. I mean, we go out all the time, but never like date dates. Just as friends, you know?"

Amu raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "Really? It's always seemed like a little more than that, if you ask me."

Utau's gaze slid down, a coy smile across her face. "Well...I will say he's pretty cute. I've always loved that jock type, you know? And that goofy smile gets me every time..." She unsuccessfully tried to fight the color that began to paint her cheeks.

Amu smirked victoriously. "And you swear you don't like him? Not even a little?"

"Well, it's...he's always been there for me, you know? He's gotten me through so much, and never asks for anything in return. So...maybe just a little..." Her blush intensified, her hands busying themselves by fixing her skirt.

"Alright. Then I get another question."

"Is that fair?" Utau hadn't played in so long that she was beginning to forget the rules.

"Of course it's fair," Amu smirked. In all honesty, she wasn't sure either.

"Alright, then go ahead. It can't be any worse than the other questions."

Amu's blush had started to fade as her confidence grew. "Are you still a virgin? I mean, you can't just say you've had other men in your life without telling me the details."

Utau, on the other hand, started getting nervous. Her hands once again obsessed over straightening her short skirt as her blush returned. "I...I think I need something to drink. Care for anything?"

"Oh no. You're not getting away that easily. Remember, if you don't answer, I get to dare you to do something!" Amu replied in a singsong voice.

Utau took a deep breath to steady her nerves. "Fine. No, I'm not a virgin." She stopped to think a moment, but continued before Amu could bombard her with questions. "You've met Kenta, Ikuto's classmate, right?"

Amu had tagged along with Ikuto quite a few times when he when out with friends, and he was almost always there. He'd always been kind of a jock type, what was it that he played? Tennis? Whatever it was, he was sure toned from it. Amu, though she'd never admit it to herself, sometimes caught herself staring, even though she had an equally muscular man. "Yeah, I know him."

"When you and Ikuto started going out, I still had feelings for him. So to get back, I started going out with Kenta."

"And by going out, you mean...?"

"Hooking up in his bedroom whenever we got the chance." She was promptly hit square in the face by a pillow.

"Oh my gosh! You little slut!" Amu was holding her sides from laughing so hard, and Utau soon joined in.

"Hey, it all worked out in the end for me! Except for the fact that Ikuto didn't seem to care."

"Either way, seems like you had a pretty happy ending, right?" Amu's laughing had started to subside, but she still had a huge, goofy grin on her face.

Utau was still smiling sincerely, too. "Well, the first time does hurt a lot. But after that, it was a lot of fun, and he certainly lived up to his name."

That alone threw Amu into another spell of uncontrollable laughter. It was quickly cut short by Utau lightheartedly whipping her in the arm with a pillow. "Hey, it's my turn now! Truth or dare?"

Amu wiped the tears from her eyes, still giggling. "Heheh, truth, I guess."

"Are you a virgin? It's only fair."

"Yeah," she said, blushing, "he's offered a couple times, but I've just never felt ready. Plus, if my dad caught us, he's probably disown me. He thinks I'm gonna be his little girl forever or something."

Utau perked up an eyebrow. "Then what would he do if he knew we were here all alone? Better yet, what would he do to you?"

Amu cocked her head in confusion, looking at her friend. "Who? My dad?"

Utau looked thoughtful for a second, trying not to laugh. "Well, I was thinking about your dad, but it works so much better with Ikuto! I'll just go call him and have him come over!" She stood up, exiting the room with a model's strut.

Amu looked on dumbly, not fully realizing what was going on. "What he'll do to...oh shit, Utau!" She scrambled off the bed, running after her. When she reached the hallway, Utau had just hung up her cell phone, a huge grin on her face.

"I talked to Ikuto." She smirked evilly and strode back into her room. "It'll be an hour or two, and quite possibly a huge shock when he gets here, but he'll come." She sat down on the bed again as her friend looked on in shock. "So Amu...what's your favorite kind of condom?"

That certainly didn't help Amu's shocked expression. "H-How am I supposed to know? I thought there was only one kind, anyway!"

Utau doubled over with laughter. "Are you serious?"

"Um, yeah..." Amu said sheepishly. "How was I supposed to know?"

"Well, I thought you would've at least seen the different types in the stores!" She sighed, smiling. "It'll be at least an hour before Ikuto gets here...should we keep playing?"

"Sure! You choose dare," chimed Amu, flipping open her cell phone as she ran out into the hallway. Within seconds, she'd dialed Kukai and held the phone up to her ear.

Utau's eyes widened as she chased her into the hall. "Amu, what are you doing?" she nearly shouted.

"Hey Kukai, it's Amu!" she said cheerfully into the phone.

"Hey Amu, great timing, I just got home. What's up?"

"Well, Utau's just having a little get together at her house and we were just hoping you could make it. Think you could come over?"

"Sure. I just have to take care of some stuff first, but I can be there in an hour or two."

"Sounds good, ja ne!"

"Ja ne!"

Turning to face Utau as she hung up the phone, she smiled. "Your dare is to tell Kukai that you love him."

"B-But, I...I can't. What if he doesn't feel the same way? Our friendship would be ruined..."

"Well, you invited Ikuto over here!" Amu said in a raised voice, a subtle hint of anger just barely noticeable in her tone.

