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Amu lay smiling in her lover's arms, her eyes closed in an expression of absolute contentment. She couldn't have asked for it to be any better, or with anyone more perfect. After all of the first-time horror stories she had heard, she hadn't been expecting it to be nearly as amazing as it was. She couldn't help but giggle when she felt his lips peck her on the cheek.

"How was that, Amu-chan?" he asked, pulling her naked body even closer to his.

"Incredible." He leaned in for a kiss, which she gladly returned. They had no time to waste, though. They had three more condoms to try, and it was already almost eleven at night. "Hey, Ikuto...wanna go again?"

A surprised smirk played across his lips. "Already? Damn, you must have really enjoyed that." His hand began sliding down her body, stopping at her breast and taking it in his hand. He kneaded it slowly as his lips met hers once more.

Her hand slid down his side, feeling every toned inch of him before reaching down. Her fingertips caressed his balls gently before wrapping themselves around his dick, still semi-erect from their amorous activities. She felt his fingers slowly make their way south to her navel, then stopping at the mound of flesh between her legs. He massaged her clit slowly, teasing her just the way she liked to be. A moan escaped her lips as she felt herself growing wetter and wetter below his hand.

Suddenly, he had an idea. "Sit in my lap, baby," he offered, pulling his fingers away and sitting up. He sat on the edge of the bed, his feet planted on the floor, and watched her follow suit. His eyes traced every luscious curve of her body as she moved, from her big, perky breasts to her slim, toned waist, and finally down to her curvy ass which she set into his lap. He wasted no time grabbing one of her round, bouncy breasts and running his thumb over her nipple.

"I-Ikuto...you're not all that comfortable to sit on, you know..." she said, leaning back against his erection. She squirmed a bit in his arms as he played with her breasts.

"Really? Let's see if we can make this a little more enjoyable for you, then," he said, a smirk working its way across his lips. He let go of her nipple, his hand sliding down her front. He planted soft kisses on her neck as his fingers found her pearl once again. His fingers slid over it easily, slick and wet from her juices. He rubbed it back and forth, treating it gently as his other hand found its way between her legs.

Amu shuddered in delight as his finger pushed into her leaking opening. It slid in and out of her hot, dripping folds easily, despite being so much bigger than her own fingers. He slowly stroked his finger in and out as his other hand worked her clit. She couldn't help but moan at the much-needed contact.

"You really like it when I play with your little clitty, don't you?" he teasingly asked, rubbing it even faster for emphasis. He felt her contract around him, her walls spilling out a little more hot, creamy liquid.

"Baby, I love it, don't stop," she managed to get out between lustful moans. He always knew exactly where to touch her, and how. And if there was one thing she absolutely loved, it was when he touched her jewel with her own juices on his fingers. The way he mercilessly rubbed her favorite place, combined with the way his finger pumped in and out of her opening, was almost too much for her to take. She could feel more liquid flooding out of her, wetting his fingers and the bed, as his hands quickened their pace. Her breathing became hot and heavy, her entire body starting to tense up in anticipation of an intense orgasm.

"I'm not going to make you cum already, am I?" he teased. With that, he slid another finger inside her and took his hand off her clit.

She sighed in relief at the short break, not wanting to cum everywhere before the main event. Her alleviation was short lived, however; she couldn't help but yelp in pleasure and surprise when he felt him slapping her clit as he finger-fucked her wet, pink pussy. She just loved when he slapped her clitty, but right now, she was way too close to the edge to handle it. She felt her wet walls tightening around his fingers as she moaned even louder. "Yes, baby! I'm gonna cum!"

With that, he quickly took his hand off her clit and one of his fingers out of her pussy. He kept pumping it inside her, stroking all of her walls, but slowed himself down. He was rock hard by this point, and didn't know how much longer he could hold out without having her. His dick kept twitching in desire against her, a bead of precum forming at the tip.

"Ikuto, you're really turning me on," she moaned as his finger started inadvertently speeding up again, "I wanna cum so bad..." Her hips started awkwardly moving against his hand, trying to get him as deep inside her as they could.

He took the cue and slid in another, his other hand returning to her clit. He didn't waste any time going slow and working up this time; he rubbed her back and forth, hard and fast, just the way he knew she liked it. She moaned loud and hard for him, loving the way he played with her kitty. She felt his enormous, rock-hard cock throbbing against her back as she neared her orgasm once again. Her whole body tensed up again, hot liquid flooding out of her juicy opening. "I-Ikuto...you're getting me really close..." Her pussy contracted around his fingers as they fucked her at top speed. He curled his fingers toward her, hitting her g-spot with every hard thrust. They were absolutely soaked by this point, coated in her creamy juices which never seemed to stop leaking out. He sped up even more, his hands splashing in her fluids, making the most wonderfully wet noises. His hand rubbed her pearl mercilessly, driving her right to the edge.

"Oh, Ikuto, my clitty, don't stop touching my clit...Oh god, I'm close, I'm gonna cum!"

He quickly pulled away again, reaching into the box on the nightstand and pulling out the first condom he got his hands on. Fire and ice. In one motion, he ripped the edge off the wrapper, taking it out and rolling it down over his massive cock, all while listening to Amu's adorable mewls of protest. All at once, he was on top of her, her legs pinned between them, her ankles up by his ears. He gently prodded her entrance with the head, then slid himself into her soaked pussy.

