Disclaimer: All character belong to Cassandra Clare.

POV: Magnus

Characters: Alec/Magnus

Time: City of Fallen Angels

Genre: Poetry, Romance, and Angst

Date Finished: August 5, 2011

Different, so different from the rest,

His action, his motions are to read even by the best.

He's not as well known as Jace,

But he's just as great from what I can see.

Maybe that's just my view…

He's hurting, hurting more than he will ever know,

Leaving and harming others without a clue,

Because someone has taken his heart and deceived him.

It's all because of me.

I should have kept my mouth shut,

Then, he would have never knew.

He's doesn't know how beautiful he is,

How wonderful he is.

I want to pull him back into my arms.

I long to kiss him all day long,

Perhaps until the dawn.

There's been others who have won my heart,

But none can put a dart,

And break my heart into a million pieces.

I can't picture my life without him,

My life, in fact, would be quite dim.

For now and forever more, he's my true love,

And I am his.

For a million reasons he's my Alexander,

Eh, Alec…

I guess that's what he wants to be called.