"Yeah, but I didn't say you had to do anything!" Utau could feel her face burning red, and she didn't know whether it was from anger or anticipation, but it was then that an idea struck her. "Fine! If I have to tell Kukai I love him, then you have to find out your favorite kind of condom. Tonight!"

"But...but I'm not ready yet. And on top of that, I don't even have any, let alone know where to get them..." Her gaze slid down as she started to blush, too. What if Ikuto changed his mind? What if her parents found out? What if she got pregnant, or if the condom broke? Even if she was allowed back in the house, their reactions were what she was most afraid of. They'd act like everything was fine, but she'd know that they were truly disappointed in her. She could feel tears of worry beginning to sting at her eyes, but fought them back as best as she could.

Utau caught on, however, and her expression changed from one of anger to one of concern. "Hey, don't worry...Here, come in my room for a second." She took her hand in a way only a best friend could and led Amu into her room. She pulled open the top drawer of her dresser and pulled out a small box. "This is a Plan B pill. If anything happens, you can take it if you need to."

"But, why do you-"

"Don't worry about it. All that matters is that you're protected." In reality, Utau had had a couple condoms break on her in the past. She was on the pill now thanks to a local clinic, but they'd still given her an extra Plan B just in case. "Now come on. Those condoms aren't going to pick themselves out, right?" She fished her keys out of her pocket and walked out of the room, glancing back at Amu and smiling. "Come on. We'll take the convertible, if you want."

Slowly, Amu began to follow Utau down the stairs. God, what had she gotten herself into? All she wanted was for something to pass the time, but the innocent game had somehow evolved into something much bigger, both girls being forced to do something they weren't ready for. She closed and locked the door behind them as they arrived at the car.

Utau turned to Amu, tossing her the keys. "Here. I think your dare is a little harsher than yours, so you can drive."

Amu shakily tossed the keys back. "God, no...I can't even think straight right now, let alone drive..." She let herself into the passenger side door, slamming it shut behind her.

"Suit yourself." Utau climbed into the driver's side, sliding the key into the ignition. "We can just go to the gas station a few blocks away and still be back before the guys get here." Just as she was about to turn the key, Amu interrupted.

"W-Wait!" Utau moved her hand away, startled, and turned to Amu. "What if I un-dare you? We could just stay here and watch a movie together or something! We could just call this whole thing a mistake, right?" Amu said, frantically trying to get out of the corner she found herself backed into.

Utau smiled, putting on a pair of designer shades. "No way. This might be the only time I'm motivated to tell him! But, I mean, if you wanna chicken out on your dare, that's fine by me." She turned the key and started the short drive to the gas station.

"Chicken? Me? I've defeated Easter and saved so many heart's eggs, I'm not gonna let a little dare scare me like that."

"Alright, if you say so." Within minutes, they had pulled into the gas station parking lot. Utau walked just in front of Amu, who was busy kicking herself for not backing out when she had the chance. Utau smirked to herself, loving how that always worked.

She opened the door, letting Amu walk in behind her. Glancing around the store, she noticed that the cashier was actually pretty cute. This should be fun, she thought to herself as she walked up to the selection of condoms up by the front counter. Amu, on the other hand, couldn't fight the blush that was starting to build on her cheeks as she looked at all the varieties. What in the world would anyone need glow in the dark condoms for, anyway?

"Ooh, try these ones," Utau interjected, shoving a pack of Fire & Ice lubed condoms into her hands. "And these, too." Box after box of condoms got tossed to Amu, who desperately tried to hold on to all of them. Utau picked up another random box, turning to the cashier. "Excuse me, but my friend here is a virgin and we're trying to pick out condoms that she'd like best. What do you recommend?"

Amu grabbed Utau's arm, whispering harshly into her ear. "What are you doing? You didn't have to tell him that I'm a virgin! Or that I'm buying...those," she said, not being able to think clearly and not willing to say the word.

"What? Condoms? It's nothing to be ashamed of!" Utau said loudly, watching other people turn to look. Even popstars had to have their fun somehow. The cashier, however, noticed how uncomfortable Amu looked.

"Uh, could you keep your voice down? It looks like your friend doesn't want people to know she's buying condoms." He picked up one of the many boxes from the shelf. "Here, try a variety pack. It's much cheaper than buying many different kinds."

Amu handed over the money and took the box from his hand, mustering up a shy smile and a quick "thanks." She gripped the box tightly in her hand as she went out out the door, looking at the four different varieties on the back of the box. This might actually be fun, she thought to herself as she closed herself into the convertible. Truthfully, she'd wanted to do this for some time now, but she'd never had the nerve to do anything about it.

Utau came out about a minute later, shoving a piece of paper into her purse. "Guess who got his number?" she sang, smiling as she opened the door and started the car. She turned the radio way up for the short drive back home.

"Utau, how am I gonna do this? I can't use all ten of these in one night!" Amu exclaimed, opening the box and peering inside.

The blonde giggled as they pulled into the driveway. "Relax, there's only four different kinds. I'm sure you and Ikuto can get through that many tonight, right?" She carefully parked outside, not noticing her friend's unsure expression. "Besides, that's only the small variety pack. If it makes you feel better, I put a big pack on reserve for you," she said. Amu wasn't sure if she was kidding or not. "Hey, look!" she said, pointing at the car on the other side of the road. "Looks like we have some company already."

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