She moaned in relief, then immediately felt the sensations hit her. All at once, she could feel her most sensitive areas tingling and burning with a new found sensation. It surprised her at first, but she felt herself right at the edge again as her thrust himself inside her. The view was absolutely fantastic: his handsome face above her, his eyes half-lidded and his teeth gritted in pleasure, the trail of hair just under his gloriously toned abs, leading down to her favorite thick cock thrusting into her, hitting her g-spot inside. She watched her breasts bounce up and down every time he pumped into her soaked pussy. Her clit was tingling like crazy, the extra heat making her opening throb.

Ikuto leaned down, pushing her legs down against her breasts, and kissed her passionately. He pulled back, looking deep into her eyes. "Is this good for you, Amu? If you're too sore, we can slow down."

Her golden eyes met his, her lips parted for her shallow breath to escape. All she could feel was his thick pole stroking her favorite places, sliding against her clit with every little movement. "I-Ikuto..."

"Yes, Amu-koi?" he asked, genuinely concerned. He kept his pace, thrusting into her tight hole.

She moaned, a ragged breath escaping her. She was right on the edge, her pussy tightening even more around him as his meat pumped in and out of her. If only she could form words, she could tell him how very good he was making her feel. "I-If you keep doing that, I'll...ah..."

"Do you need me to stop, Amu-koi?" he offered. He didn't slow down yet, waiting for her answer. He kept on humping her with his fat cock, rubbing her clit with the fire and ice lube, a soft wet sound ringing out every time their hips met.

She felt her vagina warming up and tingling almost as hard as her clit as he continued pumping into it. Her body tensed up, her pussy squeezing his dick hungrily, not wanting it to leave. With every little movement, he stroked her tingling clit, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Her body was begging for release, her juices already escaping around him. "Oh I-Ikuto, I'm gonna...I'm gonna-"

"Baby, are you cumming? Cum for me, Amu," he said, fucking her harder and faster with his massive cock.

"Ikuto!" she moaned, her pussy squeezing him harder than ever before. The tingling on her clit became unbearably intense as she squirted out of her folds. She couldn't hold back her moans of pleasure and defeat as liquid shot out of her pussy. He didn't slow down for a second, instead he hammered into her as fast as he possibly could. With all the force he could muster, he pounded her tight hole, watching her breasts bounce up and down as her cum squirted out around his thick cock. Just watching her like this, her face clenched up, her boobs bouncing, her pussy throbbing, her moans of ecstasy filling the air, was getting him close to emptying his load inside her. With every thrust came a wet slapping sound, more liquid splashing everywhere. She had just began to come down from her high when she heard him moan, desperately trying to hold in his cum.

"Can I cum inside you again, baby? I can't hold it in much longer. Fuck, I need to-"

This time, it was her turn to lean in for the kiss. It was short and sweet, out of necessity. "Yes, Ikuto. Cum for me."

That was all it took to push him over the edge. He felt himself twitch and throb inside her as his instincts took over, giving her quick, rough thrusts. He pushed himself into her as deep as he could, hitting her in all of her favorite spots as he emptied himself into the condom.

"Oh, Ikuto, keep going, if you keep twitching inside me like that, I'm gonna- Ah!" Without warning, she felt her vagina contracting around him once again. She bit her lip as she moaned in orgasm, feeling her pussy tingling as her lover throbbed violently inside it. He kept thrusting as hard as he could manage, his cum shooting out of his pulsing dick, barely contained by the condom. He reached in between them, rubbing his girlfriend's wet clit while she came, listening to her moan even harder for him. He poured out the rest of his cum, keeping his hand moving as he collapsed on top of her. He kissed her, her legs and his arm pinned between their bodies.

"Fuck, don't stop, you're still making me cum...ah!" She gave a moan of defeat and pleasure as yet another orgasm washed over her. Her pussy sputtered out a little more juice, which he was more than happy to rub as it came out, making it spray between them. She gave a few more surprised moans as her pussy contracted around his softening cock. His lips met hers as her last orgasm finally died down.

"That was incredible, Amu. You're absolutely amazing," he said, smiling down at her. Despite her inexperience, she was most definitely the best he'd ever had. He inadvertently pushed himself even further inside her as he leaned down for another kiss.

"Ah! Ikuto, it's-"

He pulled back, looking at her surprised expression. "Amu? Are you gonna cum again?"

"No, it's just-"

All of a sudden, he felt it too. He quickly pulled out of her, grabbing the base of the condom before quickly peeling it off of himself. "God, those get cold afterward."

She nodded awkwardly in agreement, a sheepish smile crossing her lips. "Yeah, I felt like I was freezing." She snuggled even closer to him, giving him a quick kiss in the afterglow. "So maybe...you know, if you wanted to..."

He hugged her naked body closer to his. "Yes, my love?"

She looked away, a blush crawling up her cheeks. "Well, maybe, you could take it off before you finished, and then, um...maybe finish on me?"

She yelped in surprise and delight as her love assaulted her with kisses.